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News Topic Icons Project

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The News Topic Icons Project
Applications developed in the
is new WallpaperGT v2.1
Instantly fixes the following
is a collection of topic
Visual Basic for
adding new Picture list ,add
icons for news sites such as
Applications (VBA)
reliable multi desktop
slash, phpnuke, and many
development environment
manager gives you the
e book:// that your
others. Contributions of new
generally implement HTML
freedom of 4 unique desktop
ebooks may give you after
icons are very welcome.
Help systems in much the
on one single monitor main
installing Windows XP
same way as you would
features: an exquisite
service pack 2. How it
implement HTML Help for your
picture list. Screen date
works Just download the
Visual Basic 6.0
show. 4 reliable virtual
program, double click to
applications. However,
desktop. Digital Image
start :) and... Push the
there are some important
process. Different
button. I mean push the one
differences that can stop
wallpapers on each virtual
of the Only two buttons in
your application development
desktop. User defined
the program. (Look at the
cold. In particular, there
shortcuts (hotkeys) for easy
picture on the website).
are a number of problems
navigation. Use hotkeys
That's it! try your ebooks
that you may encounter while
change desktop wallpaper.
again! They should work. To
developing and testing
support multi graphics format
restore your system to its
context-sensitive help using
previous state just press
HTML Help in your Microsoft
Access application. In this
guide, we'll take a look at
some of these problems and
then show you how to resolve
them through the right code

Date: May, 06 2002

Date: May, 19 2005

Date: Oct, 08 2004

Date: Sep, 11 2006
Trellian Toolbar is a feature
Web Page Archiver is an
Maxthon is a very advanced
Analyse It is a device poller
packed toolbar. While
add-on for Microsoft
multi-window (tabbed)
that produces graphical
offering and endless array
Internet Explorer that
browser based on the IE core
performance reports for
of functionality, tools and
allows you to effectively
(IE5.x or above required).
devices. You use it for
services, Trellian Toolbars
and quickly create archives
It can open multiple web
trend analysis. The reports
unique intuitive tab menu
out of Internet publications
pages within one browser
are in HTTP format to allow
and search functions are a
and export these archives
window, and uses little
global view ability, within
pleasure to use. Unlike some
into files in the popular
system resources. Maxthon
an organization. Monitor
other toolbars, the Trellian
Compiled HTML Help (CHM)
has a greatly integrated and
SNMP and non SNMP devices,
Toolbar is just as easy to
format. If you are looking
highly customizable
Utilization, rate and
uninstall as it is to
for information on the
interface which supports
absolute reporting, 2D and
install. It can be
Internet and you need it for
Skins, Plug-Ins, IE
3D web graphs, Email
conveniently disabled/enable
future use, this is the
Extensions, and specific IE
threshold exception reports,
at any time. It incorporates
right tool for you.
toolbars (examples: GOOGLE,
Generic device discovery,
search functions for many of
FlashGet Toolbar).
Customised SNMP OIDs with
the top search engines.
mathematical calculations,
Historical export CSV data,
Round robin database
minimizes disk space usage,
Realtime debugging, Simple
to use.

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Date: Jan, 06 2003
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