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SearchGold.net's Toolbar, as
SEO Report is an all-in-one
The Trellian SEO Toolkit is a
well as having a search the
solution for a better
Search Engine Optimization
software. It allows you to
web facility, has a popup
insight on the SEO world. It
application that features
quickly analyze any web page
stopper and cookie eraser
gives you comprehensive SEO
all the Search Engine
for SEO. It also allows you
built in. There are also
reports, including
Optimization tools you will
to shortlist, follow up and
links to informational and
monitoring your ranking in
ever need to manage your web
manage potential link
useful sites on the web.
search engines, improving
site and reach the top of
partners just by simple
your link popularity, do a
the search engines!
clicks as you surf the net.
better market research in
Available in English,
Finally, SEOSurf is bound to
less time, suggest the right
Chinese, German, Greek,
impress you by the
popular keywords to use,
French, Italian, Dutch,
comprehensive help and
bring targeted visitors and
Swedish and Japanese. The
support that you usually
increase sales, monitor your
Trellian SEO Toolkit is
never get for other free
competitors, let you stay
priced at only US $199.95
informed (via rss) about SEO
and includes the following
news & articles and
the Search Engine
Optimization tools: Search
Engine Submitter , Keyword
Density Analyzer , Keywords
and Search Terms Research
Tools , Ranking Analyzer ,
Ranking Advisor , Ranking
Monitor , PPC Bid Tracker ,
Link Popularity Checker,
Reciprocal Link Checker ,
Meta Tag Editor , ROI
Calculators , SEO Knowledge
Base , Search Engine Paid
Inclusion manager, Website
HTML optimizer

Date: Mar, 30 2004

Date: Dec, 20 2004

Date: Jun, 24 2004

Date: Nov, 07 2005
Service Desktop Pro is an
Manage HTTP 404 Errors on all
Sitemap Menu Generator easy
Sitespector is a powerful
integrated Business and
Windows/IIS hosted web
to create your online
Windows application that
Personal Information
sites. Catch 404 page not
sitemap, good for seo
automatically visits web
Management Software.
found errors (HTTP Error
pages that are critical for
Basically aimed at IT
404) and instantly redirect
your business, and notifies
Service Providers,
to target resource. Can use
you if they have changed.
Freelancers, Consultants,
tokens for easy handling as
Sitespector checks the
Web Developers and Software
well as wildcards.
sections of each web page
Developers, this tool can be
that are important to you,
extremely useful for all
and displays new added
types of business managers
information. The program
for managing their
also highlights changes.
day-to-day business
activities. It's tightly
integrated and flexible
modules allow you to handle
most aspects of managing
your business flow.
Simplicity and ease of use
are the key benefits of
Service Desktop Pro. Be it a
small time freelancer or a
medium size company, this
software can be used by
anybody. Service Desktop
Pro handles over 20 key
business requirements
including Contact
Management, Leads
Management, Project
Management, Billing
Management, Document
Management, Expense
Management and Customer
Service Management. The idea
behind the software is to
allow its users to record
key business information
relating to the business
lifecycle of project
procurement to delivery and
customer service.

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Date: Dec, 14 2005
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