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FastReport CLX

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Lasso Tutorial for Beginners

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TBarCode ActiveX

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Multimodal Browser and Toolkit

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Supports Delphi7, Kylix3,
Chapters include: Getting
With TBarCode ActiveX you can
Multimodal Browser and
CBuilder 6 FastReport CLX
Started, Variables, HTML
print bar codes from within
Toolkit is a technology that
edition is the first
Forms and Lasso, Control
your application or from
allows the development and
powerful cross-platform
Structures, Using Strings,
within standard applications
execution of multimodal
report generator for Delphi
Using Numbers, Using Arrays
like MS-IE, Excel, Access,
applications written to the
and Kylix. Using FastReport
and Maps, Files and
WinWord, VB, VC. Supports
W3C Acknowledged Submission
CLX edition, you can create
Directories, Databases,
all common linear as well as
called XHTML+Voice (X+V).
highly efficient
Sessions and Cookies,
enhanced two-dimensional
The Multimodal Browser was
cross-platform reports for
Creating Web Applications,
symbologies (PDF417,
developed in a strategic
Windows and Linux with a
Debugging, Advanced Topics,
MaxiCode, Data Matrix and
relationship with Opera
minimum of manual coding.
Lasso Administration.
QR-Code). Insert the control
Software ASA and consists of
FastReport's development
into your application and
the Opera Browser enhanced
environment includes a
you are able to print more
with extensions that include
Visual Report Designer,
than 50 industrial
IBM's automatic speech
Visual Dialog Designer,
symbologies from within one
recognition and
Object Inspector, and
control. Numerous bar code
text-to-speech technology.
Component Palette.
parameters and object
The Multimodal Toolkit is
methods for flexible
based on the Eclipse
integration into the bar
framework and the Voice
code application are
Toolkit 3.1, with added
offered. Also web based bar
plug-ins to support the X+V
code applications (e.g.
within MS-IE) are possible.

Date: Feb, 17 2003

Date: Feb, 17 2003

Date: Feb, 17 2003

Date: Feb, 03 2003
MCSE@Whiz-70-210 consists of
MCSE@Whiz-70-215 consists of
MoneyToys(tm) are a growing
FoCs takes properties written
5 Mock Tests (300 Questions)
5 Mock Tests (300 Questions)
collection of financial
in the Sugar specification
on the latest pattern of
on the latest pattern of
calculators you can install
language and automatically
MCSE Windows 2000
MCSE Windows 2000 Server
on your website! With a few
translates them into
Professional Certification .
Certification . The salient
lines of HTML and
Checkers, or monitors, which
The salient features
features include High Level
MoneyToys(tm) financial
in turn are integrated into
include High Level of
of Customization, Detailed
calculators you can quickly
the chip simulation
Customization, Detailed
Explanation, Quick Revision
add online interactivity to
environment. These Checkers
Explanation, Quick Revision
Tips, scorer of the month
your web site! Put MoneyToys
monitor the simulation
Tips, scorer of the month
and more.
calculators on your website
results on a cycle-by-cycle
and more.
and your visitors can
basis for violation of the
perform financial
properties. Each Checker
calculations without leaving
implements a state machine
your site.
that enters and asserts an
error state if the
respective property fails to
hold in a simulation run.
This alphaWorks version is
the first FoCs version that
supports Sugar 2 (EDL

Date: Jan, 27 2003

Date: Jan, 27 2003

Date: Jan, 20 2003

Date: Jan, 15 2003
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