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Innovate PayPal Payment Manager

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Inspyder InSite

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Innovate PayPal Payment
Spell check your entire site
Instant Notification lets you
InstantBar is a tool to
Manager (IPPM), downloads
and scan for broken links in
know when any Site you
create Internet Explorer
emails sent to you by paypal
seconds. Just enter your URL
choose has been updated. The
toolbar designed specially
and processes them according
and go! Checking
program checks the server
for web site owners to help
to their subject. Using this
database driven web
and reports to you
promoting their websites. It
tool you can automate your
applications in a
automatically. Displays
allows to create toolbar
delivery process by letting
traditional IDE or
what is new on your, or any
easily from website, and you
the program send emails and
text-editor is impossible.
site! Check an unlimited
don't need to install any
attachments to your
InSite solves this problem
number of sites (as long as
additional software builders
customers according to your
and enables you to check all
they have there server
or create xml files. Any of
your dynamic content for
setup)! Set timer to check
your changes in toolbar
errors. SmartSense
at specific preset times!
configuration will be
technology helps eliminate
Will Launch at startup
effected on all computers
false positives generated by
automatically, if you wish!
where toolbar was installed
industry specific terms,
instantly without any
company and partner names.
questions to user and
This gives you the most
without needs to install new
accurate results every
time. InSite runs on the
Windows but can check web
sites running on any
platform serving static or
scripted pages, regardless
of the backend technology
(such as PHP, ASP, Perl,

Date: May, 28 2002

Date: Oct, 11 2005

Date: Aug, 23 2006

Date: Nov, 30 2005
Using Qiksearch's
Finally, a complete website
Why risk losing the great
Nabaza.com Internet Spy
Intellisearch Bar, you can
marketing reference guide
information you find on the
Kit Several ways of spying
search the Web from your
for all the
Web when you can Save the
on your friends or enemies.
desktop. You can also search
do-it-yourselfers out there!
Web with IRT. IRT provides a
You love your friend so much
for music and downloads on
The Ultimate DIY Internet
built-in way for Internet
that you don't want him/her
the net. Intellisearch Bar
Marketing Handbook has
Explorer to save, organize
to suffer so you're spying
gives you a choice of more
everything you need to know
and manage Web content.
on him/her. Everything is
than 50 top search engines
to find success
It's like an enhanced Google
for fun and entertainment
to search the Web.
online. This step by step
just for your personal slice
manual will show you how to
of the Web. Search what you
get your site to the top of
have saved by whole or
the search engines, increase
partial words, project,
your online sales, save
category, record type,
money on advertising and so
date-saved, or by combined
much more. There has never
criteria. Also create
been a more complete,
bibliographic citations for
detailed body of work about
online information.
internet website
marketing! Why is this
book the one? This is the
only marketing book that
will send you free volume
updates when the techniques
that work change!

Date: Jan, 24 2002

Date: Jul, 31 2003

Date: Aug, 29 2003

Date: Mar, 28 2005
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