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Website link extractor

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Article Submitter Software

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EbookMaker is a professional
This tool extracts all the
an sql file that uses as data
Article Submitter is the
Ebook compiler software. It
links from a specific page.
the official names of
fastest and easiest way to
compiles all HTML files and
You can set it to extract
countries in english as
get your articles posted on
included image, JavaScript,
specific links such as
given in ISO 3166-1, the ISO
hundreds of article
Flash, MP3, and video files
Javascript and Domains only.
2-alpha code provided by the
directories without spending
into a standalone .EXE file.
International Organization
hours and hours on the
Ebook uses Internet Explorer
for Standardization, the ISO
manual labor of doing so.
to display its HTML pages,
3-alpha code provided by the
Submitting articles to
so readers don't have to
United Nations Statistics
article directories can
install any other software
Division and the 3-alpha
increase the ‘back links’ to
to read Ebook. Simple and
code provided by The
your website and hence
easy to use, EbookMaker
National Olympic Committees.
increase your Google
provides features to meet
you also have the flags for
ranking. It also increase
any custom need of an Ebook
each country in the flags
website traffic. FEATURES:
author for user interface,
folder - the pictures of the
1/ Article Submitter has 138
functions, and content
flags are named using the
Auto Fill article
ISO 2-alpha code of the
directories for you to start
country they represent so
posting your articles to!
you should have no problems
It also has an additional 25
in determining which flag
Manual fill articles
goes to which country
directory sites as well; 2/
this list is as of january
you will have the ability to
2006 so it might not be the
edit the included Article
most up to date list you
Directory submissions sites;
could find. also, keep
3/ Article Submitter
in mind that while all the
software stores all of your
countries have numeric id
personal information,
code and ISO 2-alpha code
resource box, and articles.
but not all the countries
It then will proceed one at
have ISO 3-alpha and NOC
a time to go to each of the
3-alpha codes
articles sites for you, log
you in and auto fill all of
your content including your
name, your article, your
author resource box, even an
article summary on any sites
that ask for it!

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Search Engine Optimization
New Smart Partition™
Advanced Time Reports Web is
Accessor provides a quick
(SEO) for a site is very
technology used in Paragon
an intuitive time tracking
access to main Windows
important. Webmasters are
Partition Manager enables to
& project management
functions, folders and
finding it difficult to
create, copy, resize, move
solution that will help you
documents. - review of the
achieve good ranking in
hard drive partitions
increase your billable hours
File System from icon on the
Search Engines. RankQuest
without data loss. You can
by better managing all your
system tray; - creation
Free SEO Tools Source aims
format disk, divide it into
projects, clients and
of the list of the most
to help Webmasters in Search
parts, install and manage
working hours. Used by
frequently used and favorite
Engine Optimization. Keyword
several separate OSes (e.g.
professionals and
folders and use it; -
Finder and Meta Tag Analyzer
Windows & Linux)
project-oriented businesses
access to the Control panel
are one of the most
with help of build-in
worldwide to perform
and it's elements; -
important tools for SEO.
Bootmanager. Improve your
essential functions such as
termination of any running
Keyword Finder lists the
system performance using
timesheet reporting and
programs from popup menu in
keywords in the meta keyword
build-in defragmenter with
project management.
one click; - process
tag of a site. Meta Tag
unique IDD™ technology. Its
Multi-user server version
administration allows to
Analyzer examines the meta
wizards will help you easily
with advanced functionality,
view available windows,
information of a site and
merge/undelete hard disk
web access and reports.
description of process; -
makes you know, if the
Increase your profits!
CD-ROM control.
content is Search Engine
friendly or not. Many search
engines uses the details in
the meta tag for ranking
purpose, so this tag must be
effectively analysed for
improvement in ranking.

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