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Multimodal Browser and Toolkit

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A script that generates the
Quixhibit is a Windows
Kernel for Word - recovers
Multimodal Browser and
basic layout of the form for
application that generates
corrupted word document
Toolkit is a technology that
later editing and scripting
HTML image galleries for
files corrupted due to
allows the development and
publication on the web or on
unexpected system shutdown,
execution of multimodal
CD's. With an integrated
virus attacks. During
applications written to the
spell checker, Quixhibit is
repairing process a complete
W3C Acknowledged Submission
especially suited for image
scan of the all the damaged
called XHTML+Voice (X+V).
galleries that require text
documents is performed to
The Multimodal Browser was
for images and folders.
locate and extract the
developed in a strategic
Other integrated tools
recoverable information.
relationship with Opera
include as an FTP client,
After the complete scanning
Software ASA and consists of
file name re-sequencing,
the documents which are
the Opera Browser enhanced
setting file names to lower
recoverable are recovered
with extensions that include
case, and resetting exhibit
and copied in the user
IBM's automatic speech
text to default font
defined location. Kernel for
recognition and
attributes and comprehensive
Word Document Repair
text-to-speech technology.
context sensitive
Software uses quick
The Multimodal Toolkit is
algorithm for searching and
based on the Eclipse
repairing the corruptions in
framework and the Voice
the corrupted document files
Toolkit 3.1, with added
and hence is a fast, simple
plug-ins to support the X+V
and easy to use Word
Document Repair Software,
which helps you to recover
and repair your corrupt
document files in minutes.
Kernel for Word - corrupted
document recovery software
supported versions includes
Word 2003, Word XP, Word
2000, Word 97, Word 95 and
Word 6.0 documents.

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Date: Feb, 03 2003
This Business logo creation
History Cleaner- Free Version
No longer do you need to mess
The Web browser is probably
tool enables you to create
is an innovative solution
around with several
the most frequently used
professional business logo
for your online privacy
different keyword research
software today, and many
within 5 minutes using our
issues. This program is
tools or visit different
tasks are highly
online Business logo maker
equipped with features such
websites for your keyword
repetitious. iMacros for
which requires no logo
as cleaning the secret
research. EVERYTHING you
Firefox relieves the
design software to download.
index.dat file, typed url,
need to research keywords
repetition of checking on
cookies, cache, most
and manage your keyword
the same sites every day,
recently used data among
lists and sub-lists is
remembering passwords and
other things. It increases
provided within one
filling out web forms. Web
the speed of your PC by
application - TheDowser
professionals can use the
removing all unnnecessary
Keyword Research and
software for functional
files and thus makes more
Management Software.
testing and regression web
hard disk available for use.
testing of web applications.
It also removes all traces
Another use is to automate
of applications and internet
web scraping, for example
online stock quotes or web
store prices.

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