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Business CD Magazine

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LaunchIt NOW!

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Search and Recover

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Top Browser

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This magazine has everything
LaunchIt NOW! allows you to
Recover data deleted from
Top Browser is a web browser
business people are looking
have a small, desktop-like
your PC or digital device.
that allows the user to use
for: articles, news,
window with full-size icons
Reclaim documents, folders,
minimal system resources
statistics, company profiles
to launch your favorite
music, photos, videos,
whilst opening as many
and upcoming events. But
programs, files, folders,
system files, and more.
windows as they want. It is
not only that, the Business
documents or URLs. It runs
Recover e-mail from these
free for commecial, and
CD magazine is also
in the system tray and is
popular clients: Microsoft
non-commercial use.
interactive and packed with
always just one click away.
Outlook, Outlook Express,
Features: Popup killer,
valuable tools. Load it
Also, it can be called via a
Netscape, Eudora, and
Maximize Catcher, Script
onto your computer and it
user-defined hotkey.
Thunderbird. Rescue data
Error Suppression, Multiple
enables you to interact with
LaunchIt NOW! is fully
from hard drives, floppy
windows, Save & Load URL
the publication. Search the
configurable and
disks, CD/DVDs, cameras,
Setup Files.
featured database and
customizable on a per-user
music players, flash drives,
request quotes directly from
basis and it offers full
and dozens of other media
the search results.
Windows Shell integration.
and devices. It can also
Review, test and install
recover data after PC
programs from the
disasters, even years after
CD. Screenshot:
files were lost!

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Date: Apr, 07 2003

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Date: May, 05 2003
IPBlocked stops IP messages
A well-designed quiz can be
MCSE@Whiz-70-210 consists of
WebQL empowers the real time
from entering your PC. IP
an excellent promotion tool
5 Mock Tests (300 Questions)
enterprise by locating and
messaging is the newest form
if it focuses the user's
on the latest pattern of
extracting information from
of spam, which is not yet
attention on subjects that
MCSE Windows 2000
unstructured data sources -
outlawed so it is perfectly
demonstrate the value of
Professional Certification .
the Web, email, on-line
legal, which means you
your products and services.
The salient features
information services,
probably have been getting
You may use it if: You
include High Level of
internal documents - to
them all the time over the
want to add interactivity to
Customization, Detailed
support Business Activity
last few months. By running
your site; You want to
Explanation, Quick Revision
Monitoring, Competitive
IPBlocked just once, you
entertain your family; You
Tips, scorer of the month
Intelligence, Business
will stop these messages
want to surprise your quests
and more.
Intelligence, and Knowledge
and friends; You want to
Management applications.
make your customers come
back to your site again;
You want to show off with
unusual element at your site

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