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If you have a great deal of
Remove is a powerful utility
DnsSwitch is a perl script
Ensure your success in
software installed and many
for uninstalling programs
that can be used to switch
WebLogic certification exam
documents to maintain,
you no longer want on your
the ip of a domain to other
with Whizlabs simulator.
you're probably tired of
computer. You can easily get
ip in case of failure. The
Developed by highly
trudging through the START
rid of unnecessary
script will run on the
experienced and certified
menu or using desktop
applications, partially
server that is hosting the
professionals, it offers
shortcuts. Maverick is
uninstalled software, and
nameservers for a domains
simulated mock exams on the
designed to give quick
unwanted Windows components.
and check that domain for
latest pattern. Coupled with
access to programs and
You are able to uninstall
availability over the HTTP
value added offerings like
documents. It also includes
programs that cannot be
protocol, if the server that
Quick revision tips, it
a sophisticated alarm clock,
uninstalled through
hosts the domain responds
provides the most efficient
a hex file viewer, an
Add/Remove Programs. In
then the script does
and effective learning
advanced font viewer, a file
addition to the standard
nothing, if the server does
platform. Endorsed by
wiper (to irrevocably
uninstall option, Remove
not respond then the script
leading IT certification
destroy files), a file
allows you to remove,
replaces the ip of the
sites, it is the most
toucher (to change dates), a
modify, backup, and restore
domain with the ip of a
recommended study aid for
file/disk profiler (to
your Add/Remove Programs
backup server that hosts the
WebLogic certification exam.
analyse disk usage), a
list entries. Removing
Last but not the least; it
file/disk scanner (to
invalid entries is now
comes with FREE technical
validate suspect data CDs),
easier than ever. The newest
mentoring and
a zip reader/writer, and a
version of Remove highlights
"Unconditional Test
zip repair tool.
invalid program entries,
PASS Guarantee". Check
lists program version
out the FREE demo version.
numbers, and displays
user-friendly application
names. It also lets you copy
application names,
uninstaller locations, and
version numbers to the
Windows Clipboard.
Remove is more powerful
than other uninstallers and
Add/Remove Programs list
cleaners. Remove can
uninstall and remove more
software and invalid entries
because of its advanced
features, such as
uninstalling and deleting
hidden programs and entries.

Date: Apr, 17 2005

Date: Nov, 22 2005

Date: Nov, 27 2004

Date: Mar, 29 2004
Desktop Notes is a program
Escapade, or ESP for short,
The Web browser is probably
With the help of WisePopup,
that will allow you to post
is a server-side scripting
the most frequently used
five minutes from now, you
notes on your Windows
language that provides an
software today, and many
can make your own popup
desktop. These notes won't
interface to back-end
tasks are highly
windows! Yes, just like the
intefere with your other
database contents.
repetitious. iMacros for
one generated by an expert
activities on your PC cause
Specifically designed to
Firefox relieves the
programmer or even better!
they stick to the desktop.
create dynamic information
repetition of checking on
You have the full control on
The fact that you can use
from this data, Escapade can
the same sites every day,
what the position, the size
various pictures as a
be used to generate any kind
remembering passwords and
and the style of the popup
background and special fonts
of document - HTML, XML,
filling out web forms. Web
window, you can also decide
that are supplied along with
text, and more. Unlike many
professionals can use the
to launch the popup window
the program makes these
scripting languages
software for functional
when the visitor ENTER or
notes not only a very useful
currently available,
testing and regression web
LEAVE your page!
but also a very attractive
Escapade boasts a relaxed
testing of web applications.
thing that will beautify
and forgiving learning
Another use is to automate
your desktop.
curve. Another key
web scraping, for example
characteristic of ESP is its
online stock quotes or web
ability to not only supplant
store prices.
other scripts, but to
co-exist comfortably with
them as well. Rather than
the esoteric scripting of
Perl of PHP, ESP syntax more
closely resembles BASIC.
This makes ESP a comparative
pleasure for web developers.
Anyone with a solid
knowledge of HTML can be up
and running with Escapade in
a matter of hours. You just
need to add two lines to
httpd.conf, extract the
binaries to your cgi-bin and
you are up and running.

Date: Aug, 22 2003

Date: Sep, 10 2001

Date: Dec, 07 2006

Date: Apr, 21 2005
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