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CD Ripper

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Extreme Web Reports 2005

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Want to rip CD audio to MP3
is new WallpaperGT v2.1
Extreme Web Reports is the
MachroTech is a leading
format? CD Ripper records
adding new Picture list ,add
most powerful web based
Offshore Software
audio from your CDs and
reliable multi desktop
reporting tool available for
Development and E-Commerce
saves it in MP3 or WAV
manager gives you the
dynamically generating MS
Consulting Company with
format. It also provides
freedom of 4 unique desktop
Access based reports via a
state-of-the-art development
WMA, VQF and other format
on one single monitor main
standard web browser.
center in Connecticut, USA
support. In addition to
features: an exquisite
Extreme Web Reports
and offshore development
ripping CDs, the program
picture list. Screen date
includes an easy to use
center in Pune, India. Our
also lets you convert other
show. 4 reliable virtual
wizard which makes it very
offshore IT outsourcing
audio files to MP3, WMA, VQF
desktop. Digital Image
easy to integrate web
services includes developing
& OGG formats. CD
process. Different
reporting into new and
custom applications;
Ripper lets you convert
wallpapers on each virtual
existing web pages or
ecommerce solutions which
files in batches and
desktop. User defined
applications. The wizard
includes website design and
provides full support for
shortcuts (hotkeys) for easy
scans the specified MS
development, content
CDDB and ID3.
navigation. Use hotkeys
Access database and records
management, backward
change desktop wallpaper.
information such as report
integration, web analytics
support multi graphics format
names, parameters, sub
& software
queries, etc. Nothing is
programming; application
written to the database
integration; SCM; CRM;
Online Marketing and
Research. Combining proven
expertise in emerging
technologies, and a strong
understanding of new-economy
business arenas, MachroTech
delivers end-to-end
solutions that ensure
powerful results. Combining
the scalable talent pool in
India and seemless
communication channel out of
US, MachroTech delivers
projects in a short time,
with more efficiency and at
low cost.

Date: Oct, 15 2004

Date: Oct, 08 2004

Date: Oct, 07 2004

Date: Oct, 06 2004
XboxMediaCenter (XBMC) is a
With this Win32 console
ATRA means Alexa Traffic
Bubble Shooter is 2 an arcade
multimedia player come
application you can see how
Ranck Analizer, it's a
and puzzle game with simple
jukebox for Microsoft Xbox
much disk space is wasted on
simple GUI that allows to
rules and different modes:
game console, it is capable
your drive. The larger the
grab the Alexa Traffic Rank
strategy, arcade, sniper and
of playing back almost all
cluster size, the more space
Graph of one or more
marathon. When play Bubbles
know video, audio and
is wasted. The program can
domains. It's very usefull
game you shoot at the
picture formats from the
also give you a statistics
if you are a SEO or a web
colorful bubbles that use
Xbox harddrive, Xbox
about the cluster size,
marketing specialist
each your misfire to fill
DVD-ROM, from a local
total size of a drive,
interested in monitoring
the board to the bottom.
network or even of the
available space on the
Traffic Ranks of your
Your goal is to control them
drive, number of files,
clients web sites.
by blowing them up. The
number of directories, etc.
explosion of the bubbles is
a real show - a mix of
different bright colors is
made really impressive by 3D
graphics that pleases your

Date: Aug, 26 2004

Date: Aug, 20 2004

Date: Aug, 18 2004

Date: Aug, 12 2004
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