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If any of following things
WebNews.TV downloads the
WebQL empowers the real time
A well-designed quiz can be
happen in your cyber cafe
latest news from RSS news
enterprise by locating and
an excellent promotion tool
then you really need Webcafe
feeds and Web sites and then
extracting information from
if it focuses the user's
Software: 1. I think My
shows and pronounces them in
unstructured data sources -
attention on subjects that
Employee, who sits in cyber
TV like screen. Funny
the Web, email, on-line
demonstrate the value of
cafe does not tell me the
characters (for example -
information services,
your products and services.
exact money collected
penguin) entertain you while
internal documents - to
You may use it if: You
through out the day. 2. Some
you are reading and
support Business Activity
want to add interactivity to
one Deleted windows system
listening news headlines.
Monitoring, Competitive
your site; You want to
files and I had to sit and
For each news theme (world
Intelligence, Business
entertain your family; You
re-install windows. 3. I
news, sports, technology,
Intelligence, and Knowledge
want to surprise your quests
want to Ban surfers visiting
entertainment, etc.) you get
Management applications.
and friends; You want to
the X-rated sites 4. I want
different emotion of TV
make your customers come
to easily manage Walk-in
dictor (character)
back to your site again;
(Post Paid) customers and
represented by special
You want to show off with
Members (Pre Paid) Customers.
cartoon movie corresponded
unusual element at your site
to this theme.

Date: Oct, 25 2004

Date: Nov, 30 -1

Date: Oct, 04 2003

Date: Sep, 07 2003
This tool extracts all the
Free online website spell
IPaddressnow.com is a web
Ensure your success in Cisco
links from a specific page.
checker to help get rid of
site that automatically
CCNA exam (640-607) with
You can set it to extract
any spelling mistakes in
detects and displays your
Whizlabs simulator, the most
specific links such as
your webpages. Just enter
computer's IP address. This
effective training software
Javascript and Domains only.
your webpage url and it will
can be helpful for
for the Cisco certification
highlight any spelling
configuring a computer on a
exams. Developed by highly
network, setting up
experienced and certified
communications software, or
professionals, it offers 5
troubleshooting an Internet
mock exams (250 questions)
connection. Your Internet
on the latest pattern in a
Service Provider or IT help
simulated environment.
desk may ask you to visit
Coupled with value added
this site when you're having
offerings like Quick
problems with your Internet
revision tips, it provides
connection. What is an IP
the most efficient and
address? Just as telephones
effective learning platform.
are identified by unique
Endorsed by leading IT
telephone numbers, computers
certification sites, it is a
on the Internet are
most recommended study aid
identified by unique series
for CCNA certification. Last
of numbers called "IP
but not the least.
addresses". Each IP
address consists of four
numbers separated by three
periods; for example,
Whenever your computer talks
to another computer on the
Internet -- such as when you
visit a web site -- the name
of the other computer must
be converted into an IP
address before communication
can take place.
"IP" stands for
Ipaddressnow.com diplays
your IP instantly either by
visiting our site or using
our free software.

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