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Metatags Extractor

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Batch Replacer

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Email Address Encoder

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Favorites Box

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View site's meta information,
Batch Replacer is a
Prevents automated email
Favorites Box is a plug-in
you can also copy and paste
address harvesters from
for Internet Explorer. It
the tags onto your website.
search-and-replace filter
capturing your address from
enhances the users' ability
necessary for webmasters,
your web pages. Easy to use,
to organize bookmarks for
programmers and everybody
outputs JavaScript that you
quick search and access.
who is concerned with
can insert right into your
Users will benefit from the
computers. Both text and
web page. PHP is not
opportunity to add extra
binary files can be
required. No programming
attributes to a bookmark
processed by the program.
knowledge necessary. Encodes
such as category and
Many options are available.
email address, display text
comments. When users search
That utility allows to
(the link), and subject line.
for a bookmark, these
search and replace many
attributes are included into
strings in thousand and
the search too. Users can
thousand files at one time.
also store logins and
passwords as bookmark
attributes and set up a
reminder for a bookmark.

Date: Jul, 03 2005

Date: Sep, 02 2005

Date: Feb, 05 2006

Date: Oct, 05 2006
This form will allow you to
Full package for casino
HTML Table Extractor is an
CubeEye is an advanced 2-in-1
encode your e-mail address
online development. We
add-in for Internet Explorer
alarm and desktop-toy
through the use of Character
provide all services for our
(IE) allowing you to extract
(screen-mate) solution based
Entities, transforming your
clients from a hi-end design
tables from web pages in an
on the famous Chinese Book
ascii email address into its
and popular games to the
effective and quick manner.
of Changes. Our solution
equivalent decimal entity.
hosting and support.
Also allows you to easily
provides you with a
Simply enter your e-mail
Our law department
select tabular data online
possibility to have a really
address in the first text
guarantees your safety and
and convert it into files
box, click the encode
let you economize money when
for Microsoft Excel.This
forecaster on your desktop.
button, and then highlight
licensing your future site.
Internet Explorer add-in
And what do you say if this
and copy the resulting code
In this part of our
makes it possible to find
screen-mate will be a famous
produced in the second text
web site you can find a full
and extract data from tables
model or singer?
box. This encoded e-mail
description of the things
into a new window, or to
Besides, CubeEye
address can be read and
you can get from our
look through the HTML code
application also provides
translated back into its
professional team..
of the selected table.
you with the possibility to
original ascii text by
create and use your own
almost any web browser
skins, and now your baby or
without any further action
darling can be always with
on your part. Just replace
you no matter where you are.
all instances of your e-mail
And this is not all!
address on your pages with
With our alarming system
the code, and you won't have
you can create alarms that
to worry about spam lists.
are playing any music you
wish. No more of boring and
primitive alarm sounds. You
want to be noticed about
something by the message
from your darling or
favourite actress living on
your desktop by the song or
music you like? With CubeEye
you will never miss an
important meeting or date.
And please, do not forget
to visit our site to find
more of CubeEye skins.

Date: Jun, 04 2006

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Date: Jul, 07 2005
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