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J3i Inc. - Scrollbar Generator

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J3i Inc. - Meta Tag Generator

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Meta Generator

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Through the use of CSS
CCNP@Whiz comprises of 5 Mock
Meta tags are what define a
This program allows you to
scripting, you can have a
Tests (300 Questions) on the
website to the server and to
enter your text for a Meta
customized scrollbar for use
latest pattern of CCNP Exam
the Internet browser. They
Tag and then will generate
on your website. These
(640-901). The salient
are an important piece of
the code for you. It
scrollbars can be modified
features include High level
text that should be placed
supports the Title, Author,
in color, however, the
of customization, Questions
at the top of more if not
Subject, Description,
modifications are displayed
like Exhibit, Drag n Drop,
all webpages. By using this
Keywords, Generator,
only under Microsoft's
Detailed explanation, Quick
tool, you can easily
Language, Expires,
Internet Explorer. Use our
revision tips, scorer of the
generate the proper META
Distribution, Robots,
tool to create the scripting
tags necessary for making
and Redirect Meta Tag.
needed for modifying your
your website easily
website's scrollbar color.
accessable to search engines
and visitors.

Date: Dec, 16 2002

Date: Oct, 29 2002

Date: Dec, 16 2002

Date: Jul, 11 2002
Fully skin-configurable,
Bubble Shooter is 2 an arcade
Chapters include: Getting
Tired of not being able to
Cybercafe SurfShop Pro is
and puzzle game with simple
Started, Variables, HTML
quickly navigate through the
the latest generation of
rules and different modes:
Forms and Lasso, Control
Myspace website? We have
cybercafe software. It
strategy, arcade, sniper and
Structures, Using Strings,
made a toolbar to enhance an
offers an intuitive
marathon. When play Bubbles
Using Numbers, Using Arrays
already good Myspace
interface and powerful
game you shoot at the
and Maps, Files and
website. The mSpace toolbar
security, centralised
colorful bubbles that use
Directories, Databases,
has many cool features and
management and reporting
each your misfire to fill
Sessions and Cookies,
functions that every Myspace
features. Get your Internet,
the board to the bottom.
Creating Web Applications,
user will find helpful to
games or cyber cafe up and
Your goal is to control them
Debugging, Advanced Topics,
them! This toolbar was made
running in minutes with
by blowing them up. The
Lasso Administration.
by Myspace users for Myspace
continental Europe's leading
explosion of the bubbles is
users. So please feel free
Internetcafe software. Now
a real show - a mix of
to try our FREE toolbar!
supports all game consoles,
different bright colors is
Also be sure to tell your
non-pc stations, new
made really impressive by 3D
friends on Myspace!
training centre-type tools,
graphics that pleases your
and dynamic management of cd
keys supported.

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