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Logo Design Affiliate Program

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HTML Text Extractor

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RankQuest Keyword Finder
Logo design is a multi
If you're frustrated that a
DateTray is designed to show
makes it easy for you to
billion dollar world wide
website has unselectable
todays date and calendar in
find the keywords present in
business. Every company,
text or if you need to view
your system tray. By
the Meta of any webpage.
business, sports team,
some HTML that's been
clicking on the date in the
church, website group, etc
encrypted then this
system tray it will display
etc etc needs a logo design.
application is a must. HTML
a calendar on your screen
Hundreds of thousands of new
Text Extractor is the
and allow you to search
businesses and websites are
simplest and easiest way to
forwards and backwards to
started daily. The Logo
view and save the HTML and
display any date you require.
Company is a major player in
Text from any
the online market for logo
webpage. Increasingly web
design and corporate
designers are protecting
identity branding. We have
their web pages by disabling
been designing quality
the right click menu and
custom logo design on the
using javascript to hide
net since 2000. The Logo
their text and HTML code.
Company has provided unique
HTML Text Extractor cuts
logo design to literally
through the protection.
thousands of clients in this
short space of time. We
run our logo design service
as a loss leader and that
means our price is very low
compared to the true market
value for this service. Our
standard price for a logo
design is just $75. When you
consider that the true
market price starts at
around $300 upwards you can
see why our logo design
service sells so well. We
run this service at a loss
because we want the maximum
amount of client exposure
and the opportunity to
"up sell" our
other design services to
clients at a later date.
This works very well and
allows us to make long
standing, profitable client
relationships. Our
conversion rate from initial
visitor to confirmed sale is
way above the industry

Date: Sep, 28 2006

Date: Jun, 19 2005

Date: Apr, 14 2005

Date: May, 31 2006
Kaboom converts code pages of
Dragonfly is a very small,
EbookMaker is a professional
Drive Backup creates a backup
text files, e.g. from
compact browser. It uses
Ebook compiler software. It
image of entire hard disk,
shift-jis into UTF-8 and
very little disk space
compiles all HTML files and
including operating system
vice versa. It supports
(under 100 kbs!), but is
included image, JavaScript,
with all user preferences
Windows, DOS, IBM, ISO,
capable of visiting any
Flash, MP3, and video files
and settings, applications
ASCII, ISCII, Macintosh and
website on the web!
into a standalone .EXE file.
and data files. Paragon Hot
UNICODE code pages. Kaboom
Since it uses the same ID
Ebook uses Internet Explorer
Backup technology allows to
can read and write byte
as Internet Explorer, it can
to display its HTML pages,
perform real-time hard disk
order marks (BOM) and is
use any script that only
so readers don't have to
imaging backup without
very usefull for everybody
MSIE can use! And, best of
install any other software
Windows reboot or any
who has to deal with text
all, it's totally free of
to read Ebook. Simple and
application's interruption.
files in foreign code pages.
charge. With constant
easy to use, EbookMaker
You can completely restore
In addition Kaboom has over
updates, there's always
provides features to meet
operating system with all
50 clipboard filters, for
something new!
any custom need of an Ebook
installed and configured
replacement of special chars
author for user interface,
applications, valuable
into character entity
functions, and content
documents and files with no
references, and much more.
reinstallations required.

Date: Oct, 18 2006

Date: May, 29 2005

Date: Dec, 15 2006

Date: Jun, 09 2006
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