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ME Desktop Operation Sensor

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Geo Mapper

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Designed for scalability and
microBrowser is a small web
Represent locations on a U.S.
Download HTML Reference, your
integration between machine
browser powered by the users
map for marketing reports
resource for developing HTML
and supervisory levels, ME
default browser and the
and other applications.
web pages. HTML Reference
DOSensor could allows user
Google search engine. Less
Simply type in a zip code,
contains tutorials on how to
to trigger and monitor many
than 200 pixel in width and
choose an image and the
build all the main HTML web
window processes at the same
100 pixels in height. It
point is plotted right on
page components, as well as
time, Real Time
provides the user with the
the map. Batch many zip
listings of color codes,
Synchronization. ME DOSensor
ability too type in a search
codes at one time by
special characters, and
is an HMI for supervisory
that launches thier browser
importing excel, access,
common fonts.
level monitoring and control
and returns the results.
csv, or SQL server files.
applications. It has a
Provides quick rollever
Use company logos or any
distributed and scalable
transparency so that users
image to represent
architecture that supports
can read through
locations. Includes 5
distributed plug and play
microBrowser without having
different colored maps and
sensor applications, giving
to move it. Works with any
several point images.
maximum control over
security features already in
Compatible with most image
information everywhere.
place with the current
browser (ie pop-up
blockers). Very useful for
active web surfers.

Date: Apr, 30 2005

Date: Apr, 29 2005

Date: Apr, 28 2005

Date: Apr, 26 2005
With the help of WisePopup,
Collectible Software helps
Map Designer is a powerful
FolderScavenger makes it easy
five minutes from now, you
you keep all your collection
utility to simplify creation
to print folder listings, or
can make your own popup
data in a common
of image maps (images having
copy folder listings to the
windows! Yes, just like the
application. You no longer
many clickable areas on your
clipboard and paste them
one generated by an expert
need to shuffle through your
WEB pages). It takes just a
into Word, Excel, or any
programmer or even better!
collection or data files
moment to create your own
Windows application. It's
You have the full control on
scattered in different
hypergraphic image! Built-in
easy to filter listings by
what the position, the size
programs to find an item.
easy-to-use HTML editor
file name, and to capture
and the style of the popup
Just fire up and you can
helps you to manage an
the contents of subfolders.
window, you can also decide
locate and identify and item
obtained html code.
You can select the format
to launch the popup window
without even disturbing your
Features: - BMP, JPEG,
for paths, file date and
when the visitor ENTER or
collection ! You can
GIF and PNG graphic formats
time stamps, and many other
LEAVE your page!
customize the descriptive
are supported - Tags and
aspects of the folder
fields as you wish. There is
events: ALT, TARGET,
listings. FolderScavenger
also quick and easy
OnMouseOver, OnMouseOut are
Pro lets you specify if you
switching from one
supported - Ability to
want to capture the
collection to the next
make area of any form you
information as simple text,
should you decide you wish
comma-separated records, or
to maintain more than one
tab-delimited data. By
collection. Collectible
creating style templates,
software is ideal for most
you can turn folder lists
any collection. If you have
into XML, HTML, or a number
a particular need that the
of custom text formats. You
custom features or new
can even convert directory
collection methods do not
listings into MySQL
offer, simply customize the
files. By saving your
features as you see fit. You
frequently used
can add up to four different
configurations, you can
pictures per item. Custom
retrieve and reuse them.
There is a "No
reports. Features: 1.
Questions Asked" mode
A fully functional
that lets you run
stand-alone Windows based
FolderScavenger using the
32-bit application developed
default configuration that
by collectors for
you have
collectors! 2. This is
saved. FolderScavenger is
not your standard database
fully integrated into the
program that you learn to
Windows Explorer shell, and
use as much as it is an
becomes part of the context
interactive program that
(right-click) menu. You can
learns your use! 3. View
use FolderScavenger to run
images with each listing
the program of your choice
adding up to 4 images per
on all files in a
item 4. Have multiple
folder. Music collectors
collections 5. Custom
will appreciate being able
Easy to follow manual 6.
to grab song titles, album
Custom Windows installer
names, and artist
information from MP3 music
files. Photo collectors will
enjoy being able to capture
names from their digital
cameras and digital image
collections, and quickly
catalog their picture albums.

Date: Apr, 21 2005

Date: Apr, 18 2005

Date: Apr, 18 2005

Date: Apr, 18 2005
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