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Link Popularity Check

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We are so confident in our
LinkCheck Pro is a program
Link Popularity Check is a
objectable contents on the
software we offer a full
for web masters who exchange
freeware program that checks
website. Kill unsolicited
working demo for 15 days.
links with other web sites
the link popularity status
pop ups windows. Record all
You can try before you buy.
(link exchange, reciprocal
of your web site on several
visited web sites. Kill
It has lots of very useful
links) or for those who
search engines and compares
banner ads to speed up your
features like the following:
maintain links pages and
it to other web sites on the
internet connection. Monitor
Complete history and file
would like to simplify the
Internet (for example your
usage of your computer by
deletion. Completely removes
task of managing
competitors). Find out how
logging keystrokes and 100 %
any unwanted files that are
(maintaining) them.
popular your web site is.
compatible Internet explorer
deleted in the recycle bin.
Highlights: - 10 Day
without configuration. Block
Cleans windows secret.dat
100% money back guarantee -
any kind of unsolicited web
file. This new version also
30 Day free unlimited
contains a pop up
trial - imports your
blocker/Adware & Spyware
existing Link Partners -
detection/Windows hider/ and
manages your links -
blocks IP Messanger service
verifies the link status of
your Link Partners -
e-mail's your Link
Partners - creates your
link pages and more - only

Date: Apr, 21 2003

Date: Mar, 05 2004

Date: Nov, 12 2004

Date: May, 28 2002
guMa by Dominio, lda.
Adwords Generator allows you
Tracks how much time you
RSS Announcer is a desktop
Software for tracking your
to generate an extensive
spend on different projects
application that submits
customers and suppliers
list of keywords for
and tasks. Thanks to precise
your RSS feed to all major
personal contacts. This
Adwords. Just enter
time tracking and accounting
RSS search engines and
software is suitable for
Keywords of your wish and
you can quickly and
directories.The process is
contact management with
Keyword Generator will list
precisely calculate time
100% automatic.
several mailing features.
different combination of
spent on different tasks.
Real easy use profile,
keywords for you. Broad
You can bill your clients on
faster, effective, powerful,
match will show ads whenever
time based on real reports.
stable and safe soft. If you
that keyword or similar term
You can plan your working
will never try it than you
appears in a query. Phrase
day better and be more
will never knows what you
match will show ads whenever
effective in managing your
are loosing for.
the user query includes your
time as you see, where your
keyword or phrase of the
time is gone. The
exact sequence and form that
application doesn't occupy
user specify. Exact phrase
space on your desktop and is
will show ads only for the
controlled from System Tray.
queries that exactly match
your phrase or will not show
if extra words are present
in the query.

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