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Free FireWall Protection

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PayPunch Enterprise

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The Web browser is probably
At times it can be impossible
PayPunch is a Biometric Time
the most frequently used
to keep supervision of
PROTECTION!!! Zone Alarm is
Clock & Attendance
software today, and many
internet activity which has
now giving users a free
tracking system that
tasks are highly
been created throughout the
version to install on your
replaces the typical time
repetitious. Internet Macros
day especially when lots of
computer. Unlike the
clock used to track
relieves the repetition of
individuals these days know
corporate firewall
employees attendance.
checking on the same sites
how to clear their
environment. We suffer from
Instead of employees
every day, remembering
suspicious history. With
a lack of good firewall
punching a time-card, they
passwords and filling out
I-Spy you can sit back and
protection at home. Now we
simply insert their hand
web forms. Web professional
let the application log
have a solution. What is
into the reader and enter
can use the software for
every Internet explorer and
Zone Alarm? An
their employee number.
functional testing and
Microsoft explorer action
Easy-to-use firewall blocks
PayPunch does the rest!
regression web testing of
without the worry that the
hackers and other unknown
PayPunch ROI is absolutely
web applications. It can be
user will clear the system
threats. Intrusion
outstanding and it can pay
used to automate web data
history. I-Spy can be run as
Blocking systematically
for itself in as little as
extraction, for example
a hidden or visible process
identifies hackers and
2-3 months.
online stock quotes or web
and also has the ability to
blocks access attempts.
store prices.
run in the Windows system
Stealth Mode
tray without any
automatically makes your
unauthorized user accessing
computer invisible to anyone
it if you decide to password
on the Internet. System
protect it upon a fresh
Requirements: Windows
display. I-Spy does not
98SE/ME/2000 Pro/XP, 233 MHz
only log http requests but
Pentium or higher, 8MB of
https, ftp and file requests
available hard disk space,
aswell. But wait, there is
Internet access. Minimum
more. You can also log DNS
system RAM: 48MB (98SE/ME),
errors which is excellent if
64MB (2000 Pro), 128MB (XP).
you are a website
This is the link to the
administrator or personal
free version. NOTE: you want
web user and at the end of
to choose Zone Alarm, and
each usage a log file is
Not Zone Alarm Pro, as the
created within the
Standard version is the only
application directory giving
exact details of internet
requests which occured that
day. An additional
advantage of I-Spy is that
the source is freely
available upon purchasing.

Date: Mar, 31 2005

Date: Feb, 19 2005

Date: Aug, 06 2004

Date: Dec, 22 2006
Recover deleted messages and
Vembu StoreGrid is an
Acronis True Image allows to
Simple tool provides code to
mail from damaged folders
innovative, trusted intranet
create an exact disk image
cloak HTML email addresses
and dbx files in Outlook
peer-to-peer backup software
for complete system backup
to prevent harvesting by
Express. Searching across
to backup desktop and laptop
and disk cloning providing
spam spiders.
the several folders. A
data with no additional
the most comprehensive data
recovered message could be
storage hardware. StoreGrid
protection. The disk
saved to email folder or
leverages the free space in
backup file contains the
text eml file. The program
your existing network of
exact copy of a hard disk,
will scan the specified
desktops and copies one PC's
including all the computer
folders and try to find and
important data redundantly
data, operating system, and
restore damaged messages. If
into other PCs in the
programs. After a system
the option for restoring the
network forming a
crash you can restore the
folder structure is enabled,
"Desktop Storage
entire system or simply
new folders will be created
Grid". StoreGrid
replace lost files and
and recovered messages will
Benefits 1. Reliable
folders from your disk
be saved to these folders.
desktop backup and laptop
backup software at an
extremely affordable price
2. No need to buy additional
dedicated storage hardware.
3. Continuous backup as
users work. Near real time
data protection. 4.
Built-in data redundancy
with the "Desktop
Grid". 5. Least
intrusive technology.
Consumes minimal CPU and
memory. 6. Easy to use
browser based graphical user

Date: Dec, 13 2005

Date: Jun, 13 2005

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Date: Feb, 03 2005
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