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File Splitter

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Email Encoder

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File Splitter can split any
an sql file that uses as data
This form will allow you to
RankQuest Link Checker tools
type of file into smaller
the official names of
encode your e-mail address
checks for broken links in a
pieces and rejoin them to
countries in english as
through the use of Character
page. Broken links are links
the original file. It helps
given in ISO 3166-1, the ISO
Entities, transforming your
that show a "page not
you copy the split ones to
2-alpha code provided by the
ascii email address into its
found" (404) error or
floppy disk or CD/DVD, or
International Organization
equivalent decimal entity.
something similar when
send them via e-mail. File
for Standardization, the ISO
Simply enter your e-mail
Splitter supports 3 split
3-alpha code provided by the
address in the first text
modes: It can split a file
United Nations Statistics
box, click the encode
equally by size. Users can
Division and the 3-alpha
button, and then highlight
specify a custom size such
code provided by The
and copy the resulting code
as 1.44MB(floppy disk ),
National Olympic Committees.
produced in the second text
650M (CD size). It can also
you also have the flags for
box. This encoded e-mail
split a file equally by
each country in the flags
address can be read and
number, and cut any segment
folder - the pictures of the
translated back into its
of the file as needed.
flags are named using the
original ascii text by
ISO 2-alpha code of the
almost any web browser
country they represent so
without any further action
you should have no problems
on your part. Just replace
in determining which flag
all instances of your e-mail
goes to which country
address on your pages with
this list is as of january
the code, and you won't have
2006 so it might not be the
to worry about spam lists.
most up to date list you
could find. also, keep
in mind that while all the
countries have numeric id
code and ISO 2-alpha code
but not all the countries
have ISO 3-alpha and NOC
3-alpha codes

Date: Aug, 02 2005

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Date: Oct, 02 2006
Search Engine Optimization
This tool extracts all the
Logo design is a multi
R-Excel is a tool designed to
(SEO) for a site is very
links from a specific page.
billion dollar world wide
recover corrupted Microsoft
important. Webmasters are
You can set it to extract
business. Every company,
Excel Sheets. New
finding it difficult to
specific links such as
business, sports team,
improvements of file
achieve good ranking in
Javascript and Domains only.
church, website group, etc
reconstruction technology
Search Engines. RankQuest
etc etc needs a logo design.
IntelligentRebuild allow the
Free SEO Tools Source aims
Hundreds of thousands of new
users to reconstruct damaged
to help Webmasters in Search
businesses and websites are
*.xls files and to restore
Engine Optimization. Keyword
started daily. The Logo
lost Excel sheets quickly
Finder and Meta Tag Analyzer
Company is a major player in
and easily. R-Excel safely
are one of the most
the online market for logo
performs any operation,
important tools for SEO.
design and corporate
including Microsoft Excel
Keyword Finder lists the
identity branding. We have
sheet recovery and never
keywords in the meta keyword
been designing quality
deletes from disk, writes
tag of a site. Meta Tag
custom logo design on the
to, or modifies in any way,
Analyzer examines the meta
net since 2000. The Logo
the original Excel files.
information of a site and
Company has provided unique
makes you know, if the
logo design to literally
content is Search Engine
thousands of clients in this
friendly or not. Many search
short space of time. We
engines uses the details in
run our logo design service
the meta tag for ranking
as a loss leader and that
purpose, so this tag must be
means our price is very low
effectively analysed for
compared to the true market
improvement in ranking.
value for this service. Our
standard price for a logo
design is just $75. When you
consider that the true
market price starts at
around $300 upwards you can
see why our logo design
service sells so well. We
run this service at a loss
because we want the maximum
amount of client exposure
and the opportunity to
"up sell" our
other design services to
clients at a later date.
This works very well and
allows us to make long
standing, profitable client
relationships. Our
conversion rate from initial
visitor to confirmed sale is
way above the industry

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