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If you have a great deal of
Are you furustrated at
If you're frustrated that a
The EasyLogin toolbar button
software installed and many
Internet Explorer's
website has unselectable
for Internet Explorer allows
documents to maintain,
insistance on using Notepad
text or if you need to view
you to log into websites
you're probably tired of
when you click View Source?
some HTML that's been
using a single mouse click.
trudging through the START
This little application
encrypted then this
To Use EasyLogin go to the
menu or using desktop
let's you use any text
application is a must. HTML
webpage where you would like
shortcuts. Maverick is
editor instead of Notepad.
Text Extractor is the
to log in and type your
designed to give quick
All you need to do it choose
simplest and easiest way to
username and password. Do
access to programs and
the program and you're set.
view and save the HTML and
not click the login button,
documents. It also includes
Version 1 is now
Text from any
instead click the EasyLogin
a sophisticated alarm clock,
available, with the
webpage. Increasingly web
toolbar button and you will
a hex file viewer, an
following features: -
designers are protecting
be asked where you will be
advanced font viewer, a file
Easily change the view
their web pages by disabling
asked to save your Login
wiper (to irrevocably
source editor for Internet
the right click menu and
Link to your browser's
destroy files), a file
Explorer - Totally 100%
using javascript to hide
favorites. To log in simply
toucher (to change dates), a
Free! - No popup adverts
their text and HTML code.
click the link that
file/disk profiler (to
or spyware, it really is
HTML Text Extractor cuts
EasyLogin created for you.
analyse disk usage), a
free - Simple to use
through the protection.
file/disk scanner (to
validate suspect data CDs),
a zip reader/writer, and a
zip repair tool.

Date: Apr, 17 2005

Date: Apr, 14 2005

Date: Apr, 14 2005

Date: Apr, 14 2005
If you're frustrated at
For Project Managers using
Nabaza.com Ang Biblia Ebook
The Web browser is probably
Internet Explorer not
Microsoft Project,
compiled pages of John and
the most frequently used
allowing you to view
ValleySpeak Project Server
James displayed in Filipino
software today, and many
webpages at the size you
provides affordable and easy
or Tagalog language.
tasks are highly
want then you'll appricate
to use browser-based access
repetitious. Internet Macros
the EasyRead Toolbar
to allow their team to view
relieves the repetition of
Buttons. The EasyRead
and update schedule status
checking on the same sites
toolbar buttons allow you to
in real time. Integrated
every day, remembering
magnify any HTML page as you
Project Management, Issue
passwords and filling out
browse the web.
Tracking Tools and
web forms. Web professional
Discussion Forums with 100%
can use the software for
Two Way Integration with
functional testing and
Microsoft Project. Roles
regression web testing of
based Dashboard and
web applications. It can be
approvals based workflow.
used to automate web data
(Requires dedicated machine,
extraction, for example
download is ISO image)
online stock quotes or web
store prices.

Date: Apr, 14 2005

Date: Apr, 07 2005

Date: Mar, 31 2005

Date: Mar, 31 2005
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