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ABC Amber Text Merger

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Online MYSQL Database Manager

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Search Local Toolbars

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ABC Amber Text Merger allows
Online MYSQL database manager
Enhance your Internet
Grab, download, share and
the user to combine multiple
to create and manage all
experience with an Internet
organize Flash, Quicktime or
documents into one single
your mysql databases
Explorer toolbar application
any other video, pictures or
document. Often it is much
anywhere on the web.
that offers one-click access
files you find on websites
better to keep all
Extensive knowledge of SQL
to local news, weather,
in a single click. Use this
information in one file
is not necessary. You don't
movie showtimes, businesses,
Download Manager, IE or
(easier to store, easier to
even have to remember number
classifieds, and so much
Firefox toolbar and FloatBar
search, easier to
of fields, types etc as the
more. One-click web, eBay,
to grab movies, zoom pics in
work). Features of the
Console shows them all for
Monster, Amazon, and stock
your browser and share
program include the ability
quote searches are also
stuff. Use PimpFish to
to: combine multiple
included. 100 different
create, download and share
documents into a single
city-based toolbars are
SLAPfiles which let you
document, support a great
share downloads lists with
number of file types, save
just a single file.
and restore the list of
SLAPfiles come with online
documents to merge to,
tools such as a Google Video
support advanced PDF export
downloader and storage.
options, and much more.

Date: Aug, 18 2003

Date: Feb, 19 2001

Date: Jan, 25 2004

Date: Mar, 31 2006
ABC Amber Internet Explorer
With this Win32 console
XML Converter is a data
This professional font editor
Converter is a useful free
application you can see how
converting software lets the
allows you to create and
tool that allows you to
much disk space is wasted on
user to interactively create
edit TrueType fonts. It has
convert your collection of
your drive. The larger the
a data transformation. It
the powerful font-creation
Internet Explorer bookmarks
cluster size, the more space
allows you to use XML
tools that typographers and
into a single PDF, CHM or
is wasted. The program can
documents by exporting
graphic designers require,
HTML file. The converted
also give you a statistics
source data into XML file.
and an intuitive interface
file has the contents with
about the cluster size,
XML Converter is a mapping
that even allows beginners
bookmarks and hyperlinks. As
total size of a drive,
and conversion tool, which
to become productive
all "ABC Amber"
available space on the
manages all dialects of XML
immediately. The editor
products, it's really easy
drive, number of files,
such as DTD(document type
lets you easily select and
as ABC and powerful as Amber.
number of directories, etc.
definition), XSD(XML Schema
modify the entire character
Definition), and XML
set of any TrueType font and
formats. It is used for
fonts based on OpenType font
quickly building application
technology. Features include
integration solutions. It
the ability to convert
will allow you to map and
(scanned) images to
integrate some types of data
outlines, thus enabling you
to XML document in a
to create fonts with your
user-friendly command-line
own signature, logo and
handwriting. The advanced
validation features make the
design process easy and help
you avoid common mistakes.
The new drawing tools
greatly simplify and speed
up the design process. The
extended Complete Composites
feature quickly adds
diacritical marks to
incomplete glyphs. This
powerful feature can
complete over a thousand
characters within a few

Date: Apr, 21 2006

Date: Aug, 20 2004

Date: Aug, 18 2003

Date: Jun, 11 2006
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