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DOS 6.22 Boot Disks

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MoneyToys - Entire Collection

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Gapster Pay-Per-Click

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This .zip file contains 40
MoneyToys(tm) are a growing
If you advertise on the major
The main purpose of the
files, including attrib,
collection of financial
Pay-Per-Click search
RankQuest Meta Tag Generator
chkdsk, command.com,
calculators you can install
engines, Gapster will
is to help avoid human
config.sys, deltree, edit,
on your website! With a few
automatically change and
typing errors while creating
fdisk, format, undelete and
lines of HTML and
manage your bids from:
the Meta information of a
xcopy. Simply download the
MoneyToys(tm) financial
Overture, Overture-UK,
page. RankQuest Meta Tag
.zip file, unzip it, and
calculators you can quickly
Findwhat and Kanoodle. It
Generator tools generates
copy the files to a floppy.
add online interactivity to
will fill all the
the Meta HTML code for a
Insert the floppy and reboot
your web site! Put MoneyToys
"gaps", maximizing
page based on the input
to DOS 6.22. Also
calculators on your website
your results.
provided by you. Once the
available for download are
and your visitors can
meta information is created
.zip files to create boot
perform financial
just copy and paste the HTML
disks for Win95B and Win98SE.
calculations without leaving
code in between the
your site.
<head> </head>
of your webpage's HTML code.

Date: Apr, 12 2004

Date: Jan, 20 2003

Date: Nov, 29 2001

Date: Sep, 28 2006
History Cleaner is an
Article submitter is a
Web Table Extractor is an
Finally, a complete website
innovative solution for your
desktop application which
add-on for Internet Explorer
marketing reference guide
online privacy issues. This
makes extremely easy to
(IE) allowing you to extract
for all the
program is equipped with
submit your articles to
tables from web pages in an
do-it-yourselfers out there!
features such as cleaning
various ezines and blogs for
effective and quick manner.
The Ultimate DIY Internet
the secret index.dat file,
free.Article submission is a
Also allows you to easily
Marketing Handbook has
typed url, cookies, cache,
proven method to drive
select tabular data online
everything you need to know
most recently used data
traffic to your website.Free
and convert it into files
to find success
among other things. It
instant download.
for Microsoft Excel. This
online. This step by step
increases the speed of your
Internet Explorer add-on
manual will show you how to
PC by removing all
makes it possible to find
get your site to the top of
unnnecessary files and thus
and extract data from tables
the search engines, increase
makes more hard disk
into a new window, or to
your online sales, save
available for use. It also
look through the HTML code
money on advertising and so
removes all traces of
of the selected table.
much more. There has never
applications and internet
been a more complete,
detailed body of work about
internet website
marketing! Why is this
book the one? This is the
only marketing book that
will send you free volume
updates when the techniques
that work change!

Date: Feb, 05 2005

Date: Dec, 08 2006

Date: Sep, 15 2006

Date: Jul, 31 2003
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