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Complete CD/DVD Writer

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Windows 98SE boot disks

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MP3 WAV Converter

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Finally, a way to view
Complete CD/DVD Writer
This zip file includes the
The MP3 WAV Converter is the
PageRank for the page you
(burner) is an easy-to-use
basics to boot a machine to
ideal all-in-one tool to
are looking at on Mac OS X.
CD and DVD writing software
Win98SE. It also includes
convert batches of mp3 file
Currently works with Safari.
to burn your data, image and
needed files to allow for
format into wav file format
audio files to CD or
CD-ROM and installs a RAMD
for burning onto a CD,
DVD. - Burn data CD or
drive. Included are 24 files
convert wav file format to
DVD from data files (ZIP,
including fdisk, format,
the mp3 file format to
EXE, DOC, etc.) and image
io.sys, autoexec.bat,
listen to your favorite wavs
files (ISO or CUE/BIN). -
config.sys, extract,
but in the smaller mp3
Burn audio CD from audio
command.com and msdos.sys.
format, and it is just a
files (WAV) and image files
After un-zipping the files,
cool MP3 Player.It's cool
(CUE/BIN). - Build ISO
simply copy them to a floppy
interface, easy to use,
images. - User-friendly,
disk or CD-ROM and
prestissimo speed, wonderful
robust and no-frill CD/DVD
reboot. Also available
output quality, converting
for free download are the
in batches, saving
.zip files to create DOS
play&convert list
6.22 and Windows 95B boot
automatically and full
support for help. The MP3
WAV Conveter for any Windows
platform,free download,buy
now for only

Date: Nov, 30 2005

Date: Aug, 05 2004

Date: Apr, 12 2004

Date: Jun, 23 2006
Amazingly realistic
QuickDev is a suite of 5 web
Spell check your entire site
DomainInspect is a
screensaver displays clouds
developer programs: QuickDev
and scan for broken links in
feature-rich domain name
moving in the sky. You'll be
Tags (Custom tag and snippet
seconds. Just enter your URL
checker software, enabling
captivated with dynamic
Manager and Storage
and go! Checking
you to quickly and
representation. You can
program), QuickDev Data
database driven web
conveniently find desired
adjust weather conditions
(Quickly view the database
applications in a
domain names to register.
i.e. cloudiness in the sky,
schema (tables and fields)
traditional IDE or
The built-in database
wind direction, speed of
of any system DSN), QuickDev
text-editor is impossible.
embraces more than 100
weather changes. DirectX 8.0
Meta (Choose your meta tags,
InSite solves this problem
popular gTLDs and ccTLDs.
edit them, then add them to
and enables you to check all
You may choose to manually
single web files or every
your dynamic content for
input domain names, import
webfile in a directory),
errors. SmartSense
domain name list in a file,
QuickDev Stamp (Enter your
technology helps eliminate
or have domain names based
design stamp, then add them
false positives generated by
on keywords automatically
to single web files or every
industry specific terms,
generated. DomainInspect
web file in a directory.),
company and partner names.
simultaneously checks
and Quickdev Color (Quickly
This gives you the most
availability and link
select a browser safe HTML
accurate results every
popularity of more than one
color code (HEX))
time. InSite runs on the
domain names at a time, and
Windows but can check web
the result can be saved,
sites running on any
printed, or exported into
platform serving static or
other formats like Excel,
scripted pages, regardless
HTML, etc. If you are
of the backend technology
looking for an ideal domain
(such as PHP, ASP, Perl,
name to register,
DomainInspect is the right
utility you'll need.

Date: Jun, 24 2004

Date: Aug, 02 2001

Date: Oct, 11 2005

Date: Jan, 09 2005
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