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Market News Analyzer

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Marketing Art

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Maverick Launch Centre

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Max Registry Cleaner

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The power tool to read and
This e-book was created for
If you have a great deal of
Max Secure Registry Cleaner
analyze news. Knowledge
educational purpose only. On
software installed and many
is an advanced registry
mining from news. Features:
practice it contain
documents to maintain,
cleaner for Windows that can
RSS news feeds, Stock
descriptions, methods,
you're probably tired of
safely clean and repair
Navigator, Stock Research,
techniques using by
trudging through the START
problems with your registry
News statistics, Rating
marketers. Understanding
menu or using desktop
in a few simple mouse
news, News Statistics and
what exactly they do and how
shortcuts. Maverick is
clicks! Easily fix problems
News Rating Charts.
they do it will help you to
designed to give quick
with the Windows registry
Automatic monitor of more
educate yourself, to
access to programs and
that are a common cause of
than 8000 stocks. Subscribe
increase your marketing
documents. It also includes
RSS news feeds and RSS
knowledge and to become more
a sophisticated alarm clock,
search channels. Download
a hex file viewer, an
and archiving news into
advanced font viewer, a file
databases (Microsoft Access,
wiper (to irrevocably
Microsoft SQL, Oracle)
destroy files), a file
toucher (to change dates), a
file/disk profiler (to
analyse disk usage), a
file/disk scanner (to
validate suspect data CDs),
a zip reader/writer, and a
zip repair tool.

Date: Nov, 07 2005

Date: May, 16 2005

Date: Apr, 17 2005

Date: Jul, 14 2006
Collectible Software helps
Maxthon is a very advanced
MCSD@Whiz comprises of 5 Mock
MCSE@Whiz is a MCSE
you keep all your collection
multi-window (tabbed)
Tests (300 Questions) on the
Certification Test
data in a common
browser based on the IE core
latest pattern of MCSD Exam
Simulator. The current
application. You no longer
(IE5.x or above required).
(70-176). The salient
version consists of 5 Mock
need to shuffle through your
It can open multiple web
features include High level
Tests (300 Questions) on the
collection or data files
pages within one browser
of customization, Questions
latest pattern of MCSE
scattered in different
window, and uses little
like Exhibit, Drag n Drop,
certification . The salient
programs to find an item.
system resources. Maxthon
Detailed explanation, Quick
features include High Level
Just fire up and you can
has a greatly integrated and
revision tips, scorer of the
of Customization, Detailed
locate and identify and item
highly customizable
Explanation, Quick Revision
without even disturbing your
interface which supports
Tips, scorer of the month
collection ! You can
Skins, Plug-Ins, IE
and much more.
customize the descriptive
Extensions, and specific IE
fields as you wish. There is
toolbars (examples: GOOGLE,
also quick and easy
FlashGet Toolbar).
switching from one
collection to the next
should you decide you wish
to maintain more than one
collection. Collectible
software is ideal for most
any collection. If you have
a particular need that the
custom features or new
collection methods do not
offer, simply customize the
features as you see fit. You
can add up to four different
pictures per item. Custom
reports. Features: 1.
A fully functional
stand-alone Windows based
32-bit application developed
by collectors for
collectors! 2. This is
not your standard database
program that you learn to
use as much as it is an
interactive program that
learns your use! 3. View
images with each listing
adding up to 4 images per
item 4. Have multiple
collections 5. Custom
Easy to follow manual 6.
Custom Windows installer

Date: Apr, 18 2005

Date: Dec, 31 2004

Date: Oct, 29 2002

Date: Oct, 31 2001
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