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MCSE@Whiz is a MCSE
WebNews.TV downloads the
LinkCheck Pro is a program
A little AppleScript that
Certification Test
latest news from RSS news
for web masters who exchange
prints a text file on the
Simulator. The current
feeds and Web sites and then
links with other web sites
desktop containing info
version consists of 5 Mock
shows and pronounces them in
(link exchange, reciprocal
about the current track
Tests (300 Questions) on the
TV like screen. Funny
links) or for those who
playing in iTunes. You can
latest pattern of MCSE
characters (for example -
maintain links pages and
use it with Cron and some
certification . The salient
penguin) entertain you while
would like to simplify the
text file parser to make a
features include High Level
you are reading and
task of managing
thing to display it on your
of Customization, Detailed
listening news headlines.
(maintaining) them.
Explanation, Quick Revision
For each news theme (world
Highlights: - 10 Day
Tips, scorer of the month
news, sports, technology,
100% money back guarantee -
and much more.
entertainment, etc.) you get
30 Day free unlimited
different emotion of TV
trial - imports your
dictor (character)
existing Link Partners -
represented by special
manages your links -
cartoon movie corresponded
verifies the link status of
to this theme.
your Link Partners -
e-mail's your Link
Partners - creates your
link pages and more - only

Date: Oct, 31 2001

Date: Nov, 30 -1

Date: Nov, 12 2004

Date: Dec, 22 2003
GalleryStallion is an
is new WallpaperGT v2.1
Tracks how much time you
This tutorial on frames
Escapade script for creating
adding new Picture list ,add
spend on different projects
covers the W3C validated
image gallerys. Features
reliable multi desktop
and tasks. Thanks to precise
HTML-codes on framesets from
include a skinable interface
manager gives you the
time tracking and accounting
the most basic to the
using templates, captions
freedom of 4 unique desktop
you can quickly and
advanced. Includes a list of
for each image and support
on one single monitor main
precisely calculate time
pros and cons regarding the
for multiple gallerys.
features: an exquisite
spent on different tasks.
use of frames. Clear code
picture list. Screen date
You can bill your clients on
with example-files that can
show. 4 reliable virtual
time based on real reports.
be downloaded or viewed
desktop. Digital Image
You can plan your working
process. Different
day better and be more
wallpapers on each virtual
effective in managing your
desktop. User defined
time as you see, where your
shortcuts (hotkeys) for easy
time is gone. The
navigation. Use hotkeys
application doesn't occupy
change desktop wallpaper.
space on your desktop and is
support multi graphics format
controlled from System Tray.

Date: Jun, 01 2005

Date: Oct, 08 2004

Date: Jan, 03 2004

Date: Aug, 27 2003
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