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Duplicate Email Remover

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Link popularity report

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Paessler URL Recorder

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Criline Search and Replace

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Delete duplicate e-mail
If you have ever wondered
Paessler URL Recorder helps
Criline Search and Replace is
messages and posts in
where you website ranked in
to find out the URLs and
a search and replace program
Microsoft Outlook folders,
the top four search engines
POSTDATA strings that a user
that handles multiple files
Microsoft Exchange Server
for a specified keyword this
sends to a web server while
with just a few clicks.
folders and mailboxes;
tool is just what you have
surfing a sequence of URLs.
Major advantages: -
supports searching across
been looking for all of this
It works like a standard web
HEX search and replace. -
folders. A duplicate found
time. With this free tool
browser, whereby you can
Fast search algorithm. -
can be marked, copied or
you can see your websites
enter a URL at the top and
Regular expressions
moved to any folder. Works
ranking is MSN Search,
click "Go". Then
support. - Search and
as an add-in for Microsoft
Google, Yahoo!, AlltheWeb,
you can use the mouse to
replace in archives. -
Outlook 2000, 2002/XP and
HotBot, and AltaVisa for any
surf through the sequence
Comprehensive user
2003. Free trial.
keyword that you would like
you want to record. While
interface. - Keeps your
all at once. You can see
you are accessing one page
files safe. - Excellent
what the ranking of your
after the other, the URL and
documentation is
site within seconds.
POSTDATA are stored in a
included. - A real
time-saver for programmers
and webmasters.

Date: Mar, 27 2006

Date: Oct, 12 2006

Date: Dec, 12 2005

Date: Nov, 04 2005
RankQuest Duplicate Keyword
Free online Message Generator
AlterJig is a tile jigsaw
Instant Notification lets you
Remover Tool removes
for your website.
puzzle game. You select
know when any Site you
duplicate keywords and sort
graphics supplied with the
choose has been updated. The
them for the given list of
game or create your own
program checks the server
keywords The list of
puzzles from any bitmaps.
and reports to you
unique keywords and
When you start the game, it
automatically. Displays
duplicates removed are
scrambles the puzzle and
what is new on your, or any
displayed in the result
challenges you to restore
site! Check an unlimited
There is also a provision to
the picture by rotating
number of sites (as long as
save the list of unique
groups of four tiles to get
they have there server
keywords as a .txt file
the tiles back to their
setup)! Set timer to check
proper position. Tile
at specific preset times!
rotation is controlled by
Will Launch at startup
left and right mouse
automatically, if you wish!
buttons. It sounds easier to
solve than it is.

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Date: Aug, 23 2006
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