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Wysigot Light

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SC Free Icon Editor

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News Topic Icons Project

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Wysigot is the browser that
Nothing very fancy but if
SC Free Icon Editor works
The News Topic Icons Project
monitors any site or any
you'd like to change the
like a Swiss Army Knife of
is a collection of topic
file anywhere (web, ftp,
wallpaper of your Active
icon, cursor manipulation.
icons for news sites such as
LAN, local). With its
Desktop every few seconds,
Features find, manage icons
slash, phpnuke, and many
powerful tools for
you might find this
on your system,
others. Contributions of new
capturing, updating,
application useful. Use -
image-editing features such
icons are very welcome.
sorting, comparing,
Run the application. Set the
as effects, filters,
archiving, showing anything
application to point at a
rotation, cropping, as well
new (alarms, highlighting
folder that contain jpg,
as a huge color palette,
modified texts, ...), with
jpeg, bmp, dib and/or png
easy-to-use editor that has
its powerful settings and
image files. Set the amount
all the functions for
its three searching modes,
of time (In seconds) between
creating/editing ICO, ANI,
Wysigot is the essential
wallpaper swaps and click
online/offline web browser
the start button. The
TGA, and WBMP files, image
and monitoring tool.
application puts an icon
filters, including Blurring,
Wysigot also allows you to
onto the system tray, so you
Sharpening, Embossing, , and
see how any web page works
can close the aplication and
Color Balance, image
(scripts used and so on).
wallpaper swapping will
continue. Right click the
system tray icon to stop
swapping or to unload the
application. New version
fixes a few bugs, allows
longer intervals (From 1
second to 60 Mins) and is
more random.

Date: May, 03 2004

Date: Dec, 04 2004

Date: Jul, 12 2005

Date: May, 06 2002
DataGridColumns .NET assembly
BoXplosion is amazing arcade
With this DLL you can develop
Adwords Generator allows you
from RustemSoft is a
game that requires quick
your own window image
to generate an extensive
DataGrid Columns Styles
reaction and thinking. It is
capture tools to capture any
list of keywords for
software package
bright and funny and you are
active window or inactive
Adwords. Just enter
specifically designed for
sure to get addicted soon!
window (hidden windows or
Keywords of your wish and
.NET developers. The
Now you play the game on
background windows) image
Keyword Generator will list
assembly allows you to use
Palm OS 5 and Sony Clie with
and save it to the BMP file
different combination of
all strengths of the MS
3D effects, amazing graphics
or JPEG file.
keywords for you. Broad
Windows .NET forms DataGrid
and sound, and new features
match will show ads whenever
control without waiving the
in gameplay. Numerous
that keyword or similar term
user interface elements your
bonuses, skins and several
appears in a query. Phrase
skill levels make the game
match will show ads whenever
need. DataGridColumns
more addictive than ever
the user query includes your
dynamic link library
keyword or phrase of the
contains the following
exact sequence and form that
DataGrid Column
user specify. Exact phrase
Styles: DataGrid combobox
will show ads only for the
DataGrid XPButton column
queries that exactly match
Style DataGrid Memo column
your phrase or will not show
Style DataGrid Button
if extra words are present
column Style
in the query.

Date: Aug, 18 2003

Date: Aug, 10 2004

Date: Feb, 24 2003

Date: Sep, 27 2006
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