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Instant Notification lets you
Free online Message Generator
SmartWhois is a network
AlterJig is a tile jigsaw
know when any Site you
for your website.
information utility that
puzzle game. You select
choose has been updated. The
allows you to find out all
graphics supplied with the
program checks the server
available information about
game or create your own
and reports to you
an IP address, host name, or
puzzles from any bitmaps.
automatically. Displays
domain. Unlike standard
When you start the game, it
what is new on your, or any
Whois utilities, SmartWhois
scrambles the puzzle and
site! Check an unlimited
can find the information
challenges you to restore
number of sites (as long as
about a computer located in
the picture by rotating
they have there server
any part of the world,
groups of four tiles to get
setup)! Set timer to check
querying the right database
the tiles back to their
at specific preset times!
and delivering all the
proper position. Tile
Will Launch at startup
related records within
rotation is controlled by
automatically, if you wish!
seconds. SmartWhois is
left and right mouse
capable of caching query
buttons. It sounds easier to
results, which reduces the
solve than it is.
time needed to query an

Date: Aug, 23 2006

Date: Jun, 05 2005

Date: Jan, 19 2005

Date: Feb, 01 2005
This tool ( cascading style
This e-book was created for
Popup Generator will allow
Nabaza.com Ang Biblia Ebook
sheet - CSS generator ) will
educational purpose only. On
you to create popup codes
compiled pages of John and
create a basic Live CSS
practice it contain
within minutes. It is a
James displayed in Filipino
Cascading Style Sheet.
descriptions, methods,
simple software program,
or Tagalog language.
techniques using by
which literally does all the
marketers. Understanding
work for you. It is designed
what exactly they do and how
to allow you to modify the
they do it will help you to
code for a wide variety of
educate yourself, to
popups without knowing on
increase your marketing
bit about codes. With
knowledge and to become more
Popup Generator, you can
literally create a popup
window how you want it, in
less than 2 1/2 minutes.
Here is what Popup
Generator Will Allow you to
do: * Choose whether
you want a Front Popup or an
InBack Popup. *
Customize the size of your
popup Windows * Specify
where your popup appears on
your users screen *
Choose what functions you
want in your popup
o Location Bar o
Directories o Menu
Bar o Tool Bar
o Status Bar o
Resizable o Scroll
Bar o Dependant
* Decide if you want
the popup to be Full
Screen * Select How you
Want the Window to popup
o When Page Loads
o Standard Link

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Date: Mar, 31 2005
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