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Screen Protractor Mac Edition

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Sitemap Menu Generator

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3D Box Maker Professional

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Gmail Storage Drive 1 GB

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The Screen Protractor allows
Sitemap Menu Generator easy
3D Box Maker Professional is
GMail Drive creates a virtual
you to easily and quickly
to create your online
a system to help you create
filesystem on top of your
measure any angle on the
sitemap, good for seo
virtual packaging (3d Box
Google GMail account and
screen to the nearest Degree
Shots) for your website.
enables you to save and
or Radian. This perfect
Create dazzling box images
retrieve files stored on
compliment to the Screen
with reflections or drop
your GMail account directly
Calipers, the Protractor is
shadows. The Photoshop
from inside Windows
simple and easy to use with
quality images will give
Explorer. GMail Drive
any program. By rotating
your software a real
literally adds a new drive
the slider points to fit
professional look. Templates
to your computer under the
your design, sketch or
for each side of the box are
My Computer folder, where
diagram any angle can be
provided in the installer.
you can create new folders,
calculated, in any
Simply make the changes to
copy and drag'n'drop files
engineering unit that you
the templates that are most
need. You can also perform
appropriate, place the
simple calculations like
images on the box and snap
multiplying the angle.
your box shot. Simple! The
rendering engine is OpenGL -
a high-powered, industry
standard graphics library.
The user interface is
designed to be simple and
intuitive. Use the mouse to
rotate and zoom in on the
box. The final rendered
images are JPG, so you can
place them on your website
immediately without any
format conversion.

Date: Mar, 20 2006

Date: Jun, 04 2006

Date: Jan, 04 2006

Date: Dec, 05 2006
Vital Desktop is a desktop
View Folder Size helps you to
When a beginner who has VB6
Excel Server 2004(Standard
animation utility, a program
view total folder and file
experience first time opens
Edition) is an integral
designed to bring a fresh
sizes directly in the
.NET and just going about
information platform built
new look to your desktop.
Windows Explorer. With it
making a form up he/she
on Excel, MS SQL Server, and
Never again will you be
you can view file and folder
could notice there is no
Windows OS. It uses Excel as
faced with the same static
sizes in bytes, kilobytes,
Line in the .NET toolbox.
a tool to design templates,
background every time. Now,
megabytes and gigabytes.
What happened, where did it
produce reports and query
your desktop actually comes
Main features: integration
go? There is a difference
data either locally or
alive. The idea of vital
with Windows Explorer, file
from VB6 forms that Windows
remotely under customized
desktop is simple. You have
sizes representation in any
Forms .NET does not support
authority policies. And it
favourite screensaver - why
units, convenient interface.
the Line control. The
could allow users to perform
wait till it starts? Or
Line class is based on
scheduled tasks according to
you're bored with static
System.Drawing namespace
predefined workflows.
pastoral picture on your
that provides access to GDI+
Additionally, it allows
desktop? Pick a screensaver.
basic graphics
authorized users to fill,
Run it on your desktop, and
functionality. A Line
view and query Excel reports
Make it vital.
control is a graphical
concurrently within a LAN
control that displays a
horizontal, vertical, or
diagonal one-pixel-wide line
that can't be changed
directly. The Line control
can be changed dynamically
at run time. The control
class Line that is
implemented in both
languages (VB.Net and C#) is
derived from

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Date: Oct, 25 2004
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