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SEO Toolkit

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Link Postfix with SpamAssassin

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Web rePlay

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The Trellian SEO Toolkit is a
With this you can Link
Web rePlay is the first web
tkSpeller is a tiny utility
Search Engine Optimization
Postfix & SpamAssassin
macro recorder for
that sits in the corner of
application that features
and Quarantine SPAM to a
everybody! It works just
your screen and does nothing
all the Search Engine
defrant Mail Box.
like a Tivo, you push the
until you activate it. If
Optimization tools you will
record button, start
tkSpeller is raised
ever need to manage your web
surfing, push the stop
(selected, clicked,
site and reach the top of
button when you're done. No
'Alt-Tab'-ed into) while
the search engines!
programming needed. Replay
your clipboard contains an
Available in English,
the macro with one click.
alpha string under 20
Chinese, German, Greek,
You can even assign an IE
characters in length (a
French, Italian, Dutch,
toolbar button to your most
word), that string will be
Swedish and Japanese. The
used macros.It is more than
spell-checked. If it is
Trellian SEO Toolkit is
an auto-login application
misspelled, suggestions
priced at only US $199.95
because it records and
appear in the tkSpeller
and includes the following
replays your actions before
window. If you click one of
the Search Engine
and after login. Create
the suggestions, that word
Optimization tools: Search
smart bookmarks!
replaces what you had in
Engine Submitter , Keyword
your clipboard.
Density Analyzer , Keywords
and Search Terms Research
Tools , Ranking Analyzer ,
Ranking Advisor , Ranking
Monitor , PPC Bid Tracker ,
Link Popularity Checker,
Reciprocal Link Checker ,
Meta Tag Editor , ROI
Calculators , SEO Knowledge
Base , Search Engine Paid
Inclusion manager, Website
HTML optimizer

Date: Jun, 24 2004

Date: Mar, 16 2006

Date: Oct, 22 2004

Date: Dec, 02 2005
CreateInstall is a versatile
Easily automate recurring
Grab, download, share and
Alchemy Network Monitor
and powerful installer for
boring tasks using Perfect
organize Flash, Quicktime or
monitors your network
both expert and novice
Macro Recorder. Use Perfect
any other video, pictures or
servers and
developers. With
Macro Recorder to records
files you find on websites
CreateInstall, you can
keystrokes, mouse events,
in a single click. Use this
applications availability
create fully featured
and clicks then replay them
Download Manager, IE or
and performance and
installation programs for
later, you can also convert
Firefox toolbar and FloatBar
immediately alerts you if a
your applications. At the
the macro to an executable
to grab movies, zoom pics in
server gets out of order.
heart of CreateInstall is a
file [*.exe] that can be run
your browser and share
Alchemy Network Monitor can
script language, which
stand alone without Perfect
stuff. Use PimpFish to
also perform certain actions
provides superior
Macro Recorder.
create, download and share
(e.g. launch an external
flexibility and power to
SLAPfiles which let you save
application or execute an
enable you to create setups
video from video.google.com
SQL query) when a server
with any degree of
- youtube.com - myspace.com
stops responding to the
complexity. It has a
- break.com -
programs requests and
flexible user interface
dailymotion.com -
maintain a detailed server
along with friendly Wizards
metacafe.com and putfile.com!
monitoring log.
to create your install files

Date: Feb, 24 2003

Date: Nov, 02 2006

Date: Aug, 24 2006

Date: Nov, 30 2006
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