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SV Bookmark

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Synapse Media Player

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Take Command

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Surfpack is an RSS reader
SV Bookmark is a visual
Synapse is an artificially
Take Command offers a new
that shows all content as a
bookmark manager that allows
intelligent media player
approach to working in
normal Web page inside
you to associate screenshots
that not only plays your
Windows, bringing users the
Internet Explorer, Firefox
of a web site with each
mp3, wma, ogg, but also
power of the command line
and Opera. You can also use
entry. Hovering your mouse
finds patterns in your
and the ease of use of the
Surfpack to access your top
over an entry displays a
listening habits. With one
Windows interface. Take
favorites, search engines,
small popup screenshot of
click, you can activate the
Command supports existing
latest downloaded files, and
the site, making it easy to
Brain and Synapse will play
CMD.EXE commands and batch
auto-generated lists of most
remember the content. The
back a stream of music from
files, and adds thousands of
popular sites right from
program provides advanced
your library based on what
new features, giving you
your home page. Since
features such as thumbnails
you listen to and what it
more power and flexibility
Surfpack resides locally on
and full-size screenshots,
statistically knows you like
than you ever imagined.
your computer, it loads
searching, duplicate
from our unique probability
instantly and frees you from
checking, URL validation,
network. Synapse includes
corporate-sponsored content
password protection and more.
many powerful components,
and ads.
including a playlist editor,
a dynamic library which
automatically organizes your
collection and corrects the
names of your songs for you,
a natural language console
for you to type english
commands to Synapse, a
playmap for
multi-dimensional playlist
editing, and more.

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Date: Dec, 09 2004
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QR-Code). Insert the control
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parameters and object
Star Award.
methods for flexible
integration into the bar
code application are
offered. Also web based bar
code applications (e.g.
within MS-IE) are possible.

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