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Duplicate Email Remover

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Screen Protractor Mac Edition

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Link Postfix with SpamAssassin

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Grab, download, share and
Delete duplicate e-mail
The Screen Protractor allows
With this you can Link
organize Flash, Quicktime or
messages and posts in
you to easily and quickly
Postfix & SpamAssassin
any other video, pictures or
Microsoft Outlook folders,
measure any angle on the
and Quarantine SPAM to a
files you find on websites
Microsoft Exchange Server
screen to the nearest Degree
defrant Mail Box.
in a single click. Use this
folders and mailboxes;
or Radian. This perfect
Download Manager, IE or
supports searching across
compliment to the Screen
Firefox toolbar and FloatBar
folders. A duplicate found
Calipers, the Protractor is
to grab movies, zoom pics in
can be marked, copied or
simple and easy to use with
your browser and share
moved to any folder. Works
any program. By rotating
stuff. Use PimpFish to
as an add-in for Microsoft
the slider points to fit
create, download and share
Outlook 2000, 2002/XP and
your design, sketch or
SLAPfiles which let you
2003. Free trial.
diagram any angle can be
share downloads lists with
calculated, in any
just a single file.
engineering unit that you
SLAPfiles come with online
need. You can also perform
tools such as a Google Video
simple calculations like
downloader and storage.
multiplying the angle.

Date: Mar, 31 2006

Date: Mar, 27 2006

Date: Mar, 20 2006

Date: Mar, 16 2006
Save an entire web page as an
eZee FrontDesk is a general
HTMLProtector is a tool that
Free Web Buttons - Create
image file in one click (it
purpose hotel and motel
helps you protect the
free buttons for your
scrolls around the page
software which is can be
content of your web page by
website & projects with
taking shots and stitches
used as a hotel maintenance
preventing others from
our free web button maker.
them together). Save
software, hotel reservations
viewing your source code.
This free software is easy
screenshots in the most
software, hotel management
Additionally, it will stop
to use and allows you to
popular formats (GIF, JPG,
software, hotel billing
spam robots from extracting
design web buttons with
PNG, etc.) Stamp desired
software, hotel property
email addresses from your
different styles and effects
text (specified text, date,
management software
pages as well as prevent
by customizing their
URL, etc.) on screenshots
(pms). It is ideal solution
people from using automated
dimensions, text, lighting
each time you make a
for hotel having 10-100
downloaders to download your
effects, texture and more.
screenshot of a visited web
Rooms. Main Features
entire web site to their
Create eye-catching
page. The Send by E-mail
include. Hotel status from
hard drive. HTMLProtector
navigation buttons and guide
feature makes a screenshot
main screen with easy Check
offers three JavaScript
your visitors to the desired
of the web page with one
in Check Out Reservation
based encryption methods to
click and mails it to others
Group Management/
choose from and a variety of
via the Internet.
Operations Direct Billing/
other features like right
City Ledger Guest Snaps
click disable, printing
with Web cam at Various
disable, password protect
Stages of Stay Full network
your pages, insert copyright
support Multiple rate and
information and more!
rate type support in single
HTMLProtector will meet
stay Comprehensive User
all your web page protection
Management Quick check-in
needs -- compared to similar
through identification card
products currently
swipe Ability to change
available, HTMLProtector
room for a rented room on
contains features that you
any day of the Guest Stay
will find far superior.
Well designed restore
database operation for data
recover at any
stage Transaction
management with insert,
delete and restore feature
Expense Management

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Date: Mar, 03 2006
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