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SV Bookmark

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Maverick Launch Centre

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eZee FrontDesk Hotel Management

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SV Bookmark is a visual
If you have a great deal of
Escapade, or ESP for short,
eZee FrontDesk is a general
bookmark manager that allows
software installed and many
is a server-side scripting
purpose hotel and motel
you to associate screenshots
documents to maintain,
language that provides an
software which is can be
of a web site with each
you're probably tired of
interface to back-end
used as a hotel maintenance
entry. Hovering your mouse
trudging through the START
database contents.
software, hotel reservations
over an entry displays a
menu or using desktop
Specifically designed to
software, hotel management
small popup screenshot of
shortcuts. Maverick is
create dynamic information
software, hotel billing
the site, making it easy to
designed to give quick
from this data, Escapade can
software, hotel property
remember the content. The
access to programs and
be used to generate any kind
management software
program provides advanced
documents. It also includes
of document - HTML, XML,
(pms). It is ideal solution
features such as thumbnails
a sophisticated alarm clock,
text, and more. Unlike many
for hotel having 10-100
and full-size screenshots,
a hex file viewer, an
scripting languages
Rooms. Main Features
searching, duplicate
advanced font viewer, a file
currently available,
include. Hotel status from
checking, URL validation,
wiper (to irrevocably
Escapade boasts a relaxed
main screen with easy Check
password protection and more.
destroy files), a file
and forgiving learning
in Check Out Reservation
toucher (to change dates), a
curve. Another key
Group Management/
file/disk profiler (to
characteristic of ESP is its
Operations Direct Billing/
analyse disk usage), a
ability to not only supplant
City Ledger Guest Snaps
file/disk scanner (to
other scripts, but to
with Web cam at Various
validate suspect data CDs),
co-exist comfortably with
Stages of Stay Full network
a zip reader/writer, and a
them as well. Rather than
support Multiple rate and
zip repair tool.
the esoteric scripting of
rate type support in single
Perl of PHP, ESP syntax more
stay Comprehensive User
closely resembles BASIC.
Management Quick check-in
This makes ESP a comparative
through identification card
pleasure for web developers.
swipe Ability to change
Anyone with a solid
room for a rented room on
knowledge of HTML can be up
any day of the Guest Stay
and running with Escapade in
Well designed restore
a matter of hours. You just
database operation for data
need to add two lines to
recover at any
httpd.conf, extract the
stage Transaction
binaries to your cgi-bin and
management with insert,
you are up and running.
delete and restore feature
Expense Management

Date: Feb, 08 2006

Date: Apr, 17 2005

Date: Sep, 10 2001

Date: Mar, 05 2006
Remove is a powerful utility
Desktop Notes is a program
A powerful HotLink protection
7tools Partition Manager 2005
for uninstalling programs
that will allow you to post
solution for Windows
hard disk storage
you no longer want on your
notes on your Windows
hosting. It installs as an
maintenance. All operations
computer. You can easily get
desktop. These notes won't
MS IIS plug-in. You can
you may need at home to
rid of unnecessary
intefere with your other
easily install it on your
perform regular maintenance
applications, partially
activities on your PC cause
dedicated Windows server or
by your own. Partition new
uninstalled software, and
they stick to the desktop.
under a shared hosting
hard disk from the scratch
unwanted Windows components.
The fact that you can use
account. The program hides
or upgrade old one. Prepare
You are able to uninstall
various pictures as a
your downloadable files and
hard disk for any operating
programs that cannot be
background and special fonts
generates temporary links
system, install even several
uninstalled through
that are supplied along with
for each visitor. Links are
systems. Reconfigure
Add/Remove Programs. In
the program makes these
valid only for a specified
partitions, repartition hard
addition to the standard
notes not only a very useful
amount of time and cannot be
disk on the fly, and improve
uninstall option, Remove
but also a very attractive
published on other sites.
storage performance. Use
allows you to remove,
thing that will beautify
This can also be used as a
bootable recovery CD to
modify, backup, and restore
your desktop.
basic authorization solution.
access unbootable system
your Add/Remove Programs
with all the information.
list entries. Removing
invalid entries is now
easier than ever. The newest
version of Remove highlights
invalid program entries,
lists program version
numbers, and displays
user-friendly application
names. It also lets you copy
application names,
uninstaller locations, and
version numbers to the
Windows Clipboard.
Remove is more powerful
than other uninstallers and
Add/Remove Programs list
cleaners. Remove can
uninstall and remove more
software and invalid entries
because of its advanced
features, such as
uninstalling and deleting
hidden programs and entries.

Date: Nov, 22 2005

Date: Aug, 22 2003

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Date: Jan, 20 2005
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