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dfg BackUp XP

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Joystick Cheats

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Create Rounded Corner HTML
The best, fastes and easy to
At times it can be impossible
Joystick Cheats manager is
Tables and Forms with Drop
use award winning backup and
to keep supervision of
your access point to all
Shadows and other effects in
restore solution for all
internet activity which has
your cheats. You can get all
seconds! Anyone can use the
backup medias -
been created throughout the
the cheats you need for
built-in graphics editor to
day especially when lots of
free. The cheats that you
create high quality designs
supports unlimited backup
individuals these days know
can choose from is
from menu selections, then
profiles. It can be
how to clear their
constantly growing, and
slice them into sections and
configured to start the
suspicious history. With
include all systems
optionally create HTML
backup automatically
I-Spy you can sit back and
available for play. You dont
containers to position the
(powerful scheduler using
let the application log
need to go anywhere else for
slices. No other program
command line
every Internet explorer and
your cheats, as they all
required. No graphics talent
options/switches) , ZIP
Microsoft explorer action
reside at manager.
required. 70 sample designs
compatible archiving,
without the worry that the
included. Imports over 40
user will clear the system
image formats. Dress up
history. I-Spy can be run as
your web page or eBay
FTP&eMail backup,
a hidden or visible process
auction listings!
and also has the ability to
filters, archive encryption,
run in the Windows system
tray without any
unauthorized user accessing
scheduler, statistics, etc.
it if you decide to password
protect it upon a fresh
display. I-Spy does not
only log http requests but
https, ftp and file requests
aswell. But wait, there is
more. You can also log DNS
errors which is excellent if
you are a website
administrator or personal
web user and at the end of
each usage a log file is
created within the
application directory giving
exact details of internet
requests which occured that
day. An additional
advantage of I-Spy is that
the source is freely
available upon purchasing.

Date: Feb, 23 2005

Date: Feb, 21 2005

Date: Feb, 19 2005

Date: Feb, 19 2005
Here you will find
Great HTML learning tool.
History Cleaner is an
Simple tool provides code to
Displays formatted HTML as
innovative solution for your
cloak HTML email addresses
you type so you can
online privacy issues. This
to prevent harvesting by
instantly see the effect of
program is equipped with
spam spiders.
various HTML tags. Perfect
features such as cleaning
companion for any HTML
the secret index.dat file,
typed url, cookies, cache,
most recently used data
among other things. It
increases the speed of your
PC by removing all
unnnecessary files and thus
makes more hard disk
available for use. It also
removes all traces of
applications and internet

Date: Feb, 09 2005

Date: Feb, 08 2005

Date: Feb, 05 2005

Date: Feb, 03 2005
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