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Service Desktop Pro

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A knowledgebase system
Service Desktop Pro is an
Cant find the script or
Kaboom converts code pages of
allowing to store, access,
integrated Business and
software you want, Costs for
text files, e.g. from
search and explore knowledge
Personal Information
Software development have
shift-jis into UTF-8 and
within your organization,
Management Software.
come down, are you Looking
vice versa. It supports
department or team.
Basically aimed at IT
for a Script / Software
Windows, DOS, IBM, ISO,
Service Providers,
program but want it done
ASCII, ISCII, Macintosh and
Freelancers, Consultants,
your way? then drop in for a
UNICODE code pages. Kaboom
Web Developers and Software
free quote. We have pre-made
can read and write byte
Developers, this tool can be
scripts with Developers
order marks (BOM) and is
extremely useful for all
Licenses for Social
very usefull for everybody
types of business managers
networking, dating, link
who has to deal with text
for managing their
manager with link import,
files in foreign code pages.
day-to-day business
real estate script. Fast
In addition Kaboom has over
activities. It's tightly
track your project now.We
50 clipboard filters, for
integrated and flexible
also do custom projects to
replacement of special chars
modules allow you to handle
your description. Coding
into character entity
most aspects of managing
Teams on Stand buy. Hot
references, and much more.
your business flow.
social networking, develop
Simplicity and ease of use
your way, see if you can
are the key benefits of
develop the next big social
Service Desktop Pro. Be it a
networking site like
small time freelancer or a
myspace.com or Friendster,
medium size company, this
Orkut clone. Selling at a
software can be used by
fraction of development
anybody. Service Desktop
costs. We can manage your
Pro handles over 20 key
project, our experience will
business requirements
make it easier and cost
including Contact
effective, we have coders
Management, Leads
and coding teams ready to
Management, Project
quote you. Next Generation
Management, Billing
Licensing has arrived.
Management, Document
Software development made
Management, Expense
easy. Programmers / Coders
Management and Customer
for Hire, free quotes you
Service Management. The idea
will be surprised as costs
behind the software is to
have come down for software
allow its users to record
development, we have
key business information
programmers ready to start
relating to the business
your project now.
lifecycle of project
procurement to delivery and
customer service.

Date: Oct, 25 2006

Date: Oct, 20 2006

Date: Oct, 18 2006

Date: Oct, 18 2006
# Most Search Engine Spiders
Looking enhancement your
This free tool takes just a
If you have ever wondered
see your page much the same
DotNetNuke website? XFlex
few minutes for you to have
where you website ranked in
way as a text browser like
is the STRETCHY way to make
a working Meta tag for your
the top four search engines
Lynx will do. # RankQuest
your website appealing to
site. It is fast, easy, and
for a specified keyword this
Lynx View shows you how your
all your visitors. If they
free. All you have to do is
tool is just what you have
webpage will looked by
are blind as a bat, have
insert all of the
been looking for all of this
Search Engine Bot #
lousy monitors to view, have
information about the Meta
time. With this free tool
RankAuest Lynx view shows
lots of screen space they
tag that you would like to
you can see your websites
you how your webpage will
want to use.. you can now
create and the program will
ranking is MSN Search,
look in Lynx. # You can use
offer them plenty of
do it all for you. You just
Google, Yahoo!, AlltheWeb,
this information to find out
customisation on your
need to type in the title,
HotBot, and AltaVisa for any
what words/links look more
website in minutes. Let them
author, subject,
keyword that you would like
prominent. # By default
experience your website with
description, keywords,
all at once. You can see
only the first 200 words of
their preferences!!
generator, language,
what the ranking of your
the page are shown. Click
Features Include NO
expires, abstract,
site within seconds.
the "Full Lynx
page refresh NO developer
copyright, designer,
View" link to see how
knowledge required FLEXIBLE
publisher, revisit-after,
the entire page will look in
placement in your
distribution, and robots.
Lynx. # Clicking on the
website ADD page resizing
"Show Links in the
on it's own ADD text
Page" option, lists all
resizing on it's own ADD
links in the page.
your own images YES it
Additionally it also
works from a default
differentiates the links as
installation YES it works
external and internal. #
from your own skin
Clicking on the lynx view
directory YES it's been
icon near any listed link
tested in DNN 3 & 4 YES
shows you the lynx view of
we are adding more
that page.
features YES we are adding
more themes YES you can
modify the class
elements YES there is a
help file YES you are
purchasing from a regular
user Available in three
versions Xflex SkinObject
only, XFlex Gold, with skin
and icons, XFlex Platinum
includes extra skin, icons
and source files.

Date: Oct, 17 2006

Date: Oct, 14 2006

Date: Oct, 12 2006

Date: Oct, 12 2006
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