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FontCreator Home Edition

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Domain Manager Pro

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Free meta tag generator

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This professional font editor
Domain Manager Pro allows you
This site provides reviews,
This free tool takes just a
allows you to create and
to store all your domains
articles, information and
few minutes for you to have
edit TrueType fonts. It has
and easily monitor all your
guides to assist Web users
a working Meta tag for your
the powerful font-creation
domain names. Features
find inexpensive, quality
site. It is fast, easy, and
tools that typographers and
recovers nameservers, last
Web hosting solutions that
free. All you have to do is
graphic designers require,
updated, created date,
best meet their needs.
insert all of the
and an intuitive interface
expiration date, status, the
information about the Meta
that even allows beginners
registry information, for
tag that you would like to
to become productive
.com .net, .org, .info
create and the program will
immediately. The editor
tld's. Allows you to check
do it all for you. You just
lets you easily select and
when the domains are going
need to type in the title,
modify the entire character
to expire within any range
author, subject,
set of any TrueType font and
of days of your choosing.
description, keywords,
fonts based on OpenType font
Also as an added bonus
generator, language,
technology. Features include
includes page rank checker,
expires, abstract,
the ability to convert
alexa rank, google msn and
copyright, designer,
(scanned) images to
yahoo back links count,
publisher, revisit-after,
outlines, thus enabling you
whois checker.
distribution, and robots.
to create fonts with your
own signature, logo and
handwriting. The advanced
validation features make the
design process easy and help
you avoid common mistakes.
The new drawing tools
greatly simplify and speed
up the design process. The
extended Complete Composites
feature quickly adds
diacritical marks to
incomplete glyphs. This
powerful feature can
complete over a thousand
characters within a few

Date: Jun, 11 2006

Date: Jan, 07 2006

Date: Dec, 28 2004

Date: Oct, 12 2006
Web Cal Plus is an HTML
Through the use of CSS
Grab, download, share and
InstantBar is a tool to
Calendar Generation system.
scripting, you can have a
organize Flash, Quicktime or
create Internet Explorer
Simply enter your events and
customized scrollbar for use
any other video, pictures or
toolbar designed specially
Web Cal Plus will generate
on your website. These
files you find on websites
for web site owners to help
the HTML code. Attractive
scrollbars can be modified
in a single click. Use this
promoting their websites. It
multi-color calendars
in color, however, the
Download Manager, IE or
allows to create toolbar
including 12-month year
modifications are displayed
Firefox toolbar and FloatBar
easily from website, and you
calendars, single month and
only under Microsoft's
to grab movies, zoom pics in
don't need to install any
daily calendars. Includes
Internet Explorer. Use our
your browser and share
additional software builders
recurring events, event
tool to create the scripting
stuff. Use PimpFish to
or create xml files. Any of
cloning, holidays, filters,
needed for modifying your
create, download and share
your changes in toolbar
RTF format for beautiful
website's scrollbar color.
SLAPfiles which let you
configuration will be
calendar messages.
share downloads lists with
effected on all computers
just a single file.
where toolbar was installed
SLAPfiles come with online
instantly without any
tools such as a Google Video
questions to user and
downloader and storage.
without needs to install new

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