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Control Kids

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P2P Share Spy

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Easy Time Tracking

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guMa by Dominio, lda.
Control Kids filters all
Scan the internet for
Easy Time Tracking is an
Software for tracking your
objectable contents on the
computers with shared files!
ideal solution for the
customers and suppliers
website. Kill unsolicited
Browse/download files from
individual contractors who
personal contacts. This
pop ups windows. Record all
remote computers all over
need to know how much time
software is suitable for
visited web sites. Kill
the world! Can handle any
they spent on certain tasks
contact management with
banner ads to speed up your
file type: MP3, MPG, AVI,
and how many hours they need
several mailing features.
internet connection. Monitor
to bill their clients for.
Real easy use profile,
usage of your computer by
Your company should get a
faster, effective, powerful,
logging keystrokes and 100 %
copy of Easy Time Tracking
stable and safe soft. If you
compatible Internet explorer
if it needs to track
will never try it than you
without configuration. Block
employees' or contractors'
will never knows what you
any kind of unsolicited web
time, have detailed
are loosing for.
statistics on who and how
spends the time on one or
several projects, know how
profitable were the projects
for a certain customer.

Date: Feb, 24 2004

Date: Apr, 21 2003

Date: Dec, 09 2004

Date: Feb, 19 2006
- Does defragmenting your
Link Popularity Check is a
Joystick Cheats manager is
ATRA means Alexa Traffic
hard disk take too long
freeware program that checks
your access point to all
Ranck Analizer, it's a
time? - Does your screen
the link popularity status
your cheats. You can get all
simple GUI that allows to
saver interfere when you
of your web site on several
the cheats you need for
grab the Alexa Traffic Rank
defrag your hard disks? -
search engines and compares
free. The cheats that you
Graph of one or more
Does "Drive's content
it to other web sites on the
can choose from is
domains. It's very usefull
changed: restarting
Internet (for example your
constantly growing, and
if you are a SEO or a web
..." sound familiar? -
competitors). Find out how
include all systems
marketing specialist
Does "Windows cannot
popular your web site is.
available for play. You dont
interested in monitoring
defragment this drive
need to go anywhere else for
Traffic Ranks of your
because ..." sound
your cheats, as they all
clients web sites.
familiar? - Did you know
reside at manager.
that Windows pagefile
(swapfile), besides slowing
down the defrag process, is
the main reason for poor
results after a disk
defrag? - Did you know that
defragmenting ~500 MB of
Temporary Internet Files,
index.dat files and junk
files is waste of time and
you should clean up your
disk before disk
defrag? Defragmenter Pro
Plus is a utility to
automate the necessary steps
for an efficient and
problem-free disk
defrag. Just click Ok,
turn off your screen and go
to bed. Defragmenter Pro
Plus will: 1. Clean up
hard disk. 2. Remove the
pagefile (swapfile). 3.
Disable running
applications. 4. Run
Windows/DOS Scandisk. 5.
Run Windows/DOS defrag
disk. 6. Set the pagefile
(swapfile). 7. Enable
running applications. 8.
Windows. The Pro version
includes command line
capability for automation

Date: Apr, 04 2004

Date: May, 28 2002

Date: Feb, 19 2005

Date: Aug, 18 2004
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