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SV Bookmark

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History Cleaner- Free Version

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SV Bookmark is a visual
EbookMaker is a professional
Kernel for Word - recovers
History Cleaner- Free Version
bookmark manager that allows
Ebook compiler software. It
corrupted word document
is an innovative solution
you to associate screenshots
compiles all HTML files and
files corrupted due to
for your online privacy
of a web site with each
included image, JavaScript,
unexpected system shutdown,
issues. This program is
entry. Hovering your mouse
Flash, MP3, and video files
virus attacks. During
equipped with features such
over an entry displays a
into a standalone .EXE file.
repairing process a complete
as cleaning the secret
small popup screenshot of
Ebook uses Internet Explorer
scan of the all the damaged
index.dat file, typed url,
the site, making it easy to
to display its HTML pages,
documents is performed to
cookies, cache, most
remember the content. The
so readers don't have to
locate and extract the
recently used data among
program provides advanced
install any other software
recoverable information.
other things. It increases
features such as thumbnails
to read Ebook. Simple and
After the complete scanning
the speed of your PC by
and full-size screenshots,
easy to use, EbookMaker
the documents which are
removing all unnnecessary
searching, duplicate
provides features to meet
recoverable are recovered
files and thus makes more
checking, URL validation,
any custom need of an Ebook
and copied in the user
hard disk available for use.
password protection and more.
author for user interface,
defined location. Kernel for
It also removes all traces
functions, and content
Word Document Repair
of applications and internet
Software uses quick
algorithm for searching and
repairing the corruptions in
the corrupted document files
and hence is a fast, simple
and easy to use Word
Document Repair Software,
which helps you to recover
and repair your corrupt
document files in minutes.
Kernel for Word - corrupted
document recovery software
supported versions includes
Word 2003, Word XP, Word
2000, Word 97, Word 95 and
Word 6.0 documents.

Date: Feb, 08 2006

Date: Dec, 15 2006

Date: Jul, 08 2005

Date: Feb, 01 2005
Article Submitter is the
Free automated link exchange
Puzzle Ring is yet another
Advanced Time Reports Web is
fastest and easiest way to
management service which
game based on falling bricks
an intuitive time tracking
get your articles posted on
searches for link partners
concept. The aim is to build
& project management
hundreds of article
and automatically increases
as much horizontal rings of
solution that will help you
directories without spending
the backlink count to your
falling blocks as you can.
increase your billable hours
hours and hours on the
websites daily. Visit
Every complete ring you made
by better managing all your
manual labor of doing so.
telalinks.com to learn more
disappears making free space
projects, clients and
Submitting articles to
about this free service.
for the next blocks. In the
working hours. Used by
article directories can
advanced and full game modes
professionals and
increase the ‘back links’ to
you have some lying blocks
project-oriented businesses
your website and hence
already at the beginning of
worldwide to perform
increase your Google
the game and you have to
essential functions such as
ranking. It also increase
make them disappear.
timesheet reporting and
website traffic. FEATURES:
project management.
1/ Article Submitter has 138
Multi-user server version
Auto Fill article
with advanced functionality,
directories for you to start
web access and reports.
posting your articles to!
Increase your profits!
It also has an additional 25
Manual fill articles
directory sites as well; 2/
you will have the ability to
edit the included Article
Directory submissions sites;
3/ Article Submitter
software stores all of your
personal information,
resource box, and articles.
It then will proceed one at
a time to go to each of the
articles sites for you, log
you in and auto fill all of
your content including your
name, your article, your
author resource box, even an
article summary on any sites
that ask for it!

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Date: Jul, 10 2005

Date: Apr, 04 2003

Date: Dec, 22 2006
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