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Phantom EZ Form

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Advanced System Tune up

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RankQuest Text Ratio is % of
Phantom EZ Form its a webform
Great HTML learning tool.
Advanced System Tune up gives
text in the page to % of
creator. Using a really
Displays formatted HTML as
you the ability of checking
html code in the page. #
easy-to-use interfase you
you type so you can
your system performance,
One of the factors that
can configure your webform
instantly see the effect of
improving your system
search engines use in
and install it at your
various HTML tags. Perfect
performance and repairing
ranking a webpage is the
website. The program takes
companion for any HTML
the system registry which is
percentage of text in the
you step by step through the
important to keep your
web page. # Simply put code
configuration of your
system performing well. It
to text ratio is % of text
webform and at the end, it
consists of many useful
in the page / % of html code
installs it automatically at
modules, that can be
in the page. # Search
your website!
launched from the startup
Engines use this ratio to
screen. The startup screen
determine the relevancy of
is divided into 2 categories
your page and higher this
so that the individual
value more your chances of
modules can be found faster
ranking higher.
which are the Operating
System and the Cpu &

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Date: Feb, 08 2005

Date: Feb, 23 2006
Instantly fixes the following
Web Page Archiver is an
Maxthon is a very advanced
A small web-based program
add-on for Microsoft
multi-window (tabbed)
written in VBS (Visual Basic
Internet Explorer that
browser based on the IE core
Script) which randomly
e book:// that your
allows you to effectively
(IE5.x or above required).
generates 6 numbers between
ebooks may give you after
and quickly create archives
It can open multiple web
1 and 49 for use in the
installing Windows XP
out of Internet publications
pages within one browser
English National Lottery.
service pack 2. How it
and export these archives
window, and uses little
Just another way of picking
works Just download the
into files in the popular
system resources. Maxthon
your numbers.
program, double click to
Compiled HTML Help (CHM)
has a greatly integrated and
start :) and... Push the
format. If you are looking
highly customizable
button. I mean push the one
for information on the
interface which supports
of the Only two buttons in
Internet and you need it for
Skins, Plug-Ins, IE
the program. (Look at the
future use, this is the
Extensions, and specific IE
picture on the website).
right tool for you.
toolbars (examples: GOOGLE,
That's it! try your ebooks
FlashGet Toolbar).
again! They should work. To
restore your system to its
previous state just press

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