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3D Buttons

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md5 Encrypt

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Using simultaneous
Create a 3D button using our
DnsSwitch is a perl script
You can now use this simple
connections entire websites
3D button maker tool.
that can be used to switch
online tool to
can be downloaded very
the ip of a domain to other
encrypt/encode any inputed
quickly. Links can be
ip in case of failure. The
text to md5.
checked and converted to
script will run on the
HTTP or local disk file
server that is hosting the
system. Take websites with
nameservers for a domains
you on the road on USB / CD
and check that domain for
/ DVD or any portable media.
availability over the HTTP
Use a task scheduler to
protocol, if the server that
automate download of
hosts the domain responds
websites at times convenient
then the script does
to you. Filter file types
nothing, if the server does
and directories to download.
not respond then the script
Can perform login and
replaces the ip of the
maintain session. Can handle
domain with the ip of a
redirects, robots.txt etc.
backup server that hosts the
Builtin browser.

Date: Sep, 11 2006

Date: Jun, 14 2005

Date: Nov, 27 2004

Date: Jul, 03 2005
Save an entire web page as an
eZee FrontDesk is a general
ABC Amber DBX Converter is
With the help of WisePopup,
image file in one click (it
purpose hotel and motel
intended to help you convert
five minutes from now, you
scrolls around the page
software which is can be
Outlook Express databases
can make your own popup
taking shots and stitches
used as a hotel maintenance
(DBX files) to DBF or CSV
windows! Yes, just like the
them together). Save
software, hotel reservations
format easily and
one generated by an expert
screenshots in the most
software, hotel management
quickly. All you have to do
programmer or even better!
popular formats (GIF, JPG,
software, hotel billing
is select required messages,
You have the full control on
PNG, etc.) Stamp desired
software, hotel property
choose format to convert and
what the position, the size
text (specified text, date,
management software
click "Save As"
and the style of the popup
URL, etc.) on screenshots
(pms). It is ideal solution
button. Currently our
window, you can also decide
each time you make a
for hotel having 10-100
software supports more than
to launch the popup window
screenshot of a visited web
Rooms. Main Features
50 languages.
when the visitor ENTER or
page. The Send by E-mail
include. Hotel status from
LEAVE your page!
feature makes a screenshot
main screen with easy Check
of the web page with one
in Check Out Reservation
click and mails it to others
Group Management/
via the Internet.
Operations Direct Billing/
City Ledger Guest Snaps
with Web cam at Various
Stages of Stay Full network
support Multiple rate and
rate type support in single
stay Comprehensive User
Management Quick check-in
through identification card
swipe Ability to change
room for a rented room on
any day of the Guest Stay
Well designed restore
database operation for data
recover at any
stage Transaction
management with insert,
delete and restore feature
Expense Management

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Date: Mar, 05 2006

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Date: Apr, 21 2005
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