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Frames - a tutorial

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QuickDev Suite

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Clouds Screensaver

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This tutorial on frames
QuickDev is a suite of 5 web
DomainInspect is a
Amazingly realistic
covers the W3C validated
developer programs: QuickDev
feature-rich domain name
screensaver displays clouds
HTML-codes on framesets from
Tags (Custom tag and snippet
checker software, enabling
moving in the sky. You'll be
the most basic to the
Manager and Storage
you to quickly and
captivated with dynamic
advanced. Includes a list of
program), QuickDev Data
conveniently find desired
representation. You can
pros and cons regarding the
(Quickly view the database
domain names to register.
adjust weather conditions
use of frames. Clear code
schema (tables and fields)
The built-in database
i.e. cloudiness in the sky,
with example-files that can
of any system DSN), QuickDev
embraces more than 100
wind direction, speed of
be downloaded or viewed
Meta (Choose your meta tags,
popular gTLDs and ccTLDs.
weather changes. DirectX 8.0
edit them, then add them to
You may choose to manually
single web files or every
input domain names, import
webfile in a directory),
domain name list in a file,
QuickDev Stamp (Enter your
or have domain names based
design stamp, then add them
on keywords automatically
to single web files or every
generated. DomainInspect
web file in a directory.),
simultaneously checks
and Quickdev Color (Quickly
availability and link
select a browser safe HTML
popularity of more than one
color code (HEX))
domain names at a time, and
the result can be saved,
printed, or exported into
other formats like Excel,
HTML, etc. If you are
looking for an ideal domain
name to register,
DomainInspect is the right
utility you'll need.

Date: Aug, 27 2003

Date: Aug, 02 2001

Date: Jan, 09 2005

Date: Jun, 24 2004
The Screen Protractor allows
LinkCheck Pro is a program
Finally there is a way that
ATRA means Alexa Traffic
you to easily and quickly
for web masters who exchange
you can analyze web hosts
Ranck Analizer, it's a
measure any angle on the
links with other web sites
before you pull out your
simple GUI that allows to
screen to the nearest Degree
(link exchange, reciprocal
credit card and make the
grab the Alexa Traffic Rank
or Radian. This perfect
links) or for those who
move. With the Host
Graph of one or more
compliment to the Screen
maintain links pages and
Evaluator software you can
domains. It's very usefull
Calipers, the Protractor is
would like to simplify the
add the web hosting plans
if you are a SEO or a web
simple and easy to use with
task of managing
you want to compare, and
marketing specialist
any program. By rotating
(maintaining) them.
test out the servers of the
interested in monitoring
the slider points to fit
Highlights: - 10 Day
company who you are
Traffic Ranks of your
your design, sketch or
100% money back guarantee -
potentially going to buy
clients web sites.
diagram any angle can be
30 Day free unlimited
hosting services
calculated, in any
trial - imports your
from. Using Host
engineering unit that you
existing Link Partners -
Evaluators intuitive
need. You can also perform
manages your links -
interface you can analyze
simple calculations like
verifies the link status of
the best hosts based on many
multiplying the angle.
your Link Partners -
of the important attributes
e-mail's your Link
that you seek in a good
Partners - creates your
hosting environment. This
link pages and more - only
includes storage space,
bandwidth, 12-month cost,
e-mail, support, redundancy,
features, connection speed
and uptime. After this, you
can choose which plans you
want to compare, weight your
attributes according to your
needs and the Host Evaluator
will generate a table with
the best host.

Date: Mar, 20 2006

Date: Nov, 12 2004

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Date: Aug, 18 2004
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