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File Splitter

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File X

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Firefox Bookmark Converter

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File Splitter can split any
Free download File Splitter -
Myfilex.com allows users to
Firefox Bookmark Converter
type of file into smaller
This free file splitter (GNU
access there files from
(ffbkconvrt) will take an
pieces and rejoin them to
license) can only be run in
anywhere. It is a web based
exported bookmarks file
the original file. It helps
Windows. It helps you to
file store that also allows
(tested with version 1.4x to
you copy the split ones to
split text files into
users to share there files
1.5x of Firefox) and make it
floppy disk or CD/DVD, or
smaller files. No need to
with other myfilex users.
into a simple yahoo style
send them via e-mail. File
install, simply download the
portal system. Use this for
Splitter supports 3 split
zip file, unzip it. Place
your own personal homepage
modes: It can split a file
the script anywhere you
for quick links to your
equally by size. Users can
want. Double click to run or
favorite sites. Main
specify a custom size such
run it from DOS command
index page, sub folders, and
as 1.44MB(floppy disk ),
line. It requires WSH
all content is controlled
650M (CD size). It can also
(Windows Script Host), which
with templates, so you can
split a file equally by
has been installed in most
customize the end results to
number, and cut any segment
of Windows computers. The
be as fancy, or as simple as
of the file as needed.
download zip file has
you want. Written in
VBScript, this will only run
on Windows machines with
VBScript installed.

Date: Aug, 02 2005

Date: Nov, 01 2005

Date: Feb, 04 2004

Date: Jun, 20 2006
FolderScavenger makes it easy
This professional font editor
A script that generates the
FoCs takes properties written
to print folder listings, or
allows you to create and
basic layout of the form for
in the Sugar specification
copy folder listings to the
edit TrueType fonts. It has
later editing and scripting
language and automatically
clipboard and paste them
the powerful font-creation
translates them into
into Word, Excel, or any
tools that typographers and
Checkers, or monitors, which
Windows application. It's
graphic designers require,
in turn are integrated into
easy to filter listings by
and an intuitive interface
the chip simulation
file name, and to capture
that even allows beginners
environment. These Checkers
the contents of subfolders.
to become productive
monitor the simulation
You can select the format
immediately. The editor
results on a cycle-by-cycle
for paths, file date and
lets you easily select and
basis for violation of the
time stamps, and many other
modify the entire character
properties. Each Checker
aspects of the folder
set of any TrueType font and
implements a state machine
listings. FolderScavenger
fonts based on OpenType font
that enters and asserts an
Pro lets you specify if you
technology. Features include
error state if the
want to capture the
the ability to convert
respective property fails to
information as simple text,
(scanned) images to
hold in a simulation run.
comma-separated records, or
outlines, thus enabling you
This alphaWorks version is
tab-delimited data. By
to create fonts with your
the first FoCs version that
creating style templates,
own signature, logo and
supports Sugar 2 (EDL
you can turn folder lists
handwriting. The advanced
into XML, HTML, or a number
validation features make the
of custom text formats. You
design process easy and help
can even convert directory
you avoid common mistakes.
listings into MySQL
The new drawing tools
files. By saving your
greatly simplify and speed
frequently used
up the design process. The
configurations, you can
extended Complete Composites
retrieve and reuse them.
feature quickly adds
There is a "No
diacritical marks to
Questions Asked" mode
incomplete glyphs. This
that lets you run
powerful feature can
FolderScavenger using the
complete over a thousand
default configuration that
characters within a few
you have
saved. FolderScavenger is
fully integrated into the
Windows Explorer shell, and
becomes part of the context
(right-click) menu. You can
use FolderScavenger to run
the program of your choice
on all files in a
folder. Music collectors
will appreciate being able
to grab song titles, album
names, and artist
information from MP3 music
files. Photo collectors will
enjoy being able to capture
names from their digital
cameras and digital image
collections, and quickly
catalog their picture albums.

Date: Apr, 18 2005

Date: Jun, 11 2006

Date: Dec, 20 2002

Date: Jan, 15 2003
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