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IVC Accents

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Aardvark Map

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Letter Of Recommendation

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IVC Accents is a macro for
DVD Santa is an All-in-One
Aardvark Map is a free tool
Letters of recommendation are
Microsoft Office. It enables
software that lets you copy,
that helps you to plot
very important materials for
you to type accented
create, convert and burn
either information on to a
work references and career
characters, in French and/or
your DVD movies. It can copy
Google Map so you can create
enhancement. You can now
Spanish, by using easy to
9GB double layer DVD movies
a customised map for your
have 40+ Professionally
remember keystrokes. If you
into a 4.7GB DVD-R disc, can
website. The process is
written Letters Of
type in French or Spanish,
turn your photos into DVD
very simple and requires no
Recommmendation for any
this is a must have item.
movies with Hollywood style
technical knowledge. You
occassion for just 19.99
motion effects, can convert
can have a custom map
other video formats(avi,
created in minutes.
wmv, vob, asf, DivX,
Mpeg,...) into DVD video,
can transfer miniDV
camcorder tapes directly to
DVD video. dvdSanta is
extremely easy to use, fast
and powerful.

Date: Oct, 19 2004

Date: Dec, 05 2005

Date: Nov, 05 2006

Date: Jan, 19 2005
A knowledgebase system
ABC Amber ScrapBook Converter
Gsoftpad is multi languages,
Digital photo recovery
allowing to store, access,
is an advanced utility which
multi OS software for
software is helpful in
search and explore knowledge
converts ScrapBook (Firefox
create, valid and edit PAD
restoring recovering
within your organization,
extension) data to CHM
file. PAD stands for
retrieving accidentally
department or team.
format easily and quickly.
Portable Application
deleted damaged formatted
The software allows you to
Description. By using the
erased picture image photo
convert all folders,
PAD system, developers save
audio video files even if
starting from the selected
time by having to create a
the media is corrupted and
folder or only selected
description of their
you can not access it or the
folder. As all ABC Amber
software packages only once.
memory card being pulled out
products, it's really easy
Saved in XML file and stored
while the camera is on.
as ABC and powerful as Amber.
on web server, this
Digital Camera Files
description can then be
retrieval software is easy
uploaded quickly to all
and Non-Destructive Data
sites that support PAD.
recovery software utility
Webmasters can process these
and reliable solution to
PAD files and extract the
recover retrieve rescue
data appropriate for their
repair restore undelete
site. They can keep the
unerase or unformat your
contents of their site
lost erased formatted
current by polling PAD files
deleted pictures images
on the web sites of the
photos audio video files and
authors of the software they
folders from digital camera
storage media. Features:: *
Easiest and quick software
utility tool for restoration
of any type of digital files
folders including JPG JPEG
BMP or any other file type
stored in your digital
media. * Supports all type
of Digital Camera storage
media including Acer Agfa
Aiptek Apacer Argus Atech
DataPack DataTraveler Delkin

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