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robots.txt Tools And Tutorial

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Generative Programming with
ANGIE: Productivity by
GetAnonymous is a new
Tools to automatically creat
Adaptive Patterns Pattern
Frame-based Generator
technology offering a
and validate robot.txt file
at all levels, from
Technique. Aspect-oriented
privacy service you always
and a tool to create a
architectural pattern to
Programming (AOP) with
wanted in ONE PRODUCT. These
.htaccess file to ban bad
design pattern up to code
intelligent ANGIE Frames.
include Privacy (Proxy
robots. Also includes a
pattern, are decisive parts
There is an attempt to
Server, Chain of Proxies,
general robots.txt tutorial.
of the modern
centralize functionality and
Referrer Blocking, Hiding
object-oriented software
data accesses for each
Page Titles), Protection
development when it comes to
programming language. In
(Parsing Engine, Multiple IP
intensify efficiency and
practice, however, this
Addresses, Hiding IP
quality equally significant.
attempt does not always
Address, Defensive Operating
Without the usage of a tool,
succeed; sporadically a new
System, Content Control,
that supports the deployment
functionality is scattered
JavaScript Filter, Online
of patterns like these in an
in the code these are
Privacy Control), Filtering
active manner, it sill
(Cookie Control, Ad
doesn't work very effective.
"aspects". The
Blocking, Safe Cookies),
If the support with the
concepts of the
Control (Confidential
usage of pattern can be
aspect-oriented programming
Toolbar, User Friendly)
considered of having been
provide the theoretically
little, it was even less
basis for solving these
with the development of
tasks and ANGIE frames,
patterns. Both tasks are
declarative in a high
solved by the innovative
degree, are the appropriate
"Pattern By
tool to realize this in
Example" principle
practise and to increase the
maintainability of the
software significantly.

Date: Mar, 17 2003

Date: Mar, 17 2003

Date: Mar, 12 2003

Date: Mar, 12 2003
Increase the
CreateInstall is a versatile
With this DLL you can develop
E-Service Center Manager
"stickyness" of
and powerful installer for
your own window image
(ESCM) is a software for
your forums. Windows based
both expert and novice
capture tools to capture any
service centers and
message board notification
developers. With
active window or inactive
workshops. It manages full
software for your message
CreateInstall, you can
window (hidden windows or
life cycle of repairing and
board users allows them to
create fully featured
background windows) image
tuning from equipment
receive notifications for
installation programs for
and save it to the BMP file
reception to shipping
new posts and replies.
your applications. At the
or JPEG file.
repaired equipment back to
Currently, there are example
heart of CreateInstall is a
customer. Along with
scripts for integrating with
script language, which
management it provides
the phpBB2 message board,
provides superior
profit and statistical
however, the data exchange
flexibility and power to
analysis of activity by
is simple enough such that
enable you to create setups
different types of work
you can easily integrate it
with any degree of
with your own message board
complexity. It has a
flexible user interface
along with friendly Wizards
to create your install files

Date: Mar, 10 2003

Date: Feb, 24 2003

Date: Feb, 24 2003

Date: Feb, 21 2003
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