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As most people out there know
RankQuest Duplicate Keyword
robots.spider(tm) reads the
If you ever use the 'Start'
the page rank of a website
Remover Tool removes
robots.txt file, then
menu then you will find that
is very important. You also
duplicate keywords and sort
spiders the site (depth is
this free Windows utility is
want to know how much
them for the given list of
adjustable in the downloaded
a much better way to open
traffic your website
keywords The list of
code), to check for
the item that you are
receives and how highly your
unique keywords and
references to entries in the
looking for. SmartStartMenu
site is going to be ranked
duplicates removed are
robots.txt file.
helps you to turn the task
in search engines. As you
displayed in the result
robots.spider(tm) can help
of running any program and
may know page rank is a
There is also a provision to
you avoid disclosing the
opening any documnent,
formula that was firstly
save the list of unique
names of directories you
folder, or website into a
developed by google.com to
keywords as a .txt file
don't want indexed, that
two or three key-stroke
determine a web pages
aren't referenced in your
effort. SmartStartMenu uses
inbound link rating. Now
site code. It is an open
what you type to generate
with this free tool that is
source (PHP) script, you can
provided by
run it for free off the demo
alphabetized lists of
WebmasterJohn.com you can
link, or download the code,
shortcut items from your
see what the page rank of
adjust the depth, and use it
'Start' menu and any other
your site is and what it is
to check your sites from a
folders you have configured
predicted to be at the time
different server.
to be scanned. Since
of the next update. This
SmartStartMenu is based on
generally takes place every
shortcuts (your 'Start' menu
few months, depend on the
is just a collection of
site. It is very
shortcuts) there is no
important to keep on top of
"alias" database
where your page rank is
to maintain or complicated
going and what you can do to
configuration interface to
improve your site. You can
learn. You can change the
now do this with this free
keystrokes used to access an
tool, with no hassles at
item by modifying the
all. As stated you can use
shortcut directly.
this tool to see where your
SmartStartMenu helps you to
page rank will most likely
clean up your desktop and
be when Google updates its
'Quicklaunch' toolbar by
search engine, but if you
reducing your dependencies
know where it may be you can
on them. SmartStartMenu
work to try harder to
helps you to reduce clutter
increase it to an even
on your taskbar by
higher page rank.
elimintating the need for
the 'Address' toolbar.

Date: Oct, 12 2006

Date: Oct, 11 2006

Date: Oct, 09 2006

Date: Oct, 06 2006
RankQuest Text Ratio is % of
Favorites Box is a plug-in
Density of keywords in a
RankQuest Link Checker tools
text in the page to % of
for Internet Explorer. It
webpage plays a very
checks for broken links in a
html code in the page. #
enhances the users' ability
important role in the pages
page. Broken links are links
One of the factors that
to organize bookmarks for
SERP ranking.RankQuest
that show a "page not
search engines use in
quick search and access.
Keyword Density Analyzer
found" (404) error or
ranking a webpage is the
Users will benefit from the
analyses the given URL and
something similar when
percentage of text in the
opportunity to add extra
returns density values for
web page. # Simply put code
attributes to a bookmark
single, two and three word
to text ratio is % of text
such as category and
key terms.
in the page / % of html code
comments. When users search
in the page. # Search
for a bookmark, these
Engines use this ratio to
attributes are included into
determine the relevancy of
the search too. Users can
your page and higher this
also store logins and
value more your chances of
passwords as bookmark
ranking higher.
attributes and set up a
reminder for a bookmark.

Date: Oct, 05 2006

Date: Oct, 05 2006

Date: Oct, 02 2006

Date: Oct, 02 2006
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