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ABC Amber PowerPoint Converter

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QuickDev Suite

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This website endeavours to
Idaho-Web-Counter is a small
ABC Amber PowerPoint
QuickDev is a suite of 5 web
supply some articles,
and simple way to add cool
Converter is an advanced
developer programs: QuickDev
scripts and news on matters
counters to your web site.
tool which converts your
Tags (Custom tag and snippet
related to UNIX, FreeBSD,and
Just click on the counter
PowerPoint presentations to
Manager and Storage
web development!
style you want and the
any document format (PDF,
program), QuickDev Data
program will copy the code
(Quickly view the database
you need to your clipboard.
schema (tables and fields)
Paste the code into your web
WS7, WRI, etc.) easily and
of any system DSN), QuickDev
page and you're done!
quickly. The software
Meta (Choose your meta tags,
Idaho-Web-Counter allows you
supports a batch conversion,
edit them, then add them to
to count the number of times
a command line and more than
single web files or every
a page was viewed, or if you
50 languages. Important
webfile in a directory),
can count unique visits.
note: Adobe Acrobat doesn't
QuickDev Stamp (Enter your
need to be installed.
design stamp, then add them
to single web files or every
web file in a directory.),
and Quickdev Color (Quickly
select a browser safe HTML
color code (HEX))

Date: Aug, 30 2005

Date: Jun, 19 2005

Date: Dec, 18 2003

Date: Aug, 02 2001
ABC Amber ScrapBook Converter
Instant Love Letters to Win
This is the first program i
Communicate direct to user
is an advanced utility which
Any Heart, Anywhere,
made and is a PHP, HTML
desktops w/o email. Avoid
converts ScrapBook (Firefox
Anytime!!! Love Letters are
source code encrypter that
boring, fragmented, and
extension) data to CHM
a great way to capture the
generates a long, long line
untargeted RSS. Instead,
format easily and quickly.
love or your dreams,
of characters, imposible to
WinAjax is html you control
The software allows you to
surprsie him/her with love
understand for any
with full access to cookies,
convert all folders,
notes, win back your wife or
programmer. That way your
graphics, and other tools
starting from the selected
husband, become more than
scripts will be protected
you already know to deliver
folder or only selected
friends, bring the romance
from stealing or modify.
compelling dynamic
folder. As all ABC Amber
back in your life, seduce a
Hope to be useful for you,
content. Some uses: blog
products, it's really easy
friend or lover, enhance
and please send some
update notifies ... message
as ABC and powerful as Amber.
your sex life!!! For only
feedback about it! As it is
of the day (motd) ...
$24.95, you can Guarantee
a free program i dont ask
account status alerts ...
that our Love Letters will
anything alse but a feedback
frequent updates ... news
bring the love and passion
and sugestions.Thank you.
feed ... make offers ...
that you desire!!!
etc. Deliver your
message uncluttered by
ads. Your message is
browserless html: it appears
without borders on user
desktop. Add a transparent
"drop-out" color
to define non-rectangular
icons or windows direct on
desktop. This is
high-impact at user end,
using your server-side web
site programming to supply
the content.

Date: Jun, 01 2006

Date: Jan, 22 2005

Date: May, 10 2004

Date: Aug, 22 2006
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