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Alt MP3 Screensaver Player

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Play a musical slideshow from
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Free download File Splitter -
WinSmit is a Windows based
playlists of pictures and
easily, you can customize
This free file splitter (GNU
software the allows the
MP3 playlists. You don't
file lists to fit your own
license) can only be run in
administrator of an AIX
need to generate a single
preferences. List filenames
Windows. It helps you to
system to build IBM AIX
executable screensaver -
only, or include file size,
split text files into
System Management Interface
now you can select it from
date, time, path, extension,
smaller files. No need to
Tool (Smit) style menus
playlists. Playlist of Alt
attributes, created date and
install, simply download the
using a Windows GUI. The
MP3 Screensaver
time, accessed date, time
zip file, unzip it. Place
file can then be exported
Player includes all
and MP3 ID3 tags. You can
the script anywhere you
(ftp) to an AIX system and
information about musical
format your output as text,
want. Double click to run or
imported into the AIX ODM
screensaver: list of
HTML or RTF files.
run it from DOS command
database to create a new AIX
pictures, list of music
line. It requires WSH
Smit Menu. Perfect if
files or music playlists,
(Windows Script Host), which
you want to consolidate all
and all rules for playing.
has been installed in most
your AIX scripts in one
You can view files in .jpg,
of Windows computers. The
place NEW: The new
.bmp or .tga format and
download zip file has
Version 2 includes a message
play .mp3, .mid or .wav
file creation tool plus a
number of bug fixes.

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may know page rank is a
NeoDownloader allows you to
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download whole galleries
satisfied with your thank
complete software solution
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program includes a built-in
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image viewer and a media
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