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Animated Desktop

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Start Page Software Learn To
Communicate direct to user
Animated Desktop is a unique
Write software help and
Drive Visitors To Your
desktops w/o email. Avoid
program that allows you to
documentation fast ... and
Website Via SMART Start
boring, fragmented, and
put animated themes, based
without exhausting text and
Pages! DO you surf ALOT
untargeted RSS. Instead,
on Flash animations, Java
image formatting ...
of the start page's to earn
WinAjax is html you control
applets, Active X components
Dr.Explain captures windows
"surf" credits for
with full access to cookies,
and HTML pages onto your
from a live application ...,
your website? Start Page
graphics, and other tools
Windows desktop. The
creates screenshots ... and
Smart Surfer will surf 5
you already know to deliver
software includes a tool for
automatically adds
pages at once, block pop-up
compelling dynamic
creating your own animated
references to all window's
windows, even reset the
content. Some uses: blog
themes as well. You can use
controls ...: buttons, edit
start page between 0-60
update notifies ... message
the themes either to simply
fields, radio buttons,
minutes in case a
of the day (motd) ...
do away with the dullness of
dropdown lists, and other
account status alerts ...
your desktop or for various
items ... Just add some
javascript changes it.
frequent updates ... news
other purposes, such as
description ... Export a
Minimizes to the system tray
feed ... make offers ...
memory monitor. You can
project at once ... into
to be out of you're way.
etc. Deliver your
also set the regular
RTF, CHM, or HTML help files
message uncluttered by
wallpaper, join different
... with screenshots, color
ads. Your message is
wallpaper themes together
callouts, menus, and index
browserless html: it appears
into collections and make
without borders on user
them change in accordance
desktop. Add a transparent
with time. The software
"drop-out" color
supports numerous graphic
to define non-rectangular
icons or windows direct on
desktop. This is
high-impact at user end,
using your server-side web
site programming to supply
the content.

Date: Aug, 23 2006

Date: Aug, 22 2006

Date: Aug, 19 2006

Date: Aug, 15 2006
Parallels Desktop for Mac is
Dynasoft TeleFactura is the
Fully skin-configurable,
an sql file that uses as data
the first solution that
definitive billing solution
Cybercafe SurfShop Pro is
the official names of
gives Apple users the
for voice/data service
the latest generation of
countries in english as
ability to run Windows,
providers, telecom and
cybercafe software. It
given in ISO 3166-1, the ISO
Linux or any other operating
callshop operators, service
offers an intuitive
2-alpha code provided by the
system at the same time as
distributors, and any
interface and powerful
International Organization
Mac OS X on any
company needing a
security, centralised
for Standardization, the ISO
Intel-powered iMac, Mac
full-featured solution to
management and reporting
3-alpha code provided by the
Mini, MacBook or MacBook
manage/control the access of
features. Get your Internet,
United Nations Statistics
Pro. Now, users can run
their voice/data customers.
games or cyber cafe up and
Division and the 3-alpha
important Windows
Through GNU GK and Yate,
running in minutes with
code provided by The
applications like Outlook,
TeleFactura interfaces with
continental Europe's leading
National Olympic Committees.
Project, Internet Explorer
any Radius/AAA-compatible
Internetcafe software. Now
you also have the flags for
and Visio without having to
equipment to give full
supports all game consoles,
each country in the flags
give up the functionality of
gatekeeper functionality.
non-pc stations, new
folder - the pictures of the
their Mac desktop, even for
Hosted and outsourced
training centre-type tools,
flags are named using the
a few minutes.
services offered to mitigate
and dynamic management of cd
ISO 2-alpha code of the
investment costs.
keys supported.
country they represent so
you should have no problems
in determining which flag
goes to which country
this list is as of january
2006 so it might not be the
most up to date list you
could find. also, keep
in mind that while all the
countries have numeric id
code and ISO 2-alpha code
but not all the countries
have ISO 3-alpha and NOC
3-alpha codes

Date: Aug, 14 2006

Date: Aug, 10 2006

Date: Aug, 10 2006

Date: Aug, 04 2006
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