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Multimodal Browser and Toolkit

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Advanced RSS2Email Professional

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Real Estate Maker

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TheDowser Professional

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Multimodal Browser and
Advanced RSS2Email helps you
This Real estate logo
No longer do you need to mess
Toolkit is a technology that
to: download newsfeeds in
creation tool enables you to
around with several
allows the development and
RSS and XML format, reformat
create professional real
different keyword research
execution of multimodal
them according to
estate logo within 5 minutes
tools or visit different
applications written to the
user-defined HTML templates,
using our online real estate
websites for your keyword
W3C Acknowledged Submission
upload results to website
logo maker which requires no
research. EVERYTHING you
called XHTML+Voice (X+V).
via shared folder or ftp,
logo design software to
need to research keywords
The Multimodal Browser was
work with free newsfeeds and
and manage your keyword
developed in a strategic
articles available for
lists and sub-lists is
relationship with Opera
download and redistribution.
provided within one
Software ASA and consists of
application - TheDowser
the Opera Browser enhanced
Keyword Research and
with extensions that include
Management Software.
IBM's automatic speech
recognition and
text-to-speech technology.
The Multimodal Toolkit is
based on the Eclipse
framework and the Voice
Toolkit 3.1, with added
plug-ins to support the X+V

Date: Feb, 03 2003

Date: Sep, 25 2006

Date: Jun, 28 2005

Date: Sep, 22 2005
outlook mail recovery.
Using Qiksearch's
pdfMachine is a pdf writer
Using simultaneous
Outlook pst recovery. Repair
Intellisearch Bar, you can
that produces great quality
connections entire websites
microsoft outlook.
search the Web from your
PDF files with ease! •
can be downloaded very
OutlookFIX can restore
desktop. You can also search
pdfMachine is easy to
quickly. Links can be
damaged Outlook PST files,
for music and downloads on
install • Simple to use –
checked and converted to
undelete emails and files
the net. Intellisearch Bar
one click only! •
HTTP or local disk file
that have been deleted by
gives you a choice of more
Compatible across Windows
system. Take websites with
the user or by a system
than 50 top search engines
95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP • Only
you on the road on USB / CD
error, and allows the user
to search the Web.
US$49.00 per license! PDF
/ DVD or any portable media.
to reduce an Outlook PST
enabled software is a vital
Use a task scheduler to
file size by splitting it
component for every desktop.
automate download of
into several smaller ones,
PDF or Portable Document
websites at times convenient
solving the common 2Gb size
Format is a widely used file
to you. Filter file types
problem in Outlook. This
format originally developed
and directories to download.
file splitting feature also
by Adobe. This format is
Can perform login and
allows burning one Outlook
rapidly becoming the defacto
maintain session. Can handle
PST file onto several CDs.
standard for publishing on
redirects, robots.txt etc.
OutlookFIX is the only
the web. Our pdf writer
Builtin browser.
Outlook recovery Software in
pdfMachine converts a print
the market that restores
stream from an application
Outlook tasks, calendars,
directly into a PDF. Once
and post-its.
you have installed the pdf
writer, open your document
that you want to convert,
then click “print”, select
the “Broadgun pdfMachine
printer” and that’s it!

Date: Jan, 22 2006

Date: Jan, 24 2002

Date: Feb, 18 2004

Date: Sep, 11 2006
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