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MSG IFilter

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Vembu StoreGrid

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S-I MetaTags Generator

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MSG IFilter extends standard
Vembu StoreGrid is an
Come here to build the best
Free automated link exchange
functionality of Microsoft
innovative, trusted intranet
metatags for your site for
management service which
Internet Information Server,
peer-to-peer backup software
searches for link partners
Microsoft SharePoint Portal
to backup desktop and laptop
and automatically increases
Server and all other
data with no additional
the backlink count to your
products based on top of
storage hardware. StoreGrid
websites daily. Visit
Microsoft Index Server. MSG
leverages the free space in
telalinks.com to learn more
IFilter enables Index Server
your existing network of
about this free service.
to search inside saved
desktops and copies one PC's
e-mail messages of MSG
important data redundantly
format and index all
into other PCs in the
valuable information. Using
network forming a
MSG IFilter, users can
"Desktop Storage
easily retrieve information
Grid". StoreGrid
within MSG documents and
Benefits 1. Reliable
their attachments. MSG
desktop backup and laptop
IFilter is a Dynamic Link
backup software at an
Library (DLL) file that
extremely affordable price
provides a bridge between a
2. No need to buy additional
Microsoft indexing client.
dedicated storage hardware.
3. Continuous backup as
users work. Near real time
data protection. 4.
Built-in data redundancy
with the "Desktop
Grid". 5. Least
intrusive technology.
Consumes minimal CPU and
memory. 6. Easy to use
browser based graphical user

Date: Nov, 06 2003

Date: Jun, 13 2005

Date: Nov, 14 2004

Date: Jul, 10 2005
Create a 3D button using our
You can now use this simple
SEO Report is an all-in-one
A set of 17 "must
3D button maker tool.
online tool to
solution for a better
have" Microsoft Outlook
encrypt/encode any inputed
insight on the SEO world. It
2000/XP add-ins for
text to md5.
gives you comprehensive SEO
high-performance and useful
reports, including
functionality. It will help
monitoring your ranking in
you to schedule message
search engines, improving
sending; access files from
your link popularity, do a
your computer through email;
better market research in
autofill message fields upon
less time, suggest the right
creation; plan the quantity
popular keywords to use,
of messages to be sent
bring targeted visitors and
within a specified
increase sales, monitor your
time-frame; get reminders
competitors, let you stay
from Outlook via sms; manage
informed (via rss) about SEO
your mailing lists, contacts
news & articles and
and conversation; redirect
your messages and more.

Date: Jun, 14 2005

Date: Jul, 03 2005

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Date: Apr, 13 2006
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