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Express Affiliate Link Masker

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BackLinks Master

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dfg BackUp XP

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Stop Losing Your Hard Earned
Reciprocal linking is a
The best, fastes and easy to
This article walks you
crucial part of web
use award winning backup and
through using Server
promotion. But it is also
restore solution for all
Explorer in Visual Studio
Affiliate Link Masker is new
important to check the
backup medias -
.NET to build connections to
and simple and easy way to
backlinks to see if they
Microsoft Access and
protect your affiliate
still point to your site,
supports unlimited backup
Microsoft SQL Server data
links.It is compatible with
what anchor text they have,
profiles. It can be
are these links direct or
configured to start the
gle adsense etc.Makes sure
indirect, etc. Do all of the
backup automatically
you get credit for your
above with BackLinks Master.
(powerful scheduler using
It automatically gathers all
command line
referrals. Quickly create
the backlinks, checks their
options/switches) , ZIP
your masked affiliate link
status, and more. You can
compatible archiving,
in less than 5 minutes.No
check several URLs and
coding involved, Express
export the info into CSV for
Affiliate Link Masker
further analysis.
FTP&eMail backup,
automatically creates your
affiliate web page for
filters, archive encryption,
you.With Express Affiliate
Link Masker you can
instantly protect and
scheduler, statistics, etc.
encrypt your affiliate
link.Encrypt an unlimited
number of affiliate links.No
software to install, just
download, unzip and run.

Date: May, 14 2006

Date: Oct, 11 2005

Date: Feb, 21 2005

Date: May, 19 2005
Tigra Menu Builder win32 is
This tool allows you to
Website Investigation and
IPaddressnow.com is a web
MS Windows application
preview inline text Kontera
Tracking software which
site that automatically
designed for Tigra Menu
ads on your website.
replaces static search
detects and displays your
navigation building (HTML,
results with automated
computer's IP address. This
JavaScript) for web sites.
searches that can compare
can be helpful for
It is intended for those
previous search results by
configuring a computer on a
users who want to create
the number of keywords and
network, setting up
professional looking
keyword context. You can
communications software, or
JavaScript menus without
create task(s) to search and
troubleshooting an Internet
writing a code. Using this
download documents, music,
connection. Your Internet
program you can configure
pictures or almost any file.
Service Provider or IT help
your Menu structure with
You may schedule multiple
desk may ask you to visit
minimum of efforts.
searches based on a variety
this site when you're having
of criteria and send
problems with your Internet
automated alerts by E-mail
connection. What is an IP
with attached search
address? Just as telephones
reports, IM, or SMS
are identified by unique
telephone numbers, computers
on the Internet are
identified by unique series
of numbers called "IP
addresses". Each IP
address consists of four
numbers separated by three
periods; for example,
Whenever your computer talks
to another computer on the
Internet -- such as when you
visit a web site -- the name
of the other computer must
be converted into an IP
address before communication
can take place.
"IP" stands for
Ipaddressnow.com diplays
your IP instantly either by
visiting our site or using
our free software.

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Date: Oct, 27 2006

Date: Nov, 19 2005

Date: Jul, 07 2005
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