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Website spell checker

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NewsStallion Escapade Script

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Dragonfly Browser

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Free online website spell
NewsStallion is a 'blog'
Dragonfly is a very small,
This tool helps in estimating
checker to help get rid of
style news posting script
compact browser. It uses
effort (hours) required to
any spelling mistakes in
written in Escapade. It uses
very little disk space
develop software using use
your webpages. Just enter
MySQL and features a lot of
(under 100 kbs!), but is
case points methodology.
your webpage url and it will
the elements that you'd
capable of visiting any
Software includes help and
highlight any spelling
expect from a webased
website on the web!
spread sheet generator.
content adding/editing and
Since it uses the same ID
deleting system such as
as Internet Explorer, it can
auto-dating, templates,
use any script that only
smileys, and limiting the
MSIE can use! And, best of
number of posts displayed.
all, it's totally free of
charge. With constant
updates, there's always
something new!

Date: Jun, 01 2005

Date: May, 31 2005

Date: May, 29 2005

Date: May, 27 2005
DocMoto stores and manages
This article walks you
This article walks you
electronic files such as
today's highly competitive
through using Server
through the process of
word processor documents,
business environment, it is
Explorer in Visual Studio
normalizing a database to
spreadsheets, drawings,
essential for companies to
.NET to build connections to
Third Normal Form. The
music and photographs.
maximize marketing
Microsoft Access and
affect that each of the
Any changes made to a file
effectiveness by staying in
Microsoft SQL Server data
normalization criteria has
(revisions) are
touch with their customers.
on an unnormalized database
automatically stored
With a Toobar Maker branded
is illustrated step-by-step
preventing the loss of work
pre-made or customized
so that you can understand
and making it simple to view
toolbar, you can capitalize
just what sort of impact a
previous versions. DocMoto
on an effective e-business
specific normalization
is a multi-user system; many
tool. With your sitebar, you
criterion has.
people can work together on
can increase traffic to your
a single file without ever
own site. Offering your
having to worry about
toolbar to your users is a
overwriting each others
unique and
work. Incorporating a
mutually-beneficial service.
simple but extremely
It places your site right in
powerful security system,
front of your users' eyes
users can be restricted in
every time they go online,
the files they can access.
giving you a 'leg up' among
DocMoto also includes a file
the thousands of sites vying
recovery mechanism making
for their attention. At the
deleted files easy to
same time, it gives your
recover. Purposefully
users one-click access to
designed for ease of use,
you, to links of special
the DocMoto feature set has
interest to them AND gives
been deliberately kept
them truly powerful search
straightforward. Its
capabilities that peacefully
uncluttered interface is
co-exist with other toolbars
suitable for all levels of
(Google, Yahoo!, etc.). -
user. DocMoto requires
Increase Your Brand
no additional software such
Awareness - Increase Your
as databases, and can be
Repeat Website Traffic -
installed in minutes with no
Increase Your Revenue -
technical knowledge. DocMoto
Keep your site constantly in
is a client server
front of your target market
implementation of the open,
- Make money from promoting
published Internet protocol
affiliate programs in your
WebDAV. An Internet
toolbar - Have your target
ready revision control
market only "one-click
server. DocMoto can be used
away" from your Website
for a wide variety of
- Create special offers
applications such as Team
for users of your toolbars
Collaboration, Project
- Brand your logo in your
Management, Quality Control
target market's mind -
as well as everyday file
Repeat Sales & More...
What you Get : - Four menu
items with a sub tree of up
to 5 links each. - Custom
logo integration with
homepage link - Copyright
to your company - Google
Search or Custom Search -
Use your own PPC or third
party PPC search - Block
annoying pop-ups -
Highlight Search Terms -
Two Free change of your
Choice - Eaxtra IE Tools
- Choice of icons & Many
More... ::: The toolbar
makes your web site easily
accessible for its users and
is there every time to offer
customer support, marketing
tools and to drive repeat
sales. Browse our website to
see what a 100% branded
custom toolbar can do your
your business with our
starter toolbar priced at
only $19.95. :::

Date: May, 24 2005

Date: May, 20 2005

Date: May, 19 2005

Date: May, 19 2005
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