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Web Table Extractor

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A1 Website Download

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Web Table Extractor is an
Instantly fixes the following
Using simultaneous
WinSmit is a Windows based
add-on for Internet Explorer
connections entire websites
software the allows the
(IE) allowing you to extract
can be downloaded very
administrator of an AIX
tables from web pages in an
e book:// that your
quickly. Links can be
system to build IBM AIX
effective and quick manner.
ebooks may give you after
checked and converted to
System Management Interface
Also allows you to easily
installing Windows XP
HTTP or local disk file
Tool (Smit) style menus
select tabular data online
service pack 2. How it
system. Take websites with
using a Windows GUI. The
and convert it into files
works Just download the
you on the road on USB / CD
file can then be exported
for Microsoft Excel. This
program, double click to
/ DVD or any portable media.
(ftp) to an AIX system and
Internet Explorer add-on
start :) and... Push the
Use a task scheduler to
imported into the AIX ODM
makes it possible to find
button. I mean push the one
automate download of
database to create a new AIX
and extract data from tables
of the Only two buttons in
websites at times convenient
Smit Menu. Perfect if
into a new window, or to
the program. (Look at the
to you. Filter file types
you want to consolidate all
look through the HTML code
picture on the website).
and directories to download.
your AIX scripts in one
of the selected table.
That's it! try your ebooks
Can perform login and
place NEW: The new
again! They should work. To
maintain session. Can handle
Version 2 includes a message
restore your system to its
redirects, robots.txt etc.
file creation tool plus a
previous state just press
Builtin browser.
number of bug fixes.

Date: Sep, 15 2006

Date: Sep, 11 2006

Date: Sep, 11 2006

Date: Sep, 06 2006
Grab, download, share and
Instant Notification lets you
You can set 4 programs / web
Popup Generator will allow
organize Flash, Quicktime or
know when any Site you
pages into this program,
you to create popup codes
any other video, pictures or
choose has been updated. The
then you can click the
within minutes. It is a
files you find on websites
program checks the server
button to launch it.
simple software program,
in a single click. Use this
and reports to you
Saves having to open the
which literally does all the
Download Manager, IE or
automatically. Displays
start menu all the time, and
work for you. It is designed
Firefox toolbar and FloatBar
what is new on your, or any
it's only one thing on the
to allow you to modify the
to grab movies, zoom pics in
site! Check an unlimited
desktop. Just open it
code for a wide variety of
your browser and share
number of sites (as long as
and click the button for the
popups without knowing on
stuff. Use PimpFish to
they have there server
program you want.
bit about codes. With
create, download and share
setup)! Set timer to check
Popup Generator, you can
SLAPfiles which let you save
at specific preset times!
literally create a popup
video from video.google.com
Will Launch at startup
window how you want it, in
- youtube.com - myspace.com
automatically, if you wish!
less than 2 1/2 minutes.
- break.com -
Here is what Popup
dailymotion.com -
Generator Will Allow you to
metacafe.com and putfile.com!
do: * Choose whether
you want a Front Popup or an
InBack Popup. *
Customize the size of your
popup Windows * Specify
where your popup appears on
your users screen *
Choose what functions you
want in your popup
o Location Bar o
Directories o Menu
Bar o Tool Bar
o Status Bar o
Resizable o Scroll
Bar o Dependant
* Decide if you want
the popup to be Full
Screen * Select How you
Want the Window to popup
o When Page Loads
o Standard Link

Date: Aug, 24 2006

Date: Aug, 23 2006

Date: Aug, 23 2006

Date: Aug, 23 2006
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