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History Cleaner

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Article Submitter

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The main purpose of the
The Web browser is probably
History Cleaner is an
Article submitter is a
RankQuest Meta Tag Generator
the most frequently used
innovative solution for your
desktop application which
is to help avoid human
software today, and many
online privacy issues. This
makes extremely easy to
typing errors while creating
tasks are highly
program is equipped with
submit your articles to
the Meta information of a
repetitious. Internet Macros
features such as cleaning
various ezines and blogs for
page. RankQuest Meta Tag
relieves the repetition of
the secret index.dat file,
free.Article submission is a
Generator tools generates
checking on the same sites
typed url, cookies, cache,
proven method to drive
the Meta HTML code for a
every day, remembering
most recently used data
traffic to your website.Free
page based on the input
passwords and filling out
among other things. It
instant download.
provided by you. Once the
web forms. Web professional
increases the speed of your
meta information is created
can use the software for
PC by removing all
just copy and paste the HTML
functional testing and
unnnecessary files and thus
code in between the
regression web testing of
makes more hard disk
<head> </head>
web applications. It can be
available for use. It also
of your webpage's HTML code.
used to automate web data
removes all traces of
extraction, for example
applications and internet
online stock quotes or web
store prices.

Date: Sep, 28 2006

Date: Mar, 31 2005

Date: Feb, 05 2005

Date: Dec, 08 2006
Web Table Extractor is an
Recover deleted messages and
The Web browser is probably
FolderScavenger makes it easy
add-on for Internet Explorer
mail from damaged folders
the most frequently used
to print folder listings, or
(IE) allowing you to extract
and dbx files in Outlook
software today, and many
copy folder listings to the
tables from web pages in an
Express. Searching across
tasks are highly
clipboard and paste them
effective and quick manner.
the several folders. A
repetitious. iMacros for
into Word, Excel, or any
Also allows you to easily
recovered message could be
Firefox relieves the
Windows application. It's
select tabular data online
saved to email folder or
repetition of checking on
easy to filter listings by
and convert it into files
text eml file. The program
the same sites every day,
file name, and to capture
for Microsoft Excel. This
will scan the specified
remembering passwords and
the contents of subfolders.
Internet Explorer add-on
folders and try to find and
filling out web forms. Web
You can select the format
makes it possible to find
restore damaged messages. If
professionals can use the
for paths, file date and
and extract data from tables
the option for restoring the
software for functional
time stamps, and many other
into a new window, or to
folder structure is enabled,
testing and regression web
aspects of the folder
look through the HTML code
new folders will be created
testing of web applications.
listings. FolderScavenger
of the selected table.
and recovered messages will
Another use is to automate
Pro lets you specify if you
be saved to these folders.
web scraping, for example
want to capture the
online stock quotes or web
information as simple text,
store prices.
comma-separated records, or
tab-delimited data. By
creating style templates,
you can turn folder lists
into XML, HTML, or a number
of custom text formats. You
can even convert directory
listings into MySQL
files. By saving your
frequently used
configurations, you can
retrieve and reuse them.
There is a "No
Questions Asked" mode
that lets you run
FolderScavenger using the
default configuration that
you have
saved. FolderScavenger is
fully integrated into the
Windows Explorer shell, and
becomes part of the context
(right-click) menu. You can
use FolderScavenger to run
the program of your choice
on all files in a
folder. Music collectors
will appreciate being able
to grab song titles, album
names, and artist
information from MP3 music
files. Photo collectors will
enjoy being able to capture
names from their digital
cameras and digital image
collections, and quickly
catalog their picture albums.

Date: Sep, 15 2006

Date: Dec, 13 2005

Date: Dec, 07 2006

Date: Apr, 18 2005
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