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WinASO RegDefrag

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Windows 98SE boot disks

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WinLexic Microsoft Glossaries

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The Windows Regsitry grows as
This zip file includes the
WinLexic already contains
WinSmit is a Windows based
data is added to it, but it
basics to boot a machine to
built-in FTP client
software the allows the
never shrinks when data is
Win98SE. It also includes
configured to access the
administrator of an AIX
removed. A bloated registry
needed files to allow for
Microsoft public FTP server
system to build IBM AIX
with a lot of empty space in
CD-ROM and installs a RAMD
or its mirrors. It
System Management Interface
it can slow down the boot
drive. Included are 24 files
automatically unpacks and
Tool (Smit) style menus
time as well as performance
including fdisk, format,
installs Microsoft
using a Windows GUI. The
as a whole. "WinASO
io.sys, autoexec.bat,
glossaries and WinLexic
file can then be exported
RegDefrag" will rebuild
config.sys, extract,
owners will be able to
(ftp) to an AIX system and
and re-index your registry
command.com and msdos.sys.
browse a nice dictionaries
imported into the AIX ODM
to eliminate structural
After un-zipping the files,
instead of going through
database to create a new AIX
mistakes and
simply copy them to a floppy
Smit Menu. Perfect if
disk or CD-ROM and
mambo-jumbo-guesswork. But
you want to consolidate all
RegDefrag" performs
reboot. Also available
the most important feature
your AIX scripts in one
physical defragmentation of
for free download are the
of WinLexic 2005 is its
place NEW: The new
the Windows registry file.
.zip files to create DOS
quick and efficient search
Version 2 includes a message
After defragmentation your
6.22 and Windows 95B boot
through multiple glossaries
file creation tool plus a
registry will acquire linear
at once.
number of bug fixes.
structure which will reduce
application response time
and registry access time.

Date: Jul, 22 2005

Date: Apr, 12 2004

Date: Sep, 12 2005

Date: Sep, 06 2006
With the help of WisePopup,
WordFIX is a Microsoft Word
Ease your workload. Alienate
WWW File Share is a software
five minutes from now, you
recovery software designed
monotony. Delegate
which can help you share
can make your own popup
to restore corrupt or
repetitive tasks to
files with your friends all
windows! Yes, just like the
damaged document files back
around the world. Simply
one generated by an expert
into new trouble free files.
accurate keyboard macro
specify the path which
programmer or even better!
WordFIX recovers Ms Word
& mouse macro. Create
contains files you want to
You have the full control on
document files from all
macros in any application
share and the port number to
what the position, the size
versions of Microsoft Word
using a simple, intuitive
start the share service,
and the style of the popup
including 2003, 2002 (XP),
process. Features unique
then press "Start"
window, you can also decide
2000, 97, 95, 6.0, 2.0, and
SMART MACRO technology,
button, a service will start
to launch the popup window
all versions of Word for
password protection, repeat
on your computer and your
when the visitor ENTER or
Macintosh. WordFIX is a
options, accurate high-speed
computer become a server,
LEAVE your page!
Windows 98/2000/NT/Millenium
replay, macro management, IE
you can stop this service
compatible utility. Can be
plug-in, customizable UI
anytime. Then your friends
used for viewing Word 2000
& scheduler integration.
can visit your computer and
and 97 documents from Word
Rely on this 'Record once
download files via browser.
95. Recovers texts, images
& play anytime' macro
They do not have to install
and advanced formatting.
recorder and macro program.
this software if they just
Recovers lists. Recovery of
want to download files from
table data. Safely recovers
your computer.
documents that have been
infected by viruses.
Recovers embedded HTML.
Frequent updates with new
features. Technical support
and free updates for 1 year.
Easy download and
installation. Easy user
interface for both advanced
and novice users. Includes
automatic install and
uninstall features. The
Enterprise version includes
Batch recovery: This version
allows the user to select
multiple files for recovery
without further
intervention. This feature
is intended for.

Date: Apr, 21 2005

Date: Jan, 22 2006

Date: Aug, 04 2005

Date: Jul, 25 2002
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