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Hits: 476
Ensure your success in SCJP
Finally, a way to view
Automise is a general purpose
Upgrade exam with Whizlabs
PageRank for the page you
automation tool with a
software. It allows you to
Simulator, the most
are looking at on Mac OS X.
fantastic graphical user
quickly analyze any web page
effective training software
Currently works with Safari.
interface to develop and run
for SEO. It also allows you
for the Sun Certified Java
automation tasks. It
to shortlist, follow up and
Programmer Upgrade exam.
features a huge amount of
manage potential link
Developed by highly
build in functionality
partners just by simple
experienced and certified
including FTP, burning
clicks as you surf the net.
professionals, it offers 11
DVDs/CD, file operations,
Finally, SEOSurf is bound to
mock exams (363 questions)
COM+, IIS, and database
impress you by the
on the latest pattern in a
actions. The GUI features
comprehensive help and
simulated environment. Last
complete logging and built
support that you usually
but not the least; it comes
in debugger, and
never get for other free
with FREE technical support
ActionStudio allows you to
and "Unconditional 100%
write your own Automise
Money Back Guarantee".
actions. Eliminate all your
Check out the FREE demo
repetitive tasks with

Date: Jun, 02 2003

Date: Nov, 30 2005

Date: May, 14 2006

Date: Nov, 07 2005
WinLexic already contains
Grab, download, share and
This .zip file contains 40
This zip file includes the
built-in FTP client
organize Flash, Quicktime or
files, including attrib,
basics to boot a machine to
configured to access the
any other video, pictures or
chkdsk, command.com,
Win98SE. It also includes
Microsoft public FTP server
files you find on websites
config.sys, deltree, edit,
needed files to allow for
or its mirrors. It
in a single click. Use this
fdisk, format, undelete and
CD-ROM and installs a RAMD
automatically unpacks and
Download Manager, IE or
xcopy. Simply download the
drive. Included are 24 files
installs Microsoft
Firefox toolbar and FloatBar
.zip file, unzip it, and
including fdisk, format,
glossaries and WinLexic
to grab movies, zoom pics in
copy the files to a floppy.
io.sys, autoexec.bat,
owners will be able to
your browser and share
Insert the floppy and reboot
config.sys, extract,
browse a nice dictionaries
stuff. Use PimpFish to
to DOS 6.22. Also
command.com and msdos.sys.
instead of going through
create, download and share
available for download are
After un-zipping the files,
SLAPfiles which let you
.zip files to create boot
simply copy them to a floppy
mambo-jumbo-guesswork. But
share downloads lists with
disks for Win95B and Win98SE.
disk or CD-ROM and
the most important feature
just a single file.
reboot. Also available
of WinLexic 2005 is its
SLAPfiles come with online
for free download are the
quick and efficient search
tools such as a Google Video
.zip files to create DOS
through multiple glossaries
downloader and storage.
6.22 and Windows 95B boot
at once.

Date: Sep, 12 2005

Date: Mar, 31 2006

Date: Apr, 12 2004

Date: Apr, 12 2004
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