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Letter Of Recommendation

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Aardvark Map

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IVC Accents

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Write software help and
Letters of recommendation are
Aardvark Map is a free tool
IVC Accents is a macro for
documentation fast ... and
very important materials for
that helps you to plot
Microsoft Office. It enables
without exhausting text and
work references and career
either information on to a
you to type accented
image formatting ...
enhancement. You can now
Google Map so you can create
characters, in French and/or
Dr.Explain captures windows
have 40+ Professionally
a customised map for your
Spanish, by using easy to
from a live application ...,
written Letters Of
website. The process is
remember keystrokes. If you
creates screenshots ... and
Recommmendation for any
very simple and requires no
type in French or Spanish,
automatically adds
occassion for just 19.99
technical knowledge. You
this is a must have item.
references to all window's
can have a custom map
controls ...: buttons, edit
created in minutes.
fields, radio buttons,
dropdown lists, and other
items ... Just add some
description ... Export a
project at once ... into
RTF, CHM, or HTML help files
... with screenshots, color
callouts, menus, and index

Date: Aug, 15 2006

Date: Jan, 19 2005

Date: Nov, 05 2006

Date: Oct, 19 2004
Ease Jukebox is a powerful,
Gsoftpad is multi languages,
SV Bookmark is a visual
With TBarCode ActiveX you can
multifunction multimedia
multi OS software for
bookmark manager that allows
print bar codes from within
software, which supports
create, valid and edit PAD
you to associate screenshots
your application or from
WAV, MP3, OGG and WMA file.
file. PAD stands for
of a web site with each
within standard applications
Ease Jukebox has 9 main
Portable Application
entry. Hovering your mouse
like MS-IE, Excel, Access,
functions: file manager,
Description. By using the
over an entry displays a
WinWord, VB, VC. Supports
playlist, CD ripper,
PAD system, developers save
small popup screenshot of
all common linear as well as
audio/data CD writer,
time by having to create a
the site, making it easy to
enhanced two-dimensional
recorder, audio converter,
description of their
remember the content. The
symbologies (PDF417,
audio normalizer, file cut
software packages only once.
program provides advanced
MaxiCode, Data Matrix and
and file combine. And also,
Saved in XML file and stored
features such as thumbnails
QR-Code). Insert the control
there is an ID3 editor in
on web server, this
and full-size screenshots,
into your application and
the file manager, with which
description can then be
searching, duplicate
you are able to print more
you can easily edit your
uploaded quickly to all
checking, URL validation,
than 50 industrial
files' ID3 tag such as
sites that support PAD.
password protection and more.
symbologies from within one
Title, Artist, Album, Genre,
Webmasters can process these
control. Numerous bar code
Year, comment.. info.
PAD files and extract the
parameters and object
data appropriate for their
methods for flexible
site. They can keep the
integration into the bar
contents of their site
code application are
current by polling PAD files
offered. Also web based bar
on the web sites of the
code applications (e.g.
authors of the software they
within MS-IE) are possible.

Date: Mar, 07 2005

Date: Dec, 24 2004

Date: Feb, 08 2006

Date: Feb, 17 2003
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