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Right Web Monitor Pro

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RankQuest WatchRank

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Right Web Monitor Pro is a
Know how well you're ranked
Do you like to listen to
# Most Search Engine Spiders
handy tool for detecting
over time for a keyword in
music fallen asleep? Do you
see your page much the same
changes in web resources
leading search engine!
want to make your computer
way as a text browser like
(web pages, files etc). It
Manual monitoring of search
more intelligent? Whether
Lynx will do. # RankQuest
constantly monitors
engine kills your precious
you take pleasure that your
Lynx View shows you how your
specified resources and
time. RankQuest WatchRank is
computer plays you most
webpage will looked by
notifies you when a change
an easy way to monitor
favorite music when it
Search Engine Bot #
occurs. The program features
site's position in Google.
startup... All these are
RankAuest Lynx view shows
the ability to check a
WatchRank is a free SEO tool
thus wonderful, the time
you how your webpage will
certain part of a monitored
which monitors site's
receives the best
look in Lynx. # You can use
resource, and includes a
position, its variations and
exploitation! Now,
this information to find out
comprehensive notification
compares performance
AutoStar can carry out your
what words/links look more
system (pop-up
against your competitors.
dream! AutoStar is not
prominent. # By default
windows,sound, e-mail, SMS),
The inbuilt scheduler
only very powerful, but
only the first 200 words of
built-in RSS reader, and
fetches the results daily.
also one of the easiest to
the page are shown. Click
multithreaded data
We have reduced the download
use! She will be your the
the "Full Lynx
transfer.Can download
size of WatchRank
best assistant! AutoStar
View" link to see how
changed files and check
drastically to 377KB, with
is one of the latest
the entire page will look in
all the functions intact.
softwares which perform more
Lynx. # Clicking on the
Added to this, our new
functions on its own
"Show Links in the
layout is sleek and fresh
according to user's
Page" option, lists all
with enhanced usability.
pre-defined time. Tasks like
links in the page.
Currently WatchRank is in
opening a file, alarm
Additionally it also
its beta and available for
notification, lock or
differentiates the links as
windows users. But yes, we
shutdown or restart
external and internal. #
are sure you will find it a
computer, play music, run
Clicking on the lynx view
very handy tool. Download
program and much more. The
icon near any listed link
the new WatchRank and get
users can set these tasks on
shows you the lynx view of
various ocassions by simply
that page.
setting different timer

Date: Oct, 02 2006

Date: Nov, 01 2006

Date: Oct, 18 2004

Date: Oct, 17 2006
Resource Hunter is a powerful
This is a valuable 95 page
This software, designed for
Bookmark Base is a portable
resource explorer for
reference source that
Microsoft Windows, will
bookmarks and favorites
Windows executable files.
explains and provides
allow you to print ASCII
manager designed to
You can use Resource Hunter
comprehensive, working
text files using any printer
synchronize bookmarks
to view, explore, search
examples of code for all of
with a Windows driver. The
between different browsers
and extract resource from
the objects, collections,
file can be generated from a
and computers. Portability
any Windows Portable
elements, methods, and
DOS/WINDOWS application or a
means that you can move your
Executable (PE) format
properties belonging to WSH
UNIX/LINUX application, if
copy of Bookmark Base
files, such as EXE, DLL,OCX,
version 2.0.
it resides on a file system
between computers. The best
SYS, AX, SCR, DRV, etc.
that is accessible from the
solution is to deploy
Resource Hunter supports
Windows box (NFS,
Bookmark Base on your USB
cursor, icon, bitmap,
SCO-VisionFS, Samba and
drive. You'll be able to
accelerator, dialog, string,
synchronize bookmarks among
version, AVI, Wave, menu,
MS IE, Firefox, Seamonkey,
animated cursor and more
Opera, K-meleon and XBEL,
check your bookmarks for
validity and export them

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Date: Jan, 22 2002

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Date: Oct, 25 2006
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