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Form Generator

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Arabic KeyWord

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Free meta tag generator

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History Cleaner- Free Version

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A script that generates the
Arabic KeyWord Write in
This free tool takes just a
History Cleaner- Free Version
basic layout of the form for
arabic font, even if you
few minutes for you to have
is an innovative solution
later editing and scripting
don't have Arabic system
a working Meta tag for your
for your online privacy
installed, Write your email
site. It is fast, easy, and
issues. This program is
in arabic, your text etc.
free. All you have to do is
equipped with features such
(work only with IE)
insert all of the
as cleaning the secret
information about the Meta
index.dat file, typed url,
tag that you would like to
cookies, cache, most
create and the program will
recently used data among
do it all for you. You just
other things. It increases
need to type in the title,
the speed of your PC by
author, subject,
removing all unnnecessary
description, keywords,
files and thus makes more
generator, language,
hard disk available for use.
expires, abstract,
It also removes all traces
copyright, designer,
of applications and internet
publisher, revisit-after,
distribution, and robots.

Date: Dec, 20 2002

Date: Jun, 04 2006

Date: Oct, 12 2006

Date: Feb, 01 2005
InstantBar is a tool to
Multimodal Browser and
No longer do you need to mess
Puzzle Ring is yet another
create Internet Explorer
Toolkit is a technology that
around with several
game based on falling bricks
toolbar designed specially
allows the development and
different keyword research
concept. The aim is to build
for web site owners to help
execution of multimodal
tools or visit different
as much horizontal rings of
promoting their websites. It
applications written to the
websites for your keyword
falling blocks as you can.
allows to create toolbar
W3C Acknowledged Submission
research. EVERYTHING you
Every complete ring you made
easily from website, and you
called XHTML+Voice (X+V).
need to research keywords
disappears making free space
don't need to install any
The Multimodal Browser was
and manage your keyword
for the next blocks. In the
additional software builders
developed in a strategic
lists and sub-lists is
advanced and full game modes
or create xml files. Any of
relationship with Opera
provided within one
you have some lying blocks
your changes in toolbar
Software ASA and consists of
application - TheDowser
already at the beginning of
configuration will be
the Opera Browser enhanced
Keyword Research and
the game and you have to
effected on all computers
with extensions that include
Management Software.
make them disappear.
where toolbar was installed
IBM's automatic speech
instantly without any
recognition and
questions to user and
text-to-speech technology.
without needs to install new
The Multimodal Toolkit is
based on the Eclipse
framework and the Voice
Toolkit 3.1, with added
plug-ins to support the X+V

Date: Nov, 30 2005

Date: Feb, 03 2003

Date: Sep, 22 2005

Date: Apr, 04 2003
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