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PowerLink Generator

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Print Directory

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Track hits to any link you
Print directory structures
This software, designed for
A quick and easy way to print
make. Redirect or mask your
easily, you can customize
Microsoft Windows, will
out a message without having
links (Cloaking) Promote
file lists to fit your own
allow you to print ASCII
to open those large word
the most professional
preferences. List filenames
text files using any printer
looking links that people
only, or include file size,
with a Windows driver. The
want to click. Stop
date, time, path, extension,
file can be generated from a
promoting links that scream:
attributes, created date and
DOS/WINDOWS application or a
"You're Making Money On
time, accessed date, time
UNIX/LINUX application, if
Me!" Increase your
and MP3 ID3 tags. You can
it resides on a file system
sales by over 900%. Create
format your output as text,
that is accessible from the
a new campaign on the fly.
HTML or RTF files.
Windows box (NFS,
Track by any set of
SCO-VisionFS, Samba and
dates.Stop marketing thieves
by Cloaking your links Hide
your affiliate ID so it's
not replaced by the person
you are offering the product.

Date: Aug, 04 2005

Date: Jun, 08 2005

Date: Apr, 02 2003

Date: Jul, 03 2005
Program Protector is unique,
If you are tired of going
Puzzle Ring is yet another
QH (Quick History) is a
state of art security
through several windows to
game based on falling bricks
simple VBS (VBScript) file
utility that allows you to
toggle 'Use a proxy server
concept. The aim is to build
that allows you to export
password protect programs.
for LAN' check-box, here is
as much horizontal rings of
your history to a file of
You can password protect any
an application for you. It
falling blocks as you can.
your choosing. The script
Windows application. This
does the same thing with a
Every complete ring you made
has been setup to export the
functionality is achieved
click of a mouse. Version
disappears making free space
data sorted by date in a
using a special algorithm
2.0 works even if your
for the next blocks. In the
readable state, to save any
which modifies executable
connection is configured to
advanced and full game modes
hassle. To use this
file of the application, so
use an automatic
you have some lying blocks
script you can either leave
that it requires to enter
configuration script. Use
already at the beginning of
the default values as they
valid password before
ProxyChanger to change proxy
the game and you have to
are (see Readme.txt) or
program can start. Program
setting before opening the
make them disappear.
customise them to suit your
Protector is very easy to
Internet Explorer.
system setup.
use and does not require any
special computer knowledge.

Date: Jul, 13 2006

Date: Jun, 24 2004

Date: Apr, 04 2003

Date: Mar, 24 2005
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