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Web Based Programming Tutorials

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ABC Amber PDF2Image Converter

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Innovate Mail List Studio

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Web Based Programming is your
ABC Amber PDF2Image Converter
Innovate Mail List Studio
EasyTMD takes away the
free online resource for
is an advanced tool to
checks a selected pop3 mail
complexity of using FServes
learning to program using
convert your PDF documents
list account for emails and
on IRC to download movies
the .NET Framework, ASP.NET,
to any graphics file (BMP,
manages subscribers and
from The Movie Depot (TMD).
C#, C, C++, Java, J2EE, SQL,
unsubscribers automatically.
Enter the name of any movie,
Perl, Web Services, Visual
The mail list studio lets
or several movies at once.
Basic .NET, XML, VB.NET, and
you customise your standard
EasyTMD connects to the
many other languages over
AFI). You can export all
responses, choose your
proper IRC server, looks on
the internet.
pages or just selected
download intervals, log all
FServes on the TMD IRC
page. The software supports
responses, select multiple
channel, and searches the
a command line and more than
users to send messages to
FServes, requesting and
50 languages.
the list etc. Users can
downloading the movies you
inform the mail studio that
are looking for.
they are absent per email.
The mail studio then
responds to all senders with
the users specific message.
The mail studio can be run
both stand-a-lone or as a
server with scheduled tasks.
In server mode
administrators can access
the user interface from a
client over a tcpip network.
In the demo version the
mailing list is deleted upon
closing the mail studio.

Date: Dec, 24 2004

Date: Dec, 18 2003

Date: May, 20 2002

Date: Sep, 16 2006
Tristana Reader pulls news,
Many people often backup
R-Word is Microsoft Word
HTMLProtector is a tool that
blogs, podcasts and online
important documents or
Document Recovery software
helps you protect the
content direct to your
favorite songs, pictures to
designed to recover
content of your web page by
desktop. SPAM-proof content
another disk or anther
corrupted Microsoft Word
preventing others from
is delivered right to your
directory. If you do this,
documents. R-Word extracts
viewing your source code.
PC in real-time without
how can you make sure that
text even from heavily
Additionally, it will stop
e-mail. Tristana's easy to
you will not overwrite
damaged *.doc files and
spam robots from extracting
use 3 panel interface allows
important files by outdated
never deletes from disk,
email addresses from your
you to add or remove content
ones? If you lost some
writes to, or modifies the
pages as well as prevent
at any time. You can set
important files, how do you
original document files when
people from using automated
preferences to be alerted
restore them - copy the
performs any operation
downloaders to download your
with a pop-up window the
backup directory back or
including Microsoft Word
entire web site to their
instant that content changes
restore them one by
document recovery. The
hard drive. HTMLProtector
at a website. Tristana
one? Compare & Backup
recovered documents can be
offers three JavaScript
synchs with your iPod and
is an easy to use backup
saved as Word *.doc or plain
based encryption methods to
allows you to view podcasts
software which allows you
text *.txt files. R-Word
choose from and a variety of
and media files.
compare source with
supports automatic or manual
other features like right
destination before you do
search for Word documents on
click disable, printing
any copying or deleting
all (including network)
disable, password protect
operation. Compare results
disks visible by the host
your pages, insert copyright
are shown in 5 sections: 1)
operating system.
information and more!
Newer than destination 2)
HTMLProtector will meet
Older than destination 3)
all your web page protection
Can not find destination 4)
needs -- compared to similar
Can not find source 5) Only
products currently
size changed So you can
available, HTMLProtector
exactly know what the
contains features that you
different is between source
will find far superior.
and destination. Then you
will know which files need
to be backuped, which files
need to be restored, which
files need to be deleted.
And Compare & Backup can
do all those operations for

Date: Aug, 30 2005

Date: Apr, 22 2004

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Date: Mar, 04 2006
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