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Firefox Bookmark Converter

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dfg ShutDown XP

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Firefox Bookmark Converter
RegCool is a full-featured
This program is a
You can set 4 programs / web
(ffbkconvrt) will take an
Registry editor and manager.
professional PC shut down,
pages into this program,
exported bookmarks file
In addition to all the
time sync, disk cleaning and
then you can click the
(tested with version 1.4x to
standard features, RegCool
PC protection utility. dfg
button to launch it.
1.5x of Firefox) and make it
adds a variety of powerful
ShutDown gives you an easy
Saves having to open the
into a simple yahoo style
features that allow you to
and thorough time controlled
start menu all the time, and
portal system. Use this for
work faster and more
and automatic way to
it's only one thing on the
your own personal homepage
efficient with registry
shutdown, restart or log off
desktop. Just open it
for quick links to your
related tasks. It allows you
your system Optionally it
and click the button for the
favorite sites. Main
to cut, copy, paste, move,
will run as a NTservice.
program you want.
index page, sub folders, and
delete, and rename keys and
Add. options: Countdown
all content is controlled
values. It offers an
Counter (visual and
with templates, so you can
explorer style; interface
acoustic), built in alarm
customize the end results to
remote Registry editing;
clock function (alarm
be as fancy, or as simple as
.reg and hive (Regedit and
sound), PC protection,action
you want. Written in
RegEdt32 compatible) file
logging,atomic time PC
VBScript, this will only run
editing; import, export,
on Windows machines with
backup, and restore
VBScript installed.
functionality; and flexible
property pages for setting
keys and values.

Date: Jun, 20 2006

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Date: Aug, 23 2006
SmartWhois is a network
This e-book was created for
The software Live Site is
This logo creation tool
information utility that
educational purpose only. On
devoted to arranging of a
enables you to create
allows you to find out all
practice it contain
Support Service in your
professional logo within 5
available information about
descriptions, methods,
Website. You will be able to
minutes using our online
an IP address, host name, or
techniques using by
enliven your site in the
logo maker which requires no
domain. Unlike standard
marketers. Understanding
direct meaning of this word.
logo design software to
Whois utilities, SmartWhois
what exactly they do and how
Your customer will be able
can find the information
they do it will help you to
to see the staff of your
about a computer located in
educate yourself, to
company and talk to them.
any part of the world,
increase your marketing
You will be able to dissolve
querying the right database
knowledge and to become more
the last border in the
and delivering all the
Internet business - absence
related records within
of direct contact with the
seconds. SmartWhois is
customer. New ActiveX
capable of caching query
Version 2.0!
results, which reduces the
time needed to query an

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