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Desktop Sticky Note

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IE Screenshot Pro

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Desktop Sticky Note is a post
Escapade, or ESP for short,
Idaho-Web-Counter is a small
Save an entire web page as an
it note software that allows
is a server-side scripting
and simple way to add cool
image file in one click (it
you to create customizable
language that provides an
counters to your web site.
scrolls around the page
sticky notes that remain on
interface to back-end
Just click on the counter
taking shots and stitches
your desktop and serve as
database contents.
style you want and the
them together). Save
organizers for all your
Specifically designed to
program will copy the code
screenshots in the most
tasks and appointments. With
create dynamic information
you need to your clipboard.
popular formats (GIF, JPG,
Desktop Sticky Notes v2.3
from this data, Escapade can
Paste the code into your web
PNG, etc.) Stamp desired
you can: * Organize and plan
be used to generate any kind
page and you're done!
text (specified text, date,
your daily routine* Keep all
of document - HTML, XML,
Idaho-Web-Counter allows you
URL, etc.) on screenshots
your tasks within the reach
text, and more. Unlike many
to count the number of times
each time you make a
of one single click *
scripting languages
a page was viewed, or if you
screenshot of a visited web
Prioritize and organize your
currently available,
can count unique visits.
page. The Send by E-mail
tasks. Desktop Sticky Note
Escapade boasts a relaxed
feature makes a screenshot
is the ideal tool for
and forgiving learning
of the web page with one
organizing your life and
curve. Another key
click and mails it to others
characteristic of ESP is its
via the Internet.
ability to not only supplant
other scripts, but to
co-exist comfortably with
them as well. Rather than
the esoteric scripting of
Perl of PHP, ESP syntax more
closely resembles BASIC.
This makes ESP a comparative
pleasure for web developers.
Anyone with a solid
knowledge of HTML can be up
and running with Escapade in
a matter of hours. You just
need to add two lines to
httpd.conf, extract the
binaries to your cgi-bin and
you are up and running.

Date: Aug, 30 2005

Date: Sep, 10 2001

Date: Jun, 19 2005

Date: Mar, 09 2006
Generate almost all the META
Desktop Notes is a program
ABC Amber PowerPoint
When developing Windows®
tags with this simple form.
that will allow you to post
Converter is an advanced
forms applications based
No coding knowledge needed.
notes on your Windows
tool which converts your
upon Visual Basic (VB) 6.0
Just input the data into the
desktop. These notes won't
PowerPoint presentations to
or Visual Basic for
form and it generates the
intefere with your other
any document format (PDF,
Applications (VBA) 6.0, you
code for you.
activities on your PC cause
may often need to develop
they stick to the desktop.
context-sensitive help for
The fact that you can use
WS7, WRI, etc.) easily and
them to enable your users to
various pictures as a
quickly. The software
obtain help on the
background and special fonts
supports a batch conversion,
application's many graphical
that are supplied along with
a command line and more than
user interface (GUI)
the program makes these
50 languages. Important
elements. Context-sensitive
notes not only a very useful
note: Adobe Acrobat doesn't
help is the type of helped
but also a very attractive
need to be installed.
that appears when users
thing that will beautify
select (i.e., change the
your desktop.
focus to) a particular
screen element and then
pressing the F1 key, which
involves the Help common
dialog displaying the help
topic associated with the
selected element.
Context-sensitive help is
used extensively by Windows
forms applications, whether
for applications developed
by Microsoft or other
forms-based application
vendors. This article walks
you through step-by-step on
how to create just such a
help system using the
current HTML Help technology.

Date: Jun, 09 2005

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Date: May, 19 2005
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