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Frames - a tutorial

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Free meta tag generator

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This tutorial on frames
This free tool takes just a
InstantBar is a tool to
A little AppleScript that
covers the W3C validated
few minutes for you to have
create Internet Explorer
prints a text file on the
HTML-codes on framesets from
a working Meta tag for your
toolbar designed specially
desktop containing info
the most basic to the
site. It is fast, easy, and
for web site owners to help
about the current track
advanced. Includes a list of
free. All you have to do is
promoting their websites. It
playing in iTunes. You can
pros and cons regarding the
insert all of the
allows to create toolbar
use it with Cron and some
use of frames. Clear code
information about the Meta
easily from website, and you
text file parser to make a
with example-files that can
tag that you would like to
don't need to install any
thing to display it on your
be downloaded or viewed
create and the program will
additional software builders
do it all for you. You just
or create xml files. Any of
need to type in the title,
your changes in toolbar
author, subject,
configuration will be
description, keywords,
effected on all computers
generator, language,
where toolbar was installed
expires, abstract,
instantly without any
copyright, designer,
questions to user and
publisher, revisit-after,
without needs to install new
distribution, and robots.

Date: Aug, 27 2003

Date: Oct, 12 2006

Date: Nov, 30 2005

Date: Dec, 22 2003
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Link Popularity Check is a
Tracks how much time you
guMa by Dominio, lda.
objectable contents on the
freeware program that checks
spend on different projects
Software for tracking your
website. Kill unsolicited
the link popularity status
and tasks. Thanks to precise
customers and suppliers
pop ups windows. Record all
of your web site on several
time tracking and accounting
personal contacts. This
visited web sites. Kill
search engines and compares
you can quickly and
software is suitable for
banner ads to speed up your
it to other web sites on the
precisely calculate time
contact management with
internet connection. Monitor
Internet (for example your
spent on different tasks.
several mailing features.
usage of your computer by
competitors). Find out how
You can bill your clients on
Real easy use profile,
logging keystrokes and 100 %
popular your web site is.
time based on real reports.
faster, effective, powerful,
compatible Internet explorer
You can plan your working
stable and safe soft. If you
without configuration. Block
day better and be more
will never try it than you
any kind of unsolicited web
effective in managing your
will never knows what you
time as you see, where your
are loosing for.
time is gone. The
application doesn't occupy
space on your desktop and is
controlled from System Tray.

Date: Apr, 21 2003

Date: May, 28 2002

Date: Jan, 03 2004

Date: Feb, 24 2004
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