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Count Your Time collects and
Density of keywords in a
Write software help and
DVD Santa is an All-in-One
analyzes PC usage statistics
webpage plays a very
documentation fast ... and
software that lets you copy,
during the specified time
important role in the pages
without exhausting text and
create, convert and burn
period. All statistics is
SERP ranking.RankQuest
image formatting ...
your DVD movies. It can copy
shown to a user in a
Keyword Density Analyzer
Dr.Explain captures windows
9GB double layer DVD movies
convenient and
analyses the given URL and
from a live application ...,
into a 4.7GB DVD-R disc, can
understandable form.
returns density values for
creates screenshots ... and
turn your photos into DVD
single, two and three word
automatically adds
movies with Hollywood style
key terms.
references to all window's
motion effects, can convert
controls ...: buttons, edit
other video formats(avi,
fields, radio buttons,
wmv, vob, asf, DivX,
dropdown lists, and other
Mpeg,...) into DVD video,
items ... Just add some
can transfer miniDV
description ... Export a
camcorder tapes directly to
project at once ... into
DVD video. dvdSanta is
RTF, CHM, or HTML help files
extremely easy to use, fast
... with screenshots, color
and powerful.
callouts, menus, and index

Date: May, 14 2006

Date: Oct, 02 2006

Date: Aug, 15 2006

Date: Dec, 05 2005
IVC Accents is a macro for
Aardvark Map is a free tool
If you ever use the 'Start'
Download and install the
Microsoft Office. It enables
that helps you to plot
menu then you will find that
toolbar and have access to
you to type accented
either information on to a
this free Windows utility is
thousands of samples all
characters, in French and/or
Google Map so you can create
a much better way to open
over the world. This is the
Spanish, by using easy to
a customised map for your
the item that you are
Ultimate Producers ToolBar.
remember keystrokes. If you
website. The process is
looking for. SmartStartMenu
Want samples quick.. This
type in French or Spanish,
very simple and requires no
helps you to turn the task
will allow you to access the
this is a must have item.
technical knowledge. You
of running any program and
best free sample s wherever
can have a custom map
opening any documnent,
you are. Download Now Its
created in minutes.
folder, or website into a
two or three key-stroke
effort. SmartStartMenu uses
what you type to generate
alphabetized lists of
shortcut items from your
'Start' menu and any other
folders you have configured
to be scanned. Since
SmartStartMenu is based on
shortcuts (your 'Start' menu
is just a collection of
shortcuts) there is no
"alias" database
to maintain or complicated
configuration interface to
learn. You can change the
keystrokes used to access an
item by modifying the
shortcut directly.
SmartStartMenu helps you to
clean up your desktop and
'Quicklaunch' toolbar by
reducing your dependencies
on them. SmartStartMenu
helps you to reduce clutter
on your taskbar by
elimintating the need for
the 'Address' toolbar.

Date: Oct, 19 2004

Date: Nov, 05 2006

Date: Oct, 06 2006

Date: Sep, 13 2005
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