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RankQuest HTML Validator

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If you're frustrated at
At times it can be impossible
The Web browser is probably
1. A page that has HTML
Internet Explorer not
to keep supervision of
the most frequently used
errors can be difficult for
allowing you to view
internet activity which has
software today, and many
a Search Engine Spider to
webpages at the size you
been created throughout the
tasks are highly
crawl. Thus it is advisable
want then you'll appricate
day especially when lots of
repetitious. Internet Macros
to have your page HTML
the EasyRead Toolbar
individuals these days know
relieves the repetition of
validated to spot any errors
Buttons. The EasyRead
how to clear their
checking on the same sites
that may be there in the
toolbar buttons allow you to
suspicious history. With
every day, remembering
page. 2. RankQuest HTML
magnify any HTML page as you
I-Spy you can sit back and
passwords and filling out
Validator spots all errors
browse the web.
let the application log
web forms. Web professional
in your page based on W3C
every Internet explorer and
can use the software for
standards and lists them
Microsoft explorer action
functional testing and
with the line number so that
without the worry that the
regression web testing of
you can make necessary
user will clear the system
web applications. It can be
history. I-Spy can be run as
used to automate web data
a hidden or visible process
extraction, for example
and also has the ability to
online stock quotes or web
run in the Windows system
store prices.
tray without any
unauthorized user accessing
it if you decide to password
protect it upon a fresh
display. I-Spy does not
only log http requests but
https, ftp and file requests
aswell. But wait, there is
more. You can also log DNS
errors which is excellent if
you are a website
administrator or personal
web user and at the end of
each usage a log file is
created within the
application directory giving
exact details of internet
requests which occured that
day. An additional
advantage of I-Spy is that
the source is freely
available upon purchasing.

Date: Apr, 14 2005

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Date: Oct, 02 2006
Have you ever asked yourself:
Simple tool provides code to
Recover deleted messages and
IVC Accents is a macro for
What size does occupy this
cloak HTML email addresses
mail from damaged folders
Microsoft Office. It enables
folder? Probably you tried
to prevent harvesting by
and dbx files in Outlook
you to type accented
to understand where free
spam spiders.
Express. Searching across
characters, in French and/or
disk space is or prepared
the several folders. A
Spanish, by using easy to
specified size folder for
recovered message could be
remember keystrokes. If you
CD/DVD recording. Using
saved to email folder or
type in French or Spanish,
ViewFolderSize Pro you will
text eml file. The program
this is a must have item.
always know all your folders
will scan the specified
total size. Unbeatable
folders and try to find and
combination of high speed
restore damaged messages. If
performance, real-time size
the option for restoring the
information updating and
folder structure is enabled,
flexible customization
new folders will be created
options make View Folder
and recovered messages will
Size Pro stand out of other
be saved to these folders.
competing software.

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