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Accessor provides a quick
New Smart Partition™
"e-Zvit" reporting
This is a set of challenging
access to main Windows
technology used in Paragon
server is an OpenSource
logic games and puzzles. The
functions, folders and
Partition Manager enables to
system for sending in,
objective is to arrange the
documents. - review of the
create, copy, resize, move
saving and analizing of
tiles in the center of the
File System from icon on the
hard drive partitions
reporting forms. Any tall
board to match the ones
system tray; - creation
without data loss. You can
structure of reporting
displayed along the
of the list of the most
format disk, divide it into
organizations can use
game-area border. The games
frequently used and favorite
parts, install and manage
"e-Zvit" system
are harder than they look
folders and use it; -
several separate OSes (e.g.
for working with blanks made
because you must get the
access to the Control panel
Windows & Linux)
in MS Excel(with the XLS
icons aligned without
and it's elements; -
with help of build-in
extension). The system
disrupting your previous
termination of any running
Bootmanager. Improve your
processes reporting forms
work. It also includes a
programs from popup menu in
system performance using
receiving on-line, by
visual puzzle builder for
one click; - process
build-in defragmenter with
e-mail, uploading as an
creating your own games with
administration allows to
unique IDD™ technology. Its
Excel file. Report
various board sizes and
view available windows,
wizards will help you easily
analizis: "e-Zvit"
description of process; -
merge/undelete hard disk
project allows to create the
CD-ROM control.
database of reports,common
for a few organizations,
departments of a company
etc.It uses a system of the
global variables for
analizing of the received
reports. There are some
predefined global variables
in the system. Another ones
are the result of SQL
queries to the database. You
can gather and sum the data
from a number of the
reporting forms of the same
type, in the one resulting
report. It can be usual
excel file where the
resulting data defined as
global variables. Therefore,
the structure of your
reporting form(Excel file)
is of no importance.
Analisis of reports sent by
e-mail can be made by means
of system demon Cron (or
another sheduler making
system tasks). Using these
program capabilities you can
check the mailbox, process
sent reports, make mailbox
log, clear the mailbox, make
lists of debtors etc. with
the certain periodicity. You
also can connect to the
mssql,interbase, informix,
odbc, mysql, oracle, peardb,

Date: May, 06 2005

Date: Jan, 20 2005

Date: Jan, 19 2005

Date: Feb, 01 2005
SlickRun is a free floating
Super DVD ripper is an easy
Color Schemer is an
Hard Disk Manager 6.0 is
command line utility for
to use DVD ripper and DVD
intuitive, yet simple
easy, complete and reliable
Windows. SlickRun gives you
copying software which can
utility for picking colors
toolset for hard disks: hard
almost instant access to any
copy DVD to DIVX AVI files
and creating schemes for
disk management, maintenance
program or website. SlickRun
or DVD to MPEG1 and MPEG2
your Website. Color Schemer
and disposal, boot
allows you to create command
files. Super DVD Ripper can
provides many different
management, data and system
aliases (known as
then burn your DVDs to CD in
tools for choosing and
security, simple recovery. A
MagicWords), so C:Program
VCD or SVCD format, an ideal
comparing colors, and allows
convenient and clear
method to make duplicate
you to preview them in a Web
interface, smart wizards and
Expressmsimn.exe becomes
copies of your DVD or to
page mock-up, all before
a bunch of additional
MAIL. Enter a web URL into
make backup DVD copies. No
implementing them in a real
utilities make any task
SlickRun and it will launch
expensive DVD burner
Web page. Is there a color
regarding hard disk easily
your browser and navigate to
required, direct burning to
on another Website that you
approachable even for home
the specified address. Run
CD which can be played in
like? Or a color on your
users. Hard Disk Manager
multiple programs in a few
your DVD player!
computer that you might want
affords everything you may
keystrokes, jot a note, look
to use?
need for managing hard disks
up a definition... SlickRun
(both everyday and rare
is the most natural way to
interact with your computer.

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Date: Jan, 20 2005
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