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Formal Checkers

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View Folder Size Pro

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Acronis True Image

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FoCs takes properties written
Looking enhancement your
Have you ever asked yourself:
Acronis True Image allows to
in the Sugar specification
DotNetNuke website? XFlex
What size does occupy this
create an exact disk image
language and automatically
is the STRETCHY way to make
folder? Probably you tried
for complete system backup
translates them into
your website appealing to
to understand where free
and disk cloning providing
Checkers, or monitors, which
all your visitors. If they
disk space is or prepared
the most comprehensive data
in turn are integrated into
are blind as a bat, have
specified size folder for
protection. The disk
the chip simulation
lousy monitors to view, have
CD/DVD recording. Using
backup file contains the
environment. These Checkers
lots of screen space they
ViewFolderSize Pro you will
exact copy of a hard disk,
monitor the simulation
want to use.. you can now
always know all your folders
including all the computer
results on a cycle-by-cycle
offer them plenty of
total size. Unbeatable
data, operating system, and
basis for violation of the
customisation on your
combination of high speed
programs. After a system
properties. Each Checker
website in minutes. Let them
performance, real-time size
crash you can restore the
implements a state machine
experience your website with
information updating and
entire system or simply
that enters and asserts an
their preferences!!
flexible customization
replace lost files and
error state if the
Features Include NO
options make View Folder
folders from your disk
respective property fails to
page refresh NO developer
Size Pro stand out of other
hold in a simulation run.
knowledge required FLEXIBLE
competing software.
This alphaWorks version is
placement in your
the first FoCs version that
website ADD page resizing
supports Sugar 2 (EDL
on it's own ADD text
resizing on it's own ADD
your own images YES it
works from a default
installation YES it works
from your own skin
directory YES it's been
tested in DNN 3 & 4 YES
we are adding more
features YES we are adding
more themes YES you can
modify the class
elements YES there is a
help file YES you are
purchasing from a regular
user Available in three
versions Xflex SkinObject
only, XFlex Gold, with skin
and icons, XFlex Platinum
includes extra skin, icons
and source files.

Date: Jan, 15 2003

Date: Oct, 14 2006

Date: Aug, 30 2005

Date: Jun, 07 2005
Pool 3D Training Edition is a
At times it can be impossible
Quick search IMDB for a movie
billiard simulation game you
PROTECTION!!! Zone Alarm is
to keep supervision of
on your harddrive by a
can use to learn how to play
now giving users a free
internet activity which has
simple right click on the
billiard games and enjoy
version to install on your
been created throughout the
movie in Windows Explorer
playing the game with your
computer. Unlike the
day especially when lots of
and then choose SendTo =>
friends. It truly simulates
corporate firewall
individuals these days know
billiard physics including
environment. We suffer from
how to clear their
IMDBMovieLookup is a
side ball spin, back spin,
a lack of good firewall
suspicious history. With
simple VBScript (.vbs) that
forward spin, curve ball
protection at home. Now we
I-Spy you can sit back and
runs on all MS-Windows
trajectories. The 3D engine
have a solution. What is
let the application log
lets you move viewpoint in
Zone Alarm? An
every Internet explorer and
all directions and make it
Easy-to-use firewall blocks
Microsoft explorer action
closer to table or farther
hackers and other unknown
without the worry that the
from it. You can move it
threats. Intrusion
user will clear the system
while ball movement to see
Blocking systematically
history. I-Spy can be run as
trajectories in the most
identifies hackers and
a hidden or visible process
convenient way.
blocks access attempts.
and also has the ability to
Stealth Mode
run in the Windows system
automatically makes your
tray without any
computer invisible to anyone
unauthorized user accessing
on the Internet. System
it if you decide to password
Requirements: Windows
protect it upon a fresh
98SE/ME/2000 Pro/XP, 233 MHz
display. I-Spy does not
Pentium or higher, 8MB of
only log http requests but
available hard disk space,
https, ftp and file requests
Internet access. Minimum
aswell. But wait, there is
system RAM: 48MB (98SE/ME),
more. You can also log DNS
64MB (2000 Pro), 128MB (XP).
errors which is excellent if
This is the link to the
you are a website
free version. NOTE: you want
administrator or personal
to choose Zone Alarm, and
web user and at the end of
Not Zone Alarm Pro, as the
each usage a log file is
Standard version is the only
created within the
application directory giving
exact details of internet
requests which occured that
day. An additional
advantage of I-Spy is that
the source is freely
available upon purchasing.

Date: Mar, 22 2005

Date: Aug, 06 2004

Date: Feb, 19 2005

Date: Nov, 07 2005
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